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   is a breed of   

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New Jersey
   has the Postal Abbreviation   

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species has contributed 658 facts on Home Planets, Classic Children's TV - U.K., 20th Century Events, Inventors, Nursery Rhymes, The Simpsons, Famous Last Words, Animated Villains, Lovely Songs, I Didn't Know They Were In That, Fictional Alter Egos, Natural Disasters, Shipwrecks, How to Kill Fictional Creatures, Films - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gophers - latin Names, Chipmunks - Latin Names, Squid - Family Name, Tenrecs - Latin Names, Top Ten Epidemics, Macropods - Latin Names, Egyptian Gods, Paintings, Phobias, Famous Engineers and Bond Cars and Bikes. Here are the three most recent:

Dave Bradley
   was famous for   
Inventing the Control-alt-del Key Combo
& the writer of BIOS for the original IBM PC
A Zombie
   can be killed by   
You have to destroy its brain. A bullet to the head, beheading, blugeoning and exploding have all been found effective apparently.
Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
   featured James Bond driving a   
1971 Ford Sedan

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