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While playing Factacular, drakaina knew that:

Sound and Vision

... but didn't know that:

No Right Turn
   is represented by   

UK road sign

Longest single facting session: 141 minutes

Addiction factor: Hi, my name is drakaina and I'm a factoholic.

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drakaina has contributed 206 facts on Phobias, U.S. State Inhabitants, How Many, Cheese, Poetry Opening Lines, Dragons, Fictional Species, Harry Potter Spells, Murders, Gestation Periods in Mammals and Possessive Phrases. Here are the three most recent:

A 'pig's ear'is a mess. As in 'you're making a right pig's ear of that'.
An Ass
   has an average gestation period of   
365 Days
Ass foals are fully weaned at one year and no longer need their mothers
A Baboon
   has an average gestation period of   
187 Days
Females typically give birth every other year

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