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Veruca Salt
   released the album   
American Thighs (1994)
Alexander Severus
   was Roman Emperor during   
222 AD - 235 AD
Septimius Severus
   was Roman Emperor during   
193 AD - 211 AD
First emperor to be born in the Roman province of Africa
Inverurie Royal Burgh
   adopted a policing system in   
Albus Potter
   has the middle name(s)   
   has the latin name   
Cinnamomum Verum
St Albans
   was known to the Romans as   
Veruca Salt
   are named after   
A Character in a Roald Dahl Book
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Lucius Verus
   was Roman Emperor during   
161 AD - 169 AD
Died from food poisoning
Lady's Bedstraw
   has the latin name   
Galium Verum
Used to colour the cheese Double Gloucester and infusing the Danish spirit, Bjaesk.
Libius Severus
   was Roman Emperor during   
461 AD - 465 AD
Death from natural causes
Star Anise
   has the latin name   
Illicium Verum
Blood Parrot
   is the offspring of   
Serverum & Red Devil Cichlid
Severus II
   was Roman Emperor during   
306 AD - 307 AD
Forced to commit suicide in captivity
Severus Snape
   is known as   
Taunt used by James Potter and his friends

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