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Earth's Extremes

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74 facts:

Al’Aziziyah, Libya
   is the   
Site of the Highest Ambient Surface Air Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth
135.86 F 57.7° C
Amazon River
   is the   
Greatest Flow and Largest Drainage Basin of Any River on Earth
Basin of 2,500,000 square miles
The Andes, South America
   is the   
Longest Mountain Range
5,000 miles
Angel Falls, Venezuela
   is the   
Largest Waterfall
3,212 feet high
   is the   
Largest Peninsula
1,250,000 square miles
Arabika Massif, Georgia
   is the   
Site of the World’s Deepest Cave: 7,021 Feet
Named Voronya Cave (means “Crows’ Cave”)
Arctic Ocean
   is the   
Smallest Ocean
5,427,000 square miles.
Arica, Chile
   is the   
Least Rainy Place on Earth
.03 inch annually
Aswan, Egypt
   is the   
Driest Inhabited Place
0.02 in average annual rainfall
The Bay of Bengal, India-Burma
   is the   
Largest Bay
1,300,000 square miles
   is the   
Country With the Largest Protected Areas
552,191 square miles.
Buenaventura, Colombia
   is the   
Wettest Inhabited Place
265.47 in average annual rainfall
   is the   
Longest Coastline
151,019 miles.
   is the   
Longest Coastline of Any Country
More than 5 times the circumference of Earth
Caspian Sea, Europe-Asia
   is the   
Largest Lake
152,239 square miles.
   is the   
Longest Land Border of Any Country
Borders 14 countries
Dallol, Ethiopia
   is the   
World’s Hottest Inhabited Place
Avg temperature of 93.2 F 34° C
The Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan
   is the   
Lowest Lake
Surface of water 1,349 feet below sea level.
The Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan
   is the   
Saltiest Sea
9 times more salts and minerals than the oceans.
Dead Sea
   is the   
Lowest Point on the Earth’s Surface at -1,371 Ft
8.6 times greater salinity than the average ocean
Devon Island
   is the   
Most Extensive Uninhabited Landmass on Earth
Nunavut, Canada 21,331 sq miles-Population 0
East Timor
   is the   
World’s Poorest Country
Per capita annual gdp of $400 PPP in 2004
   is the   
Most Populous Landlocked Country
73 million inhabitants
   is the   
Most Extensive Landmass on Earth
11.7% of the Earth’s surface
Eureka, Nuavut, Canada
   is the   
World’s Coldest Inhabited Place
Avg temperature of -2.46 F
Geographic South Pole
   is the   
Southernmost Point on Earth
Grand Canyon, Colorado River Arizona, U.S.
   is the   
Largest Gorge
217 miles long, 4-18 miles wide, 1 mile deep.
Great Basin, U.S.A.
   is the   
Longest Cold Winter Desert
190,000 square miles, Mountain ridges, valleys, 1% sand dunes.
   is the   
Largest Island
839,999 square miles.
Guallatiri, Chile
   is the   
Highest Active Volcano
19,882 feet height. Nevado Ojos del Salado is higher but has not been active for over 1300 years.
Gulf of Mexico
   is the   
Largest Gulf
615,000 square miles
Hells Canyon, Snake River Idaho
   is the   
Deepest Gorge
7,900 feet deep
   is the   
Lowest Surface Point of Any Ocean Island
Depression of 110 ft below sea level
   is the   
Largest Archipelago
3,500 mile stretch of 17,000 islands
   is the   
Most Populous Island on Earth
Over 120 million inhabitants
Kaffeklubben Island
   is the   
Northernmost Land Point on Earth
Just east of Greenland
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
   is the   
Africa’s Highest Elevation: 19,340 Ft
Kilimanjaro is a giant stratovolcano
Lagoa Dos Patos, Brazil
   is the   
Largest Lagoon
150 miles long, 4,500 square miles.
Lake Asal, Djibouti
   is the   
Africa’s Lowest Elevation at -512 Feet
Death Valley is -282 feet
Lake Baikal, Asia
   is the   
Deepest Lake
5,315 feet deep.
Lake Superior, U.S.-Canada
   is the   
Largest Freshwater Lake
31,820 square miles.
Lake Titicaca, Perú
   is the   
Highest Navigable Lake
12,500 feet above sea level.
Lake Van (Turkey)
   is the   
Saltiest Lake
   is the   
Longest Glacier
320 miles length. Antarctica
   is the   
Deepest Cave
5,354 feet deep, Salzburg, Austria
   is the   
Wealthiest Country on Earth
Per capita gdp of $55,600 PPP in 2005
   is the   
Longest Cave
352 miles. Kentucky, U.S.
Manitoulin Island
   is the   
Most Extensive Island Situated in a Lake
In Lake Huron, Canada
Mariana Trench
   is the   
Deepest Underwater Trench
200 miles southwest of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, 35,840 feet below the ocean surface.
Mauna Kea, Hawaii
   is the   
Tallest Mountain on Earth As Measured from Base to Summit
33,474 ft (19,678 under the ocean’s surface)
Mawsynram, India
   is the   
Rainiest Place on Earth
467.4 inches per year
The Mediterranean Sea
   is the   
Largest Sea
1,144,800 square miles.
   is the   
Most Densely Populated Country
16,689 people per square kilometer in 2006
Mount Elbrus
   is the   
Highest Point in Europe
18,510 feet. Russia.
Mount Everest
   is the   
Highest Mountain on Earth at 29,028 Ft
On the border between Nepal and Tibet
Mount Kilimanjaro
   is the   
Highest Point in Africa
19,340 feet. Tanzania.
Mount Pico of Azores Islands
   is the   
Highest Underwater Peak
7,613 feet above sea surface and 20,000 below sea surface to sea floor.
Mount Thor in Canada
   is the   
World’s Greatest Purely Vertical Drop
In Auyuittuq Natl Park “The Land That Never Melts”
Namib, Africa
   is the   
Longest Cool Coastal Desert
13,000 square miles, gravel plains.
Nile River
   is the   
Longest River on Earth
Researchers in Brazil are now claiming that the Amazon is longer, but historically it's been given that the Nile is the longest.
Ob River Russia
   is the   
Longest Estuary
550 miles long, upt to 50 miles wide.
Ojos-del-Salado (Argentina-Chile)
   is the   
Highest Volcano
19,882 feet height. Has not been active for over 1300 years.
Pacific Ocean
   is the   
Greatest Ocean Depth: 35,840 Ft
Called the Challenger Deep, it is the deepest part of the Mariana Trench.
Pacific Ocean
   is the   
Largest Ocean
60,060,700 square miles.
The Roe, Montana, U.S.
   is the   
Shortest River
200 feet long.
   is the   
Largest Country
6,590,876 square miles.
Sahara, Africa
   is the   
Longest Subtropical Desert
3,500,000 square miles.
Salto Angel
   is the   
Highest Free-falling Waterfall on Earth
Also called “Angel Falls” (2,648 ft)
   is the   
Largest Volcanic Island
171,068 square miles.
   is the   
Largest Urban Agglomeration
35,197,000 people. Japan.
Vatican City
   is the   
Smallest Country
0.17 square miles.
Vostok, Antarctica
   is the   
Lowest Recorded Surface Temperature on Earth of -128.2F (1983)
Night lasts for five months here
Wenchuan, China
   is the   
Highest City
16,730 feet high
Western Sahara
   is the   
Least Densely Populated Country on Earth
1.02 people per sq kilometer in 2006

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