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Buffalo Springfield
   are named after   
A Model of Steamroller
REO Speedwagon
   are named after   
A Model of Fire Engine
The REO Motor Car Company was foudned by Ransom Eli Olds, who also founded Oldsmobile.
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
The Model / Computer Love
January 31 1982 for 1 week
Slade the Leveller
   has been a vocalist in   
New Model Army
Real name Justin Sullivan
A Clockwork Model of the Solar System
A Model or Example
Baby Q
   is carnival lingo for   
A Type or Model of a Merry-go-round Ride
Ely #7
   is carnival lingo for   
A Type or Model of a Ferris Wheel
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101
   was played by Arnie in   
The Terminator (1984)
Yes, this is different to T3.
The character Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Marc Bolan
   was formerly employed as a   
British. Genre: Glam Rock
Funeral for a Friend
   released the album   
Between Order and Model (2002)
You Could Buy the Model T in Only One Colour, Green
Only available in black. 1908-1927. Colloquially known as the Tin Lizzie and the Fliwer
Wayne Tobin
   is known as a   
Of Dublin born 1986
Glamour Model
   is a euphemism for   
Topless Model
Greek 1c
An Advanced Model of an Athenian Trireme
The largest warship afloat for more than 200 years, dating from the time of the Athenian democracy (fifth century BC).
Model for Murder (1959)
Keith Andes, Hazel Court and Jean Aubrey
Director: Terry Bishop. Also starred Michael Gough, Julia Arnall & Patricia Jessel
Nicolaus Copernicus
The Creator of the Sun-centered Model of the Solar System
Born 1473 CE, died 1543 CE -- His work was based on Aristarchus of Samos
Claudius Ptolemaeus
The Creator of the Earth-centered Model of the Solar System
Born after 83 CE, died 161 CE
Elle McPherson
   is known as a   
Born 1964
Model Chariot
   was made in   
Gold, c. 400; British Museum, London
Model Watchtower
   was made in   
Ceramic, c. 100; Hebei Institute of Archeology, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
Bettie Page
   was a   
Pinup Model
Bettie Page's life was filled with cult myth, mystery, and sadness. Her image captured the imagination of a generation with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality, during an era of 1950s sexual repression. She was the quintessential pin-up, tacked up on walls in military barracks and garages; five decades later, some feminists still hail her as a pioneer of women's liberation. b. 22 April 1923 (Nashville, USA) d. 11 December 2008 (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Self-portrait With Model
Oil on canvas, 1910; Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
   manufactured the   
Model 418
Favorite pistol of James Bond until the novel Dr. No in 1958.
Gunslinging Cowboy Robot Model 406
   appears in   
Westworld (1973)
Wimpole Home Farm
   is located in the county of   
18th-century Model Farm
   manufactured the   
Model 18
500cc 28hp of raw power !!
Henderson Model G

If you've got one you don't want.......
Bruce Hoogendoorm
   wrote the play   
The Role Model (2008)
   had the model   
Model A
   had the model   
Model T
Christine Keeler
   was a   
1942 - 2017. Model and showgirl whose 1961 affair with British politician John Profumo sparked a scandal which led to the downfall of the Macmillan government.of the
Born David Robert Jones, Jan 8, 1947, Has a Permanently Dilated Pupil, Married a Somali Supermodel
   are all   
Facts About David Bowie
Also known as The Thin White Duke
Ireland, Macpherson, Brinkley, Banks
   are all   
Sports Illustrated Cover Models
Handsome Boy Modelling School
   released the album   
So...How's Your Girl? (1999)
Porizkova, Turlington, Crawford, Bundchen, Klum
   are all   
Famous Runway Models
Micro Models, Matchbox, Hot Wheels
   are all   
Brands of Toy Cars

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