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To Dawdle; to Be Lazy or Idle; to Avoid Necessary Work or Effort
To Obtain by Applying Great Effort
As in, 'to eke out a living.'
An Ebbing of Effort by School Seniors As Evidenced by Tardiness, Absences and Lower Grades
Elbow Grease
Hard Work or Effort
"Come on, put some elbow grease into it!"
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Michael Winner
"A Team Effort is a Lot of People Doing What I Say."
Force or Effort
'by dint of her labors'
"We Have to Make an Effort to Understand, to Get Beyond, or Go Beyond These Rather Difficult Times."
   is an extract from the   
Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1968)
Robert F. Kennedy. April 4, 1968 - Indianapolis, IN.
The Seven of Pentacles
Effort and Hard Work / Impatience
Minor Arcana
To Produce by Long and Intensive Effort
Especially writing
Ball Breaker
Requiring Great Effort
Rabindranath Tagore
"Trees Are the Earth’s Endless Effort to Speak to the Listening Heaven"
Indian educator & Bengali poet

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