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The Adventures of Huck Finn
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PSG 1970 has contributed 183 facts on Champagne Bottles, Summer Olympic Games Cities, Cycling - Tour de France, USSR Communist Party Secretaries, U.S. Presidents - Dates and Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Here are the three most recent:

The Great Pyramid of Giza
   is situated in (what is now)   
Now part of greater Cairo. It is the oldest, yet it is the only surviving of the Seven Ancient Wonders.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
   is situated in (what is now)   
Estimated to have been 50 km south of Baghdad. The most descriptive accounts of the Gardens come from Greek historians but Babylonian records stay silent on the matter. Some suggest the gardens never existed.
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
   is situated in (what is now)   
In the town of Olympia, 150 km west of Athens. It was destroyed by a fire in AD 462.

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