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The Goat

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   constellation represents   
The Goat
The Goat Mascot of the US Naval Academy
Look Before You Leap
   is the moral of   
The Fox and the Goat
United States Naval Academy
Bill the Goat
A live goat is used as well as a costumed one. Annapolis, Maryland
Mario Vargas Llosa
The Feast of the Goat
Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre
   contains the line   
If It Wasn't for the Goat You Couldn't Get in Here for Propaganda.
I was saying solidarity with the masses I said... pie in the sky! ... I mean, look at this place! I'm at my wits end. Revolutionary leaflets everywhere. One of these days I'll revolutionary leaflets him. If it wasn't for the goat you couldn't get in here for propaganda.
Mario Vargas Llosa
The Feast of the Goat
2000 novel by Peruvian Nobel laureate
Kozla Boysya Speredi, Konya; Szadi, a Likhogo Cheloveka; So Vsekh Storon.
Beware of the Goat from Its Front Side, the Horse - from Its Back Side, and the Evil Man from Any Side.
The Goat-faced Girl
   was written by   
Giambattista Basile
Pentamerone, 1634
The Goats
   released the album   
Tricks Of The Shade (1993)

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