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Fry's Turkish Delight
   used the slogan   
"Full of Eastern Promise"
Chocolate bar made by Cadbury - most popular in the UK, but also sold in the US
Eastern Michigan
   has the   
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Eastern Michigan
   plays in the   
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Is the Southern and Eastern Part of the Birmingham Orbital Motorway Extending North Towards Ashby-de-la-Zouch and West to the M5.
"coasting over the Crest of Noon Into the Valley of the Evening and Then, Holding Hands, Slip Into the Deeper Valley of Night"
   are the closing lines of   
Eastern Standard Time by Billie Collins
Poet Laureate of the US, 2001-2003
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
   was famous for   
Creating the Great Eastern Railway
Civil and structural engineer. Brunel achieved many engineering "firsts", including assisting in the building of the first tunnel under a navigable river and development of SS Great Britain, the first propeller-driven ocean-going iron ship, which was at the time also the largest ship ever built.
Captain James Cook
Was the First European to Discover Eastern and Northern Australia
He also the first European to discover most of the 2 main Islands of New Zealand and mapped much of the Pacific. He was killed on The Sandwich Island now known as Hawaii. His ship returned to England without him
Vasco Nunez De Balboa
Was the First European to See Eastern Part of the Pacific Ocean in 1513
(1475-1519) Sailed from Spain in 1500 to northern coast of South America but ship was abandoned in Hispaniola. In 1510 Balboa stowed away with other Europeans to found the first settlement in the south Americas at Darien, Panama.
Mare Orientale
   is known in English as   
Eastern Sea
Resembles three concentric circles
Eastern Loyality
   is the fight song of   
Eastern Illinois University
Hail, Hail, Eastern Maroons!
   is the fight song of   
Eastern Kentucky University
Cao Dai, Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism,
   are all   
Far Eastern Religions
Judaism, Sunni Islam, Shiite Islam,
   are all   
Middle Eastern Religions
Shekel, Dinar, Rial
   are all   
Middle Eastern Currencies
Eastern Michigan University
   is situated in   
United States
Eastern Washington University
   is situated in   
United States
Fitzroy MacLean
Eastern Approaches
An account from his days as a junior diplomat in the Foreign Office.
Eastern Equine Encephalitis
   is caused by infection with   
EEE Virus
   is the location of   
Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park
   is a   
Wheeled Middle Eastern Carriage
   is a   
Box-like Middle Eastern Horse-drawn Cab
Vehicle Moving in the Eastern Direction
Black and White
Sweden (All Quiet on The Eastern Front)
Halloumi, Testouri, Shanklish, Jameed
   are all   
Middle Eastern Cheeses
Yusef Lateef
   released the album   
Eastern Sounds
   has the   
Eastern Brown Pelican
(Pelecanus occidentalis)1966
Virginia's Eastern Shore
   is situated in   
The First Far Eastern Country to Permit Kissing in Films Was Japan.
China.The first oriental screen kiss was bestowed on Miss Mamie Lee in the movie Two Women in the House (China, 1926).
écureuil Gris
   is French for   
Eastern Gray Squirrel
Prefers deep forests but is frequent in urban settings
Tamia Rayé, Petit Suisse
   is French for   
Eastern Chipmunk
   is the elvish word for   
Hsien Ti Liu Hsieh
   was an emperor during   
Eastern Han Dynasty
189 - 220
   in Italian is   
Eastern Indian Scorpion
   is found in   
Mesobuthus tamulus
Eastern Distributor Tunnel
   is located in   
6 km
The Flag of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

   has the state butterfly   
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
State butterfly and mascot of Alabama. The state insect is the Monarch butterfly.
   has the state butterfly   
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
   has the state butterfly   
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
South Carolina
   has the state butterfly   
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
   has the state insect   
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Eastern Michigan University
   is in   
Eastern Connecticut State
   is in   
Eastern New Mexico University
   is in   
Eastern Oregon University
   is in   
La Grande
Eastern Neck
   is located in   
A Martian Kingdom in the Eastern Hemisphere
Surrounded by Japan
Eastern Australia
   is located in   
Eastern United States
   is located in   
North America
Operation Drumbeat
   was the codename for the   
German U-boat Campaign Along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard
Part of the Battle of the Atlantic in 1940-42, called Operation Paukenschlag by the Germans or their "Happy Time", or "The Great American Turkey Shoot" by the Americans; involving the sinking of 609 ships totaling losses of 3.1 million tons of freight and thousands of lives or 25% of all Allied losses in the Atlantic, against a loss of only 22 U-boats

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