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Ac-Cen-Tchu-Ate The Positive
   featured in the film   
Here Comes The Waves (1945)
Katrina Leskanich
   has been a vocalist in   
Katrina and the Waves
Katrina and the Waves
   released the single   
Walking On Sunshine
1985; memorable tune: reaching #4 in Australia, #9 in the U.S. and #8 in the U.K.
Transverse Waves
   is defined as   
Particles Moving Perpendicular to the Wave Front
Like a wave in a rope
Longitudinal Waves
   is defined as   
Particles Moving Forward/backward
Combination Waves
   is defined as   
Waves With Both Horizontal and Perpendicular Motion
Like surface waves on the water
   is defined as   
Waves Continuing Once Initiated
Their amplitudes get smaller as they spread
   is defined as   
Waves Bending Around Corners
Low frequencies bend better than high frequencies
   is defined as   
The Combination Effect of Several Waves in the Same Place at the Same Time
It is possible for two sounds to add up to no sound at all
   is home to   
Katrina and the Waves
Formed in 1981 by Alex Cooper, Vince de la Cruz, Katrina Leskanich and Kimberley Rew.
Johnny Cabot
   was played by Bing in   
Here Come The Waves (1944)
Mare Undarum
   is known in English as   
Sea of Waves
The crater Dubyago sits on the southern edge
   is the study of   
   is an acute fear of   
Beaten by the Waves
Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction, Interference
   are all   
Ways Waves Bounce/Interact
Period, Amplitude, Phase Shift
   are all   
Aspects of Sinusoidal Waves
Skateboarding Was Invented by Californian Surfers Who Were Frustrated by Bad Waves
'The Landing of the Pilgram Fathers in New England' by Felicia Dorothea Hemans
   has the opening lines   
The Breaking Waves Dashed High, On a Stern and Rock-bound Coast.
And the woods against a stormy sky, Their giant branches tossed.
Don't Make Waves (1967)
Tony Curtis, Claudia Cardinale and Robert Webber
Director: Alexander Mackendrick. Also starred Sharon Tate and David Draper. Romantic Comedy.
   believes in the theory   
Light Consists of Waves
Above Us The Waves (1955)
John Mills, John Gregson and Donald Sinden
Director: Ralph Thomas. Also starred James Robertson Justice, Michael Medwin & James Kenney
Above Us The Waves (1955)
   has the tagline   
Action on the High Seas
Ralph Thomas
Above Us The Waves (1955)
Christiaan Huygens
The First Academic That Considered Light As Waves
Born 1629 CE, died 1695 CE
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
The First to Demonstrate the Existence of Electromagnetic Waves
Born 1857 CE, died 1894 CE
Yukio Mishima
The Sound of Waves
Virginia Woolf
The Waves
Michael Swanwick
   won the award for   
Radio Waves (1996)
Best Novella
   is used for   
Measuring Frequency of Electrical Waves
   is used for   
Analysing Interference of Waves of Light
   is used for   
Measuring Absorbed Cosmic Radio Waves
Electromagnetic Waves
Waves With Both an Electric and Magnetic Component
They are: radio, micro, infra-red, visible light, ultraviolet, X and gamma rays.
Room to Roam
Upon the Wind and Waves
"He Was Soon Borne Away by the Waves and Lost in Darkness and Distance."
Mary Shelley
The Daughter Of King Under-Waves
   was written by   
John Francis Campbell
Popular Tales of the West Highlands, 1890

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