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A Device for Carrying Bricks or Mortar
Also, for carrying coal.
Packing the Mustard
   is hobo slang for   
Carrying the Hod
The Rhone
   was known as   
Another major obstacle Hannibal had to conquer
Pierre Choderlos De Laclos
Dangerous Liaisons
First published in four volumes in 1782
   is situated in   
Rhode Island
Rhodes Basin
   is found in the   
Mediterranean Sea
Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
   has the tagline   
The Who's Who in the Whodunnit!
   is the site of   
Medieval City of Rhodes
Edwin Hubble, Bill Clinton, Kris Kristoferson
   are all   
Rhodes Scholars
Rhode Island Red
   is a breed of   
Chapman's Rhododendron
   has the Latin name   
Rhododendron Chapmanii
   believes in the theory   
Methods of Science Are Universally Applicable
   has the anthem   
Rise O Voices of Rhodesia
Carlton the Doorman
   features in   
Dirty Dancing (1987)
Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey and Cynthia Rhodes
Director: Emile Ardolino. Also starred Jerry Orbach
   is defined as   
A Method of Printing on a Smooth Surface
A printing process in which the image to be printed is rendered on a flat surface, as on sheet zinc or aluminium, and treated to retain ink while the non-image areas are treated to repel ink.
   is a spin-off from   
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
John H. Chafee
   is located in   
Rhode Island
Elias James Corey
   won for   
The Theory and Methodology of Organic Synthesis
Plymouth Rock, Leghorn, Rhode Island Red
   are all   
Chicken Breeds
   has a variety named   
Rhode Island Greening
   is defined as   
A Dispute Resolution Method
Designed to help warring parties resolve their own dispute without going to court
   belongs to   
539.8 sq. mi.
   is the chemical symbol for   
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Little Lord Fauntleroy
First serialised in the St. Nicholas Magazine in 1885, and then separately published in 1886.
Rhoda Morgenstern
   appears in   
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Rhodes of Africa (1936)
   has the tagline   
Diamond Master - Empire Builder - Jungle Conqueror
Rodger Hodgson
   has played keyboards in   
English, one of founding members of band, Progressive rock band
Pawtucket, Warwick, Portsmouth
   are all   
Cities in Rhode Island
Modus Operandi
Method of Operation
The Saint
   refers to   
Simon Templar Fights Crime Using Criminal Methods
First appeared in 1928, making Templar the longest running character in contemporary detective fiction
Rhode Island
   has the Postal Abbreviation   
Colossus of Rhodes, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Lighthouse at Alexandria
   are all   
Three of the Seven Wonders of the World
Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox Christianity
   are all   
European Religions
Hodgkin’s, Leukemia, Anemia
   are all   
Diseases of the Blood
Southern Methodist University
   is in   
University Park
An enclave of Dallas, Texas
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
   won for   
X-ray Techniques of the Structures of Important Biochemical Substances
   is located in   
Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran
   are all   
Protestant Religions
René Descartes
Discourse on Method
1637; "Je pense, donc je suis"
Rhode Island
A Vintage Sailboat Gliding Through Narragansett Bay Before the Pell Bridge
Joined union in 1790, quarter released in 2001
Stoving Wine
   is described as   
A Production Method of Artificially Mellowing Wine by Exposing It to Heat.
William McKinley, Charles Wesley, Margaret Thatcher
   are all   
V Chuzhoy Monastyr' So Svoim Ustavom Ne Khodyat.
Do Not Go to Another Monastery With Your Own Charter.
English version: When in Rome, do as the Romans do
Carl Bosch & Friedrich Bergius
   won for   
Invention and Development of Chemical High Pressure Methods
New England, Rhode Island, Manhattan
   are all   
Rhode Island
   state capital is   
Hodie Mihi, Cras Tibi
Today for Me, Tomorrow for You
The Beatles
   has/have a tribute band called   
Abbey Rhode
After the Album 'Abbey Road'

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