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Anubis Klan

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While playing Factacular, Anubis Klan knew that:

   is the Egyptian   
God of Writing
And knowledge. Scribe of the gods. The ancient Egyptians believed that Thoth gave them hieroglyphics. Depicted as a man with the head of an ibis or a baboon

... but didn't know that:

   is the Egyptian   
Goddess of War
Lion or lioness headed Daughter of Ra. Aka Sachmet, Sakmet, Sakhet, Sekmet, Sakhmet and Sekhet. The fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath created the desert. Protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare.

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Charles Baudelaire
   lifespan was   
An influential nineteenth century French poet, critic, and acclaimed translator.
Claes Oldenburg
   was born in   
Stockholm, Sweden
Peter Brock
   is famous for being a   
Motor Racing Driver
Australian. Won the Bathurst 1000 endurance race 9 times, the Sandown 500 touring car race 9 times and the Australian Touring Car Championship 3 times.

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