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24 facts:

The Beagle
   was famous for being   
The Ship That Carried Charles Darwin on His Voyage
The Golden Hind
   was famous for being   
The Flagship of Sir Francis Drake's Circumnavigation
And for the raid on Spanish shipping. Called the Pelican on the voyage changed to Golden Hind on return.
HMS Ark Royal
   was famous for being   
The Flagship of English Fleet Against the Spanish Armada
As of 2005, the current Ark Royal is an Invincible-class aircraft carrier that saw action in the 2003 Iraq conflict
HMS Bounty
   was famous for being   
The Scene of the Famous Mutiny
HMS Conqueror
   was famous for being   
The First Nuclear Powered Submarine to Sink an Enemy Ship
As of 2008, she is the only nuclear-powered submarine to have engaged an enemy ship with torpedoes, sinking the cruiser ARA General Belgrano with two mark 8 torpedoes. She is one of only two submarines which have sunk a warship since World War II, the other being the Pakistani Navy's PNS Hangor.
HMS Dreadnought
   was famous for being   
The First "all Big-gun" Battleship
Dreadnought was the first battleship of her era to have a uniform main battery, rather than having a few large guns complemented by a heavy secondary battery of somewhat smaller guns. She was also the first capital ship to be powered by steam turbines, making her the fastest battleship in the world at the time of her completion.
HMS Dreadnought
   was famous for being   
The First British Nuclear-powered Submarine
HMS Hood
   was famous for being   
The Battlecruiser Destroyed by the Bismarck
HMS Intrepid
   was famous for being   
The Ship on Which the End of the Falklands War Was Signed
HMS Mary Rose
   was famous for being   
The Ship That Sank in 1545 off Portsmouth
HMS Resolution
   was famous for being   
The First British Strategic Ballistic Missile Submarine
HMS Revenge
   was famous for being   
Involved in Actively Engaging Spanish Armada
Later became the subject of a poem by Lord Tennyson detailing her heroic fight against a large Spanish force in 1591.
HMS Vanguard
   was famous for being   
The Last Battleship Built for the Royal Navy
& also ran aground in Portsmouth Harbour
HMS Victory
   was famous for being   
Nelson's Flagship
This ship is still officially in service. And is the world's oldest commissioned warship and the flagship of the Second Sea Lord
HMS Warrior
   was famous for being   
Britain's First Iron Hulled, Armoured Battleship
HMS Warspite
   was famous for being   
The Ship That Fought at Jutland and Through WWII
USS Bainbridge
   was famous for being   
The World's First Nuclear Frigate
The USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) was the fourth ship in the Navy to bear the name. The only ship of her class. Initially a guided missile destroyer leader in the United States Navy, she was re-designated as a guided missile cruiser in 1975. At 9100 tons, she was notable as the smallest nuclear-powered surface warship commissioned by any navy.
USS Bullhead
   was famous for being   
The Last U.S. Navy Vessel Sunk in WWII
USS Constitution
   was famous for being   
Oldest Floating Commissioned Warship in the World.
USS Enterprise (CV-6)
   was famous for being   
Most Decorated U.S. Navy Ship in WWII
USS Macon
   was famous for being   
U.S. Navy's Last Dirigible
An airship, commissioned in 1933 and struck in 1935
USS Nautilus
   was famous for being   
The First US Navy Nuclear Submarine
USS Nautilus (SSN-571) was the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine and the first vessel to complete a submerged transit across the North Pole.
USS Ronald Reagan
   was famous for being   
The Largest Aircraft Carrier in World
In terms of displacement.
USS Wake
   was famous for being   
Only U.S. Naval Vessel to Surrender in WWII
Shangai, China 1941

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