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Frederick Grant Banting
Synthetic Insulin
Frederick Grant Banting developed insulin in 1921 and after two additional years of development and study he produced the first synthetic insulin.
Frederick Grand Banting and John Richard Macleod
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The Discovery of Insulin
Frederick Banting Et Al
(1920s) Frederick Banting and his colleagues discovered the hormone insulin, which helps balance blood sugar levels in diabetes patients and allows them to live normal lives. Before insulin, diabetes meant a slow and certain death.
Insulin Growth Factor 1
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Regulate cell growth and development
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Governs the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, helps maintain blood glucose levels by promoting the absorption of glucose in the cells of liver, muscle, and fat tissues glycogenesis and glycolysis in liver.
Frederick Sanger
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The Structure of Proteins (insulin)
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Digestive System
In dogs are insulin secreting tumors of the pancreas. The most common sign is hypoglycemia. They commonly metastasize to the liver.

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