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To Thinly Coat With Gold
Also, to adorn something past the point of practicality as in, 'gilded lily'
   is missing from the title of   
The Gilded Palace of ___
The Flying Burrito Brothers (1969)
Gilda (1946)
   the femme fatale was   
Rita Hayworth
Hermenegild Fernandez
   won the award for   
Public Service
1976 French in Sri Lanka
569 to 586
   the king was   
Visigoth King -ruled only south of the Pyrenees until 572
The Flying Burrito Brothers
   released the album   
The Gilded Palace of Sin (1969)
580 to 585
   the king was   
Visigoth sub-king in Baetica
Nick Gilder
   released the single   
Hot Child In the City
1978; 1 week as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100
Put The Blame On Mame
   featured in the film   
Gilda (1946)
554 to 568
   the king was   
Visigoth King
   features in   
Daughter of Rigoletto
"It's Always Something"
   was released by   
Gildna Radner
1990 - Best Spoken Word Album
Gilda (1946)
Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford
Director: Charles Vidor
   was Archbishop of Canterbury from   
832 - 832
Abbot of Canterbury
Gilda Radner
   lifespan was   
1946 -1989
An American comedienne and actress.
Charles Vidor
Gilda (1946)
I Walk on _____ Splinters
   has the missing colour   
Dr. John the Night Tripper
Gildersleeve on Broadway (1943)
Harold Peary, Billie Burke and Claire Carleton
Director: Gordon Douglas. Also starred Richard LeGrand, Freddie Mercer & Hobart Cavanaugh. Plot: On a mission to New York, two women pursue Gildersleeve (Peary)...then his fiancée shows up.
Gilded Cunt
   featured on   
Gilda (1946)
   contains the line   
"If I'd Been a Ranch, They Would've Named Me the Bar Nothin'."
A Tramp Abroad, The Gilded Age, Pudd’nhead Wilson
   are all   
Books by Mark Twain
Gilded Cage (1955)
Alex Nicol, Veronica Hurst and Clifford Evans
Director: John Gilling. Also starred Ursula Howells, Elwyn Brook-Jones & John Stuart

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