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The Electron

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Ernst Ruska
The Electron Microscope
With the idea that electrons having shorter wavelengths than light could give better microscopic resolution than optical microscopes, in 1931 Ruska created the first electron lens under the tutelage of Dr. Max Knoll at the Technical University in Berlin. In 1933 he refined this development into the electron microscope, with performance a full order of magnitude better than the best optics.
J.J. Thomson
The Electron
(1897) Discovered that the negatively charged particles emitted by cathode ray tubes are smaller than atoms and part of all atoms. He called these particles, now known as electrons, "corpuscles."
Glass (Pray the Electrons Back to Sand)
The Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991
By James Chapman, 1994
“Control Center”
The Term Given to the Electronic Command Center That Monitors the Movement of Inmates and Officers.

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