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Cranial Nerves

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12 facts:

Cranial Nerve III
   is the   
Oculomotor Nerve
Originates oculomotor nucleus and Edinger-Westphal nucleus. Affects upper eyelid and most oblique muscles of eyeball
Cranial Nerve II
   is the   
Optic Nerve
Originates lateral geniculate nucleus. transmits visual information to brain.
Cranial Nerve I
   is the   
Olfactory Nerve
Orginates anterior olfactory nucleus - transmits sense of smell
Cranial Nerve IV
   is the   
Trochlear Nerve
Originates in the trochelar nucleus. innervates the superior oblique muscle of the eye
Cranial Nerve IX
   is the   
Glossopharyngeal Nerve
Innervates parotid salivary gland -- innervation to stylopharyngeus -- originates in nucleus ambiguus. Receives taste from back 1/3 of tongue.
Cranial Nerve VI
   is the   
Abducens Nerve
Abducts the eye -- originates in the abducens nucleus. Innervates lateral rectus muscle of eye.
Cranial Nerve VII
   is the   
Facial Nerve
Receives special sense of taste from the front 2/3 of tongue -- innervates salivary and lacrimal glands.Originates in facial nucleus. Provides motor innervation to muscles of facial expression.
Cranial Nerve VIII
   is the   
Vestibulocochlear Nerve
Vestibular nuclei, cochlear nuclei. Senses sound, rotation and gravity
Cranial Nerve V
   is the   
Trigeminal Nerve
Receives sensation from face and moves muscles of mastication. Orginates in 4 trigeminal nuclei
Cranial Nerve XI
   is the   
Accessory Nerve
Orginates in spinal accessory nucleus -- damage to said nerve causes a condition called "sweeny" in horses. Controls muscle of the neck and has overlap function with vagal nerve
Cranial Nerve XII
   is the   
Hypoglossal Nerve
Provides motor innervation to muscles of tongue and other glossal muscles.
Cranial Nerve X
   is the   
Vagus Nerve
Provides parasympathetic fibers to abdominal and thoracic viscera -- special sense of taste from epiglottis -- originates in nucleus ambiguus and dorsal motor vagal nucleus. provides innervation to laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles

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USS Palladin

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