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Antony and Cleopatra
"My Salad Days, when I Was Green in Judgment."
A Radio
   is American Diner Lingo for   
A Tuna Salad Sandwich on Toast
Cow Feed
   is American Diner Lingo for   
A Salad
An Easily-handled Pitch
   in Italian is   
Fruit Salad
   in Spanish is   
Ensalada De Frutas
Fruit Salad
Group of Stroke Patients, All Unable to Take Care of Themselves
Salad Burnet
Merry Heart, Gaiety, Joy
Indian Salad
Seasoned with cilantro and other herbs and spices
Salade Niçoise
   is the French for   
Salad of Tomatoes, Anchovies, Olives, Etc
Often also with potatoes, tuna and green beans
   in Macedonian is   
Teddy Salad (CIA Agent)
   was performed by   
Chapman, Idle, Jones and Palin
First Eskimo: "What does this Teddy Salad do?" Carpenter: "He's a... er... hen-teaser." (quick cut to the chairman of Fiat in his office) Chairman: "Che cosa è la stucciacatori di polli?"
Salad Burnet
   has the latin name   
Sanguisorba Minor
A flavor described as "light cucumber" and is considered interchangeable with mint leaves in some recipes
Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad
   comes from the musical   
Song and Dance
Shopska Salad
   comes from   
Also: Sarma & Karvarma
Salado Creek
   is situated in   
   can be described as   
"The Land of Saladin"
Sam Peckinpah's 'Salad Days'
   was performed by   
Chapman, Idle and Palin
Woman: "It's so....sunny." Lionel: "Yes isn't it? I say anyone for tennis?" Julian: "Oh super!" Charles: "What fun." Julian: "I say, Lionel, catch." (he throws the tennis ball to Lionel. It hits Lionel on the head. Lionel claps one hand to his forehead. He roars in pain as blood seeps through his fingers) Lionel: "Oh gosh!"
Cobb Salad, Chateaubriand, Graham Crackers, Eggs Benedict
   are all   
Foods Named After People
Ojos Del Salado
   is in   
6880m; Andes
Northern Salado
   River runs through   
2,010 km
Ojos-del-Salado (Argentina-Chile)
   is the   
Highest Volcano
19,882 feet height. Has not been active for over 1300 years.

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