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   is an acute fear of   
Olivia Newton-John & Electric Light Orchestra
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
July 6 1980 for 1 week
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
   has the tagline   
He is Afraid. He is Alone. He is 3 Million Light Years from Home.
Latvian Harness (Standard and Light Type)
   is a breed of   
To Start or Light (a Fire)
   is used to   
Conjure a Light from Your Wand
Used in the Prisoner of Azkaban so Harry can read his homework.
Turn on the Light
   in Spanish is   
Prende La Luz
Coors Fine Light
   beer comes from   
United States
   is described as   
A Light and Fruity French Red Wine from Southern Burgundy
Many Hands Make Light Work
Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
Mimeograph, Phonograph, Incandescent Electric Light
   are all   
Inventions of Thomas Edison
The Bones of a Pigeon Are So Light That They Weigh Less Than Its Feathers
Gone to the Light (died)
Thomas Edison, Who Invented the Light Bulb, Was Afraid of the Dark
It Takes Eight and a Half Minutes for Light to Get from the Sun to Earth
   is an antonym of   
   is an antonym of   
United Kingdom
   presented the song   
Love Shine A Light
Katrina and The Waves 1997
Light My Fire
   was released by   
The Doors
1967 - inducted in 1998; three weeks as U.S. #1; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
When Darkness Turns to Light
It Ends Tonight
“It Ends Tonight” by the All-American Rejects
   is missing from the title of   
Nothing but a ___ Light
Bruce Cockburn (1991)
   is missing from the title of   
___ of Light
Madonna (1998)
   is used for   
Analysing Interference of Waves of Light
   is used for   
Measuring Light Intensity
   is used for   
Measuring Wavelengths of Light of a Spectrum
Optical Phenomenon when Light is Refracted and Reflected by Moisture in the Air
   is shaped like a   
   is described as   
Light Coming from Behind the Subject
Toward the camera lens, so that the subject stands out vividly against the background. Sometimes produces a silhouette effect.
Bounce Lighting
   is described as   
Flash or Tungsten Light Bounced off a Reflector.
Diffusion-Condenser Enlarger
   is described as   
An Enlarger That Combines Diffuse Light With a Condenser System.
   is described as   
A Brief, Intense Burst of Light
Usually used where the lighting on the scene is inadequate for picture-taking.
Latent Image
   is described as   
The Invisible Image Left by the Action of Light on Photographic Film or Paper
The light changes the photosensitive salts to varying degrees depending on the amount of light striking them. When processed, this latent image will become a visible image either in reversed tones (as in a negative) or in positive tones (as in a color slide).
Lens Shade
   is described as   
A Collar or Hood at the Front of a Lens That Keeps Unwanted Light from Striking the Lens.
May be attached or detachable, and should be sized to the particular lens to avoid vignetting.
   is described as   
A Condition in Which Too Much Light Reaches the Film,
This produces a dense negative or a very light print or slide.
Polarizing Screen (Filter)
   is described as   
A Filter That Transmits Light Traveling in One Plane While Absorbing Light Traveling in Other Planes.
When placed on a camera lens or on light sources, it can eliminate undesirable reflections from a subject such as water, glass, or other objects with shiny surfaces. This filter also darkens blue sky.
   is described as   
A Device Used to Reflect Light Onto a Subject.
   is described as   
A Condition in Which Too Little Light Reaches the Film.
Producing a thin negative, a dark slide, or a muddy-looking print.
   is an obsession with   
Half a League, Half a League, Half a League Onward...
   ends with   
Honour the Light Brigade, Noble Six Hundred!
The Charge Of The Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson
A Vampire
   can be killed by   
Ultra-violet Light and Sun Light
Their Satanic Majesties Request
2000 Light Years From Home
Lolita, Light of My Life, Fire of My Loins
Vladimir Nabokov, 1955
Black and Tan
Dark and Light Colored Folks
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
The Light Dies Down on Broadway
   is an acute fear of   
Electric Light Orchestra
   released the single   
Don't Bring Me Down
1979; peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100
Electric Light Orchestra
   released the single   
Strange Magic
1976; peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100; lasting popularity
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
   released the single   
Blinded By the Light
1976; Written by Bruce Springsteen; reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100
Electric Light Orchestra
   come from   
The U.K.

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