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As if

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   is the heraldic term for   
With One Foot up As if Trotting
Used of beasts of the chase as passant is to beasts of prey, shown with one foot up as if trotting; counter-trippant is when two beasts are tripping past each other in opposite directions
A Series or Order of Things Depending on Each Other, As if Linked Together
A chain, a succession.
To Look As if One is Going to Cry
As if
   is described as   
Wine Connoisseur’s Term, Having a Woody Taste As if It Were Left Too Long in Its Cask
Nosferatu, the Vampire (1922)
   has the last line:   
“And at That Moment, As if by a Miracle, the Sick No Longer Died, and the Stifling Shadow of the Vampire Vanished With the Morning Sun.”
Elevator Paradox
   states that   
Elevators Can Seem to Be Mostly Going in One Direction, As if They Were Being Manufactured in the Middle of the Building and Being Disassembled on the Roof and Basement
   is speech which is   
Made As if the Voice Came from Elsewhere
John Gunther
"It Looks As if It Has Been Dropped, Piecemeal, from an Aeroplane Carrying Rubbish..."
Describing Addis Ababa
As if New
E.g. The coin was in mint condition.
Slavenka Drakulio
As If I Am Not There
Thomas Jefferson
"Whenever You Do a Thing, Act As if All the World Were Watching"
3rd. United States President
Marcus Aurelius
"Do Every Act of Your Life As if It Were Your Last"
14th Roman Emperor
Henry David Thoreau
"As if You Could Kill Time Without Injuring Eternity"
American naturalist, poet and philosopher

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