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Kiwiana - New Zealand Icons

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16 facts:

Golden-syrup Flavoured Biscuits
Not to be confused with A.N.Z.A.C.s who are soldiers.
A Bach
A Beach House
Traditionally an old wooden cottage and can be known as a crib in the South Island of NZ.
A Buzzy Bee
A Bright Wooden Pull Along Toy
A famous toy for Kiwi kids.
A Cookbook Publisher
More copies of this book, published by the makers of Edmonds 'Sure to Rise' Baking Powder, have been sold than any other book in New Zealand.
Hard Biscuits Flavoured With Ginger.
Commonly dunked in tea to soften before eating.
God of Nations
The National Anthem
Traditional Footwear Worn by Kiwi Farmers.
Also used in the famous gumboot throwing contests held at School sports days and agricultural days.
Hokey Pokey
A Favourite NZ Icecream Flavour
Chunks of honeycomb candy in vanilla icecream.
Rubber Flip Flops.
Known as thongs by Aussies.
A Kiwifruit
A Brown Hairy Fruit With Green Flesh.
Known as a kiwi in the USA and formerly known as the Chinese gooseberry.
L & P
Lemon & Paeroa Fizzy Drink.
A type of soda pop using mineral water found in a spring near the town of Paeroa.
A Black Concentrated Yeast Extract Spread
Similar to but not the same as Vegemite or Promite
A Shellfish
The blue-green shell is made into jewellery and other decorative items. Related to the abalone.
A Pavlova
A Sweet Dessert Made from Egg Whites and Sugar.
Usually decorated with whipped crean and sliced kiwifruit, kiwi women are very competitive when making this iconic dessert.
A Swandri
A Heavy Woollen Overshirt.
Typically worn by bushman, this shirt is often checked or khaki coloured.
A Black Concentrated Yeast Extract Spread

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