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$50,000 Reward (1924)
Ken Maynard, Esther Ralston and Bert Lindley
Director: Clifford S. Elfelt. Also starred Edward Peil Sr., Lillian Leighton & Charles Newton. Plot: Tex Sherwood (Maynard) has just come into possession of a valuable piece of land that will be irrigated by a new dam...
The Ace of Hearts (1921)
Lon Chaney, Leatrice Joy and John Blowers
Director: Wallace Worsley. Also starred Hardee Kirkland.
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1922)
Harry Myers, Noble Johnston and Gertrude Olmstead
Director: Robert F. Hill. Also starred Aaron Edwards, Adventure
The Adventures of Tarzan (1921)
Elmo Lincoln and Louise Lorraine
Directors: Robert F. Hill and Scott Sidney. Also starred Frank Whitson and George B. French. Action, adventure.
After Midnight (1927)
Norma Shearer and Gwen Lee
Director: Monta Bell. Also starred Eddie Sturgis, Drama
Alibi (1929)
Chester Morris and Harry Stubbs
Director: Roland West. Also starred Mae Busch, Eleanore Griffith. Crime
All Dolled Up (1921)
Gladys Walton, Edward Hearn and Florence Turner
Director: Rollin S. Sturgeon. Also starred Ruth Royce.
America (1924)
Neil Hamilton, Erville Alderson and Carol Dempster
Director: D. W. Griffith. Also starred Lee Beggs and Charles Emmett Mack. Drama, history
Anna Christie (1923)
Blanche Sweet, William Russell and George F. Marion
Director: John Griffith Wray. Also starred Eugenie Besserer, Ralph Yearsley & Chester Conklin
Applause (1929)
Helen Morgan and Joan Peers
Director: Rouben Mamoulian. Drama, musical
April Fool (1926)
Alexander Carr, Duane Thompson and Mary Alden
Director: Nat Ross. Also starred Raymonde Keane, Eddie Phillips & Snitz Edwards. Plot: An out-of-work pants presser starts an umbrella business and makes a fortune.
Asphalt (1929)
Albert Steinrick and Else Heller
Director: Joe May. Also starred Gustav Frohlich and Betty Amann. Drama
Barnum Was Right (1929)
Glenn Tryon, Merna Kennedy and Otis Harlan
Director: Del Lord. Also starred Basil Radford, Clarence Burton & Lew Kelly. Plot: Freddie (Tryon) owns a failing old hotel. To attract new business he spreads the rumor that there's pirate treasure hidden somewhere in the building.
The Bat (1926)
Jack Pickford, Louise Frazenda and Eddie Gribbon
Director: Roland West. Also starred George Beranger, Charles Herzinger & Emily Fitzroy. Plot: A masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer.
Battling Butler (1926)
Buster Keaton and Sally O'Neil
Director: Buster Keaton. Also starred Walter James. Comedy
The Battling Fool (1924)
William Fairbanks, Eva Novak and Fred J. Butler
Director: W.S. Van Dyke. Also starred Laura Winston, Mark Fenton & Catherine Craig. Plot: A minister's son trains to be a champion boxer.
Battling Orioles (1924)
Glenn Tryon, Blanche Mehaffey and John T. Prince
Also starred Noah Young, Sam Lufkin & Robert Page. Plot: A young barber's girlfriend falls into the clutches of a shady nightclub owner and his cohorts, who plan to get her involved in their nefarious schemes.
Beggars of Life(1928)
Louise Brooks, Richard Arlen and Wallace Beery
Director: William A. Wellman. Also starred Roscoe Karns. Adventure, drama
Behind That Curtain (1929)
Warner Baxter, Lois Moran and Gilbert Emery
Director: Irving Cummings. Also starred Claude King, Philip Strange & Boris Karloff. Plot: Eve Mannering (Moran) realizes too late that her abusive husband is a philanderer and murderer and seeks protection with her true love, explorer John Beetham (Baxter).
The Bell Hop (1921)
Larry Sermon, Oliver Hardy and Frank Alexander
Director: Larry Semon & Morman Taurog. Also starred Al Thompson, Pete Gordon & Norma Nichols. Plot: A government official staying in a hotel puts some important secret papers in the hotel safe.
The Bells (1926)
Lionel Barrymore, Caroline Frances Cooke and Gustav Von Seyffertitz
Director: James Young. Also starred Lorimer Johnston, Eddie Phillips & Lola Todd. Plot: Mathias (Barrymore), an Alsatian innkeeper, murders a rich Pole staying at his inn But Mathias' conscience will not let him rest...
Belonging (1922)
Hugh Buckler, William Lenders and Barbara Hoff
Director: George Ridgwell. Also starred Cecil Barry. Crime, drama
The Beloved Rogue (1927)
John Barrymore, Conrad Veidt and Marceline Day
Director: Alan Crosland. Also starred Lawson Butt. Adventure, drama, history & romance.
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925)
Francis X. Bushman and Nigel De Brulier
Director: Fred Niblo. Also starred May McAvoy and Betty Bronson. Adventure, drama & romance
The Betrayer (1921)
Stella Southern, Cyril Mackay and John Cosgrove
Director: Beaumont Smith. Also starred Marie D'Alton. Drama.
Beyond (1921)
Ethel Clayton and Fontaine La Rue
Director: William Desmond Taylor. Drama.
Beyond the Rocks (1922)
Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino
Director: Sam Wood. Also starred Edythe Chapman and Alec B. Francis. Drama
Big News (1929)
Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard and Louis Payne
Director: Gregory La Cava. Also starred Wade Boteler, Charles Sellon & Sam Hardy. Plot: A reporter's marriage is jeopardized by his drinking and he finds himself accused of a murder he didn't commit.
The Big Parade (1925)
John Gilbert, Hobart Bosworth and Claire Adams
Director: King Vidor. Also starred Claire McDowell. Drama, romance, war
Blackmail (1929)
Anny Ondra, Sara Allgood and Charles Paton
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred John Longden. Drama & thriller
The Black Pirate (1926)
Douglas Fairbanks, Anders Randolf and Billie Dove
Director: Albert Parker. Also starred Tempe Pigott & Charles Stevens. Action & adventure
The Black Trail (1924)
Jack Hoxie, Al Hoxie and Eugenia Gilbert
Director: George Marshall & Clifford Smith. Also starred Claude Payton, William Perke & William McCall. Plot: A cowboy has amnesia because of his war injuries. He is tricked by a gang into believing he is a wanted criminal...
Bleak House (1922)
Sybil Thorndike, Betty Doyle and Harry Worth
Director: H. B. Parkinson. Also starred Alec Alexander and Stacey Gaunt.
A Blonde for the Night (1928)
Marie Prevost, Franklin Pangborn and Harrison Ford
Director: E. Mason Hopper & F. McGrew Willis. Also starred T. Roy Barnes & Lucien Littlefield. Plot: After an argument, a newlywed decides to test her husband's fidelity by disguising herself as a blonde.
Blood and Sand (1922)
Leo White and George Field
Director: Fred Niblo. Also starred Rosita Marstini and George Periolat. Drama, romance and sports.
The Blot (1921)
Philip Hubbard and Marie Walcamp
Directors: Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber. Also starred Margaret McWade, Claire Windsor and Louis Calhern. Drama
Body and Soul (1925)
Paul Robeson and Mercedes Gilbert
Director: Oscar Micheaux. Also starred Julia Theresa Russell, Lawrence Chenault and Walter Cornick. Drama
Braveheart (1925)
Rod La Rocque, Lillian Rich and Robert Edeson
Director: Alan Hale. Also starred Arthur Housman, Frank Hagney & Tyrone Power Sr. Plot: Chief Standing Rock's (Power Sr.) tribe has a treaty protecting their fishing grounds, but a canning corporation is violating the treaty through intimidation and force.
Breaking Through (1921)
Carmel Myers, Charles Dudley and Wallace MacDonald
Director: Robert Ensminger. Also starred Vincente Howard and Walter Rodgers.
The Broadway Melody (1929)
Anita Page, Marshall Ruth and Bessie Love
Director: Harry Beaumont. Also starred Jed Prouty. Musical, romance
Broken Hearts of Broadway (1923)
Colleen Moore, Johnnie Walker and Alice Lake
Director: Irving Cummings. Also starred Tully Marshall, Kate Price & Creighton Hale. Plot: The story of a young actress trying to attain stardom on Broadway.
Bulldog Drummond (1929)
Ronald Colman and Lawrence Grant
Director: F. Richard Jones. Also starred Montagu Love. Mystery, thriller
The Cameraman (1928)
Harry Gribbon, Buster Keaton and Marceline Day
Director: Edward Sedgwick. Also starred Harold Goodwin. Comedy, drama, family & romance
Captain Swagger (1928)
Rod La Rocque, Sue Carol and Richard Tucker
Director: Edward H. Griffith. Also starred Victor Potel & Ullrich Haupt. Plot: Hugh Drummond (La Rocque) goes broke living too high and turns to crime in order to pay his bills.
The Cat and the Canary (1927)
Laura La Plante, Creighton Hale and Flora Finch
Director: Paul Leni. Also starred Forrest Stanley. Horror & mystery
Champagne (1928)
Betty Balfour, Gordon Harker and Jean Bradin
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Comedy
The Cheerful Fraud (1926)
Reginald Denny, Gertrude Olmstead and Otis Harlan
Director: William A. Seiter. Also starred Emily Fitzroy, Charles K. Gerrard & Gertrude Astor
Chu Chin Chow (1923)
Betty Blythe, Judd Green and Herbert Langley
Director: Herbert Wilcox. Also starred Randle Ayrton & Eva Moore. Fantasy
The Circus (1928)
Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy and Harry Crocker
Director: Charles Chaplin. Also starred George Davis, Henry Bergman & Charlie Chaplin. Plot:The Tramp finds work and the girl of his dreams at a circus.
Claude Duval (1924)
Nigel Barrie, Fay Compton and Hugh Miller
Director: George A. Cooper. Also starred Dorinea Shirley, James Knight & James Lindsay
The Coast Patrol (1925)
Kenneth MacDonald, Claire De Lorez and Fay Wray
Director: Bud Barsky. Also starred Spottiswoode Aitken & Gino Corrado.
Cobra (1925)
Rudolph Valentino, Casson Ferguson and Gertrude Olmstead
Director: Joseph Henabery. Also starred Claire de Lorez. Drama
The Cocoanuts (1929)
Zeppo Marx, Groucho Marx and Harper Marx
Director: Robert Florey & Joseph Santley. Also starred Chico Marx, Oscar Shaw & Mary Eaton. Plot: During the Florida land boom, the Marx brothers run a hotel, auction off some land, thwart a jewel robbery, and generally act like themselves.
College (1927)
Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall and Florence Turner
Director: James W. Horne. Also starred Flora Bramley & Harold Goodwin. Comedy, drama & sports
Condemned (1929)
Ronald Colman, Ann Harding and Dudley Digges
Director: Wesley Ruggles. Also starred Louis Wolheim, William Elmer & Wilhelm von Brincken
A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929)
Norah Baring, Uno Henning and Hans Adalbert Schlettow
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Anthony Asquith & Judd Green
The Covered Wagon (1923)
J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson and Alan Hale
Director: James Cruze. Also starred Ernest Torrence. Adventure, romance and western.
The Cradle of Courage (1920)
William S. Hart, Ann Little and Tom Santschi
Director: William S. Hart & Lambert Hillyer. Also starred Gertrude Claire, Frank Thorwald & George Williams. Plot: Former crook 'Square' Kelly (Hart) serves in the First World War. When he returns from the war, one of his comrades-in-arms convinces him to join the police force. But Kelly finds himself confronting the very criminals who made up his old gang.
The Cricket on the Heath (1923)
Josef Swickard, Fritzi Ridgeway and Paul Gerson
Director: Lorimer Johnston. Also starred Virginia Brown Faire, Paul Moore & Lorimer Johnston
The Crowd (1928)
Eleanor Boardman, Bert Roach and Estelle Clark
Director: King Vidor. Drama
The Dance of Life (1929)
Hal Skelly, Nancy Carroll and Dorothy Revier
Director: John Cromwell & A. Edward Sutherland. Also starred Ralph Theodore, Charles D. Brown & Al St John. Plot: A vaudeville comic and a pretty young dancer aren't having much luck in their separate careers, so they decide to combine their acts...
Dancing Mothers (1926)
Alice Joyce, Conway Tearle and Clara Bow
Director: Herbert Brenon. Also starred Donald Keith, Dorothy Cumming & Eleanor Lawson. Plot: Young girl becomes a "flapper", defying her parents and the community.
The Desert of the Lost (1927)
Hal Taliaferro, Peggy Montgomery and William Dyer
Director: Richard Thorpe. Also starred Edward Cecil & Richard Neill. Plot: Chased by Detective Murray (Cecil) and the posse, a wounded Jim Drake (Taliaferro) heads across the border into Mexico where he recuperates with the Wolfe's (Dyer). When Murray arrives again, Jim heads into the desert. But in the night his guide sneaks off and leaves him without water or his horse
The Desert Song (1929)
John Boles, Carlotta King and Louise Fazenda
Director: Roy Del Ruth. Also starred Johnny Arthur, Edward Martindel & Jack Pratt
Dick Turpin (1925)
Tom Mix, Kathleen Myers and Alan Hale
Director: John G. Blystone. Also starred Philo McCullough, Lucille Hutton & Fay Holderness
Don Juan (1926)
John Barrymore, Mary Astor and Myrna Loy
Director: Alan Crosland Jr., & Alan Crosland. Also starred Willard Louis. Adventure
Don Q Son of Zorro (1925)
Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Astor and Donald Crisp
Director: Donald Crisp. Also starred Warner Oland. Adventure & romance
Downhill (1927)
Ivor Novello, Robin Irvine and Isabel Jeans
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Ian Hunter, Norman McKinnel & Annette Benson
Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)
Marguerite Courtot, Raymond McKee and William Walcott
Director: Elmer Clifton. Also starred Clara Bow, James Turfler & Leigh Smith. Plot: Story of the lives of the people in a small Quaker community and the adventures of a whaling ship.
Dream Street (1921)
Carol Dempster, Charles Emmett Mack and Ralph Graves
Director: D. W. Griffith. Also starred Edward Peil Sr, Tyrone Power Sr. & Morgan Wallace. Plot: Three men in London compete for the love of a dance-hall girl.
Dr. Jack (1922)
Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis and John T. Prince
Director: Fred C. Newmeyer. Also starred Eric Mayne, C. Norman Hammond & Charles Stevenson. Plot: Country Doctor, Jack Jackson (Lloyd) is called in to treat the Sick-Little-Well-Girl (Davis), who has been making Dr. Saulsbourg (Mayne) and is sanitarium very rich, after years of unsuccessful treatment. His old-fashioned methods do the trick and the quack is sent packing.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)
John Barrymore, Charles Lane and Brandon Hurst
Director: John S. Robertson. Also starred Cecil Clovelly & Nita Naldi. Plot: Dr. Henry Jekyll (Barrymore) experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.
The Eagle (1925)
Rudolph Valentino, Louise Dresser and Albert Conti
Director: Clarence Brown. Comedy & romance
Easy Virtue (1928)
Isabel Jeans, Franklin Dyall and Eric Bransby Williams
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Ian Hunter, Robin Irvine & Violet Farebrother
The Eleventh Commandment (1924)
Fay Compton, Stewart Rome and Lillian Hall-Davis
Director: George A. Cooper. Also starred Charles Quartermaine, Jack Hobbs & Dawson Millward
Ella Cinders (1926)
Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes and Vera Lewis
Director: Alfred E. Green. Also starred Doris Baker, Emily Gerdes & Mike Donlin. Plot: Poor Ella Cinders (Moore) is much abused by her evil step-mother and step-sisters. When she wins a local beauty contest she jumps at the chance to get out of her dead-end life and go to Hollywood, where she is promised a job in the movies.
Eternal Love (1929)
John Barrymore, Camilla Horn and Victor Varconi
Director: Ernst Lubitsch. Also starred Hobart Bosworth. Drama & romance
The Farmer's Wife (1928)
Jameson Thomas, Lillian Hall-David and Gordon Harker
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Gibb McLaughlin, Maud Gill & Louie Pounds. Plot: After his daughter weds, a middle-aged widower with a profitable farm decides to remarry but finds choosing a suitable mate a problematic process in this droll comedy.
Faust (1926)
Yvette Guilbert, Emil Jannings and Camilla Horn
Director: F. W. Murnau. Also starred Frida Richard. Fantasy & horror
The Fearless Rider (1928)
Fred Humes, Barbara Worth and Ben Corbett
Director: Edgar Lewis. Also starred Gilbert Holmes, Buck Connors & William Steele
The Fighting Stallion (1926)
Yakima Canutt, Neva Gerber and Al Ferguson
Director: Ben F. Wilson. Also starred Leonard Trainor, Fred Gamble & Bud Osborne. Plot: Yak (Yakima) arrives at the Gilmore ranch where rustling has occurred. Gilmore (Trainor) blames a wild horse when it is actually his foreman Mays (Ferguson)...
Final Extra (1927)
Marguerite De La Motte, Grant Withers and John Milijan
Director: James P. Hogan. Also starred Frank Beal, Joseph W. Girard & Billy 'Red' Jones. Plot: The alert atmosphere of a large-city newspaper office and its giant presses combines with the back-stage atmosphere of the theatre...
The First Night (1927)
Bert Lytell, Dorothy Devore and Frederick Ko Vert
Director: Richard Thorpe. Comedy
Flesh and Blood (1922)
Lon Chaney, Edith Roberts and Noah Beery
Director: Irving Cummings. Also starred DeWitt Jennings, Ralph Lewis & Jack Mulhall. Plot: A convict hiding in Chinatown assumes the identity of a cripple to track down a businessman who framed him 15 years previously. He discovers that his daughter has fallen in love with the businessman's son.
Flesh and the Devil (1926)
John Gilbert, Greta Garbo and Lars Hanson
Director: Clarence Brown. Also starred Barbara Kent. Drama & romance
Flight (1929)
Jack Holt, Lila Lee and Ralph Graves
Director: Frank Capra.
The Flying Fool (1929)
William Boyd, Marie Prevost and Russell Gleason
Director: Tay Garnett. Also starred Tom O'Brien. Plot: A man protective of his brother checks out the girl his brother is in love with, in order to see if she's the real thing or just trying to take advantage of him. Unfortunately, he winds up falling in love with her himself.
The Flying Scotsman (1929)
Dino Galvani, Gordon Harker and Alec Hurley
Director: Castleton Knight. Also starred Pauline Johnson, Moore Marriott & Ray Milland. Plot: A young fireman on the famous Flying Scotsman locomotive falls in love with a beautiful young woman...
Foolish Wives (1922)
Rudolph Christians, Miss DuPont and Maude George
Director: Erich von Stroheim. Also starred Mae Busch. Drama
Forbidden Love (1921)
Creighton Hale, Marguerite Clayton and George MacQuarrie
Director: Philip Van Loan. Also starred Tom Cameron
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry and Pomeroy Cannon
Director: Rex Ingram. Also starred Josef Swickard, Brinsley Shaw & Alan Hale. Plot: Madariaga (Cannon) is an Argentinian cattle baron with two daughters: one married a Frenchman, the other a German...
Free to Love (1925)
Clara Bow, Donald Keith and Raymond McKee
Director: Frank O'Connor. Also starred Hallam Cooley, Winter Hall & Charles Hill Mailes. Plot: A young woman is released from the reformatory where she was unjustly sent. She starts a new life with the help of a judge and an idealistic young minister. But a gang of criminals have made plans that could destroy the new life that she has built.
The Freshman (1925)
Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston and Brooks Benedict
Director: Sam Taylor. Also starred James Anderson & Joseph Harrington. Comedy, family & sports
The Garden of Eden (1928)
Corinne Griffith, Louise Dresser and Lowell Sherman
Director: Lewis Milestone. Also starred Maude George. Comedy & drama
The Gaucho (1927)
Douglas Fairbanks, Lupe Velez and Joan Barclay
Director: F. Richard Jones. Also starred Eve Southern. Adventure & romance
The General (1927)
Marion Mack and Glen Cavender
Director: Clyde Bruckman & Buster Keaton. Romance & war
Getting Gertie's Garter (1927)
Marie Prevost, Charles Ray and Harry Myers
Director: E. Mason Hopper. Also starred Sally Rand, William Orlamond & Fritzi Ridgeway. Plot: Attorney Ken Walrick (Ray), not quite realizing the difference between a garter and a bracelet, gives Gertie Darling (Prevost) a bejewelled garter with his photograph in miniature attached
A Girl in Every Port (1928)
Robert Armstrong, Louise Brooks and Natalie Joyce
Director: Howard Hawks. Comedy
The Girl in the Pullman (1927)
Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford and Franklin Pangborn
Director: Erle C. Kenton. Also starred Kathryn McGuire, Ethel Wales & Harry Myers
Glorifying the American Girl (1929)
Mary Eaton, Dan Healy and Kaye Renard
Director: John W. Karkrider & Millard Webb. Also starred Edward Crandall, Gloria Shea & Sarah Edwards. Plot: The rise of a showgirl, Gloria Hughes (Eaton), culminating in a Ziegfeld extravaganza "Glorifying the American Girl".
The Gold Rush (1925)
Charlie Chaplin, Mack Swain and Tom Murray
Director: Charlie Chaplin. Also starred Henry Bergman, Malcolm Waite & Georgia Hale
Go West (1925)
Buster Keaton, Kathleen Myers and Ray Thompson
Director: Buster Keaton. Also starred Howard Truesdale. Comedy
The Great Gabbo (1929)
Erich Von Stroheim, Betty Compson and Donald Douglas
Director: James Cruze. Also starred Marjorie Kane, Marbeth Wright & John F. Hamilton. Plot: For the ventriloquist Gabbo (von Stroheim) his wooden dummy Otto is the only means of expression. When he starts relying more and more on Otto, he starts going mad.
The Great K & A Train Robbery (1926)
Tom Mix, Dorothy Dwan and Will Walling
Director: Lewis Seiler. Also starred Harry Gripp, Carl Miller & Edward Peil Sr. Plot: Cullen (Walling) has hired Tom (Mix) to try and stop the robberies on his railroad. Knowing Cullen's secretary Holt (Miller) is tipping off the gang...
Greed (1924)
Zasu Pitts, Gibson Gowland and Jean Hersholt
Director: Erich von Stroheim. Also starred Dale Fuller. Drama
Guardians of the Wild (1928)
Jack Perrin, Ethlyne Clair and Al Ferguson
Director: Henry MacRae. Also starred Robert Homans & bernard Siegel. Plot: A forest ranger comes to the aid of his fiance and her father when a crooked rancher and his gang try to force them off their land.
Ham and Eggs at the Front (1927)
Tom Wilson, Heinie Conklin and Myrna Loy
Director: Roy Del Ruth. Also starred William Irving, Noah Young & Louise Fazenda
Hawk of the Hills (1929)
Allene Ray, Walter Miller and Jack Ganzhorn
Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet. Also starred Frank Lackteen, Paul Panzer & Wally Oettel
Headin' Home (1920)
Babe Ruth, Ruth Taylor and William Sheer
Director: Lawrence C. Windom. Also starred Margaret Seddon, Frances Victory & James A. Marcus. Plot: The "true story" of baseball great Babe Ruth; Ruth plays himself.
The Headless Horseman (1922)
Will Rogers, Lois Meredith and Ben Hendricks Jr
Director: Edward D. Venturini. Also starred Charles Graham, Mary Foy & Bernard A. Reinold. Plot: The village of Sleepy Hollow is getting ready to greet the new schoolteacher, Ichabod Crane (Rogers), who is coming from New York...
Her Man O' War (1926)
Jetta Goudal, William Boyd and Jimmie Adams
Director: Frank Urson. Also starred Grace Darmond, Kay Deslys & Frank Reicher. Plot: During World War I, an American soldier is captured and taken prisoner by the Germans. However, instead of being placed in a prisoner-of-war camp, he is assigned to the small farm of a young woman and her son to help raise crops to help feed the German army and people.
Hindle Wakes (1927)
Estelle Brody, John Stuart and Norman McKinnel
Director: Maurice Elvey. Also starred Marie Ault, Humberston Wright & Gladys Jennings. Plot: A celebration of working class leisure activities at Hindle, Lancashire, during "Wakes Week", an annual week still observed in parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire when all factories and schools take a holiday.
Hot Water (1924)
Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston and Josephine Crowell
Director: Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor. Also starred Charles Stevenson & Mickey McBan. Plot: Episodic look at married life and in-law problems. Adventures include a ride on a crowded trolley with a live turkey
The Informer (1929)
Lya De Putti, Lars Hansen and Warwick Ward
Director: Arthur Robison. Also starred Carl Harbord, Dennis Wyndham & Janice Adair
The Iron Mask (1929)
Belle Bennett, Douglas Fairbanks and Marguerite De La Motte
Director: Allan Dwan. Also starred Dorothy Revier, Vera Lewis & Rolfe Sedan. Plot: King Louis XIII (Sedan) of France is thrilled to have born to him a son - an heir to the throne. But when the queen delivers a twin...
The Iron Rider (1920)
William Russell, Vola Vale and Arthur Morrison
Director: Scott R. Dunlap. Also starred Wadsworth Harris & George Nichols
Is Life Worth Living? (1921)
Eugene O'Brien, Winifred Westover and Arthur Housman
Director: Alan Crosland. Also starred George Lessey, Warren Cook & Arthur Donaldson. Plot: Man tries to make a comeback after getting out of prison.
It (1927)
Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno and William Austin
Director: Clarence G. Badger. Also starred Priscilla Bonner, Jacqueline Gadsden & Julia Swayne Gordon. Plot: A salesgirl with plenty of "it" (sex appeal) pursues a handsome playboy.
The Jack-Knife Man (1920)
F. A. Turner, Harry Todd and Bobby Kelso
Director: King Vidor. Also starred Willis Marks, Lillian Leighton & James Corrigan. Plot: A lonely old riverboat man is left a child by a dying mother. The old man and the boy grow to love one another. The village snoop feels the child would be better off in an orphanage and the sheriff is sent to try to take the child away.
The Jazz Singer (1927)
Al Jolson, May McAvoy and Warner Oland
Director: Alan Crosland. Also starred Eugenie Besserer, Otto Lederer & Robert Gordon. Plot: The son of a Jewish Cantor must defy his father in order to pursue his dream of becoming a jazz singer.
Just Off Broadway (1929)
Donald Keith, Ann Christy and Larry Steers
Director: Frank O'Connor. Also starred De Sacia Mooers, Jack Tanner & Syd Saylor
Just Tony (1922)
Tom Mix, J. P. Lockney and Claire Adams
Director: Lynn Reynolds. Also starred Frank Campeau & Duke R. Lee. Plot: A cowboy seeks revenge against the man who shot him in a bar-room brawl. While searching for him, he comes across a wild stallion that he is determined to capture and break, and unknowingly falls in love with the daughter of the man who shot him.
The Kid (1921)
Carl Miller, Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin
Director: Charles Chaplin. Also starred Jackie Coogan. Plot: The Tramp cares for an abandoned child, but events put that relationship in jeopardy.
The King of Kings (1927)
H. B. Warner, Dorothy Cumming and Ernest Torrence
Director: Cecil B. DeMille. Also starred Joseph Schildkraut, James Neill & Joseph Striker. Plot: Mary Magdalene (Cumming) becomes angry when Judas (Schildkraut), now a follower of Jesus (Warner), won't come to her feast. She goes to see Jesus and becomes repentant...
The King of the Wild Horses (1924)
Edna Murphy, Charley Chase and Sidney De Gray
Director: Fred Jackman. Also starred Léon Bary, Pat Hartigan & Frank Butler. Plot: A stallion known as "The Black" is the leader of a band of wild horses. A cowboy is determined to capture and break him.
The Last Command (1928)
Emil Jannings, Evelyn Brent and William Powell
Director: Josef von Sternberg. Also starred Jack Raymond, Nicholas Soussanin & Michael Visaroff. Plot: A decorated, aristocratic Czarist General is reduced to penury after the collapse of Imperial Russia... Won an Oscar
The Last of the Mohicans (1920)
Wallace Beery, Barbara Bedford, Alan Roscoe and Lillian Hall
Directors: Maurice Tourneur and Clarence Brown
The Leatherneck (1929)
William Boyd, Alan Hale and Robert Armstrong
Director: Howard Higgin. Also starred Fred Kohler, Diane Ellis & Jimmy Aldine
Leave 'Em Laughing (1928)
Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Charlie Hall
Director: Clyde Bruckman. Also starred Edgar Kennedy. Plot: Leaving the dentist's office, where Hardy's teeth have been extracted by mistake, the boys, still under the influence of laughing gas...
Let 'Er Go Gallegher (1928)
Frank Coghlan Jr, Harrison Ford and Elinor Fair
Director: Elmer Clifton. Also starred Wade Boteler, E. H. Calvert & Ivan Lebedeff
Let's Go Gallagher (1925)
Tom Tyler, Barbara Starr and Olin Francis
Director: Robert De Lacey & James Gruen. Also starred Sam Peterson, Alfred Hewston & Frankie Darro
The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra
Jules Raucourt, George Voya, Robert Florey and Adriane Marsh
Directors: Robert Florey and Slavko Vorkapich. The film has been deemed "culturally significant" by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.
Lilac Time (1928)
Colleen Moore, Gary Cooper and Burr McIntosh
Director: George Fitzmaurice. Also starred George Cooper, Cleve Moore & Eugenie Besserer. Plot: All of those handsome young men in their flying machines are billeted in a field next to the Widow Berthelot's (Besserer) farmhouse in France...
Linda (1929)
Warner Baxter, Helen Foster and Noah Beery
Director: Dorothy Davenport. Also starred Mitchell Lewis, Kate Price & Allen Connor. Plot: Circumstances force a young woman to marry a much older man, although she really loves a young doctor.
Little Annie Rooney (1925)
Mary Pickford, William Haines and Walter James
Director: William Beaudine. Also starred Gordon Griffin, Carlo Schipa & Spec O'Donnell. Plot: Tough slum girl (Mary Pickford) faces a crisis of the heart when the boy she loves (William Haines) is accused of shooting her cop father...
The Lodger (1927)
Marie Ault, Arthur Chesney and June Tripp
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Malcolm Keen & Ivor Novello. Plot: A man is suspected of being a serial killer.
The Lost Express (1926)
Henry A. Barrows, Eddie Barry and Martin Turner
Director: J. P. McGowan. Also starred Helen Holmes, Elita Proctor Otis & Jack Mower
The Lost World (1925)
Bessie Love, Lewis Stone and Wallace Beery
Director: Harry O. Hoyt. Also starred Lloyd Hughes, Alma Bennett & Arthur Hoyt. Plot: The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam.
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (1926)
Evelyn Brent, Lawrence Gray and Louise Brooks
Director: Frank Tuttle. Also starred Osgood Perkins, Jack Egan & Marcia Harris. Plot: The tale of two sisters with the older one pledged to look after the younger one that transpires between a department store....
Mademoiselle Midnight (1924)
Mae Murray, John St. Polis and Paul Weigel
Director: Robert Z. Leonard. Also starred Earl Schenck, Clarissa Selwynne & J. Farrell MacDonald
Manhandled (1924)
Gloria Swanson, Tom Moore and Liliynn Tashman
Director: Allan Dwan. Also starred Ian Keith, Arthur Housman & Paul McAllister
Manhattan Cowboy (1928)
Bob Custer, Lafe McKee and Mary Mayberry
Director: J. P. McGowan. Also starred Slim Whitaker, John Lowell & Lynn Sanderson. Plot: When easterner Jack Steel (Custer) gets into trouble with the law again, his father sends him to his ranch out west...
Mantrap (1926)
Clara Bow, Ernest Torrence and Ford Sterling
Director: Victor Fleming. Also starred Percy Marmont, Eugene Pallette & Tom Kennedy. Plot: A sexy young manicurist living with her older backwoodsman husband in a small Canadian town finds herself attracted to a young, rich and famous divorce lawyer who comes to town on vacation.
The Manxman (1929)
Carl Brisson, Malcolm Keen and Anny Ondra
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Randle Ayrton & Clare Greet. Plot: Despite their differing backgrounds, fisherman Pete (Brisson) and lawyer Philip (Keen) have been life long friends on the Isle of Man...
Marked Money (1928)
Frank Coghlan Jr, Tom Keene and Tom Kennedy
Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet. Also starred Bert Woodruff, Virginia Bradford & Maurice Black
The Mark of Zorro (1920)
Douglas Fairbanks, Noah Beery and Charles Hill Mailes
Director: Claire McDowell, Marguerite De La Motte & Robert McKim. Plot: In old Spanish California, the oppressive colonial government is opposed by Zorro (Fairbanks), masked champion of the people...
The Marriage Circle (1924)
Florence Vidor, Monte Blue and Marie Prevost
Director: Ernst Lubitsch. Also starred Creighton Hale, Adolphe Menjou & Harry Myers. Plot: Professor Stock (Menjou) and his wife Mizzi (Prevost) are always bickering. Mizzi tries to seduce Dr. Franz Braun (Blue), the new husband of her good friend Charlotte (Vidor)...
Merry-Go-Round (1923)
Norman Kerry, Mary Philbin and Dale Fuller
Director: Rupert Julian. Also starred Maude George, Cesare Gravina & George Hackathorne. Plot: A nobleman, posing as a necktie salesman, falls in love with the daughter of a circus puppeteer, even though he is already married to the daughter of his country's war minister.
Metropolis (1927)
Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich and Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Director: Fritz Lang. Also starred Fritz Rasp, Theodor Loos & Erwin Biswanger. Plot: In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.
The Man from Beyond (1922)
Harry Houdini, Arthur Maude and Albert Tavernier
Director: Burton L. King. Also starred Erwin Connelly, Frank Montgomery & Luis Alberni. Plot: A man who has been frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years returns to civilization to find his lost love.
Mid-Channel (1920)
Clara Kimball Young, J. Frank Glendon and Edward Kimball
Director: Harry Garson. Also starred Bertram Grassby, Eileen Robinson & Helene Sullivan
Midnight Faces (1926)
Ralph Bushman, Jack Perrin and Kathryn McGuire
Director: Bennett Cohen. Also starred Edward Peil Sr, Charles Belcher & Nora Cecil. Plot: A young man inherits a mansion in a Florida swamp from an uncle he never knew he had.
The Midnight Girl (1925)
Lila Lee, Gareth Hughes and Dolores Cassinelli
Director: Wilfred Noy. Also starred Charlotte Walker, Bela Lugosi & Ruby Blaine. Plot: A corrupt art patron finds himself in love with the same girl as his stepson.
Monsieur Beaucaire (1924)
Rudolph Valentino, Bebe Daniels and Ian Maclaren
Director: Sidney Olcott. Also starred Doris Kenyon, Lowell Sherman & Paulette Duval. Plot: When M. Beaucaire (Valentino), a handsome barber, catches the Duke of Winterset (Maclaren) cheating at gambling, Beaucaire exacts Winterset's cooperation in sneaking Beaucaire into a great ball, disguised as the Duke de Chartres, and to introduce him to the beautiful Lady Mary (Kenyon).
Moran of the Lady Letty (1922)
Dorothy Dalton, Charles Brinley and Emil Jorgenson
Director: George Melford. Also starred Rudolph Valentino, Maude Wayne & Walter Long. Plot: Wealthy young man Ramon Laredo (Valentino) is abducted and put into service aboard a ship commanded by a none-too-scrupulous smuggler...
The Mountain Eagle (1926)
Nita Naldi, Malcolm Keen and John F. Hamilton
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Bernhard Goetzke & Ferdinand Martini. Plot: In the Kentucky hills a store keeper tries to win the love of an innocent schoolteacher. She runs away and seeks refuge with a hermit
My Boy (1921)
Jackie Coogan, Claude Gillingwater and Mathilde Brundage
Director: Albert Austin & Victor Heerman. Also starred Patsy Marks. Plot: An orphan escapes immigration officials at Ellis Island and goes to live with an old ship's master who can't find work and can't pay the rent.
My Lady of Whims (1925)
Clara Bow, Donald Keith and Carmelita Geraghty
Director: Dallas M. Fitzgerald. Also starred Francis McDonald, Lee Moran & Betty Baker
The Navigator (1924)
Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire and Frederick Vroom
Director: Donald Crisp & Buster Keaton. Plot: Two spoiled rich people find themselves trapped on an empty passenger ship.
Nevada (1927)
Gary Cooper, Thelma Todd and William Todd
Director: John Waters. Also starred Philip Strange, Ernie Adams & Christian J. Frank
The New School Teacher (1924)
Doris Kenyon, Charles 'Chic' Sale and Mickey Bennett
Director: Gregory La Cava. Also starred Russell Griffin, Polly Archer & Robert Bentley
Noah's Ark (1928)
Dolores Costello, George O'Brien and Noah Beery
Director: Michael Curtiz. Also starred Louise Fazenda, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams & Paul McAllister. Plot: The Biblical story of Noah (McAllister) and the Great Flood, with a parallel story of soldiers in the First World War.
The Noon Whistle (1923)
Stan Laurel, James Finlayson and Katherine Grant
Director: George Jeske. Also starred Sammy Brooks, William Gillespie & Noah Young
The Notorious Lady (1927)
Lewis Stone, Barbara Bedford and Ann Rork
Director: King Baggot. Also starred Earl Metcalfe, Francis McDonald & Grace Carlyle. Plot: A British Army officer kills a man he finds in his wife's room. Although she is innocent of any wrong the wife claims to be guilty to save her husband from a death sentence.
The Old Oregon Trail (1928)
Victor Adamson, Dolores Booth Annd F. C. Rose
Director: Victor Adamson. Also starred Art Seales. Plot: A band of settlers on the Oregon Trail is attacked by outlaws, who steal their horses.
The Old Swimmin' Hole (1921)
Charles Ray, James Gordon and Laura La Plante
Director: Joseph De Grasse. Also starred Blanche Rose, Peggy Prevost & Lincoln Stedman. Plot: The normal life of a young farm boy as he goes to school and as he relaxes in the country is depicted.
Oliver Twist (1922)
James A, Marcus, Aggie Herring and Jackie Coogan
Director: Frank Lloyd. Also starred Nelson McDowell, Lewis Sargent & Joan Standing. Plot: Oliver's mother, a penniless outcast, died giving birth to him. As a young boy Oliver (Coogan) is brought up in a workhouse...
Orphans of the Storm (1921)
Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish and Joseph Schildkraut
Director: D. W. Griffith. Also starred Frank Losse, Katherine Emmett & Morgan Wallace. Plot: Henriette (Lillian) and Louise (Dorothy), a foundling, are raised together as sisters. When Louise goes blind, Henriette swears to take care of her forever...
Our Dancing Daughters (1928)
Joan Crawford, Johnny Mack Brown and Nils Asther
Director: Harry Beaumont. Also starred Anita Page, Kathlyn Williams & Edward J. Nugent. Plot: Diana (Crawford) is outwardly the hit of the party but inwardly virtuous and idealistic. Her friend Ann (Page) is thoroughly selfish and amoral...
Our Hospitality (1923)
Joe Roberts, Ralph Bushman and Craig Ward
Director: John G. Blystone & Buster Keaton. Also starred Monte Collins, Joe Keaton & Kitty Bradbury. Plot: A man returns to his Appalachian homestead. On the trip, he falls for a young woman. The only problem is her family has vowed to kill every member of his family.
Outside the Law (1920)
Priscilla Dean, Wheeler Oakman and Lon Chaney
Director: Tod Browning. Also starred Ralph Lewis, E. Alyn Warren & Stanley Goethals
Painted Faces (1929)
Joe E. Brown, Helen Foster and Barton Hepburn
Director: Albert S. Rogell. Also starred Dorothy Gulliver, Lester Cole & Richard Tucker. Plot: A vaudeville performer is murdered backstage and another performer is tried for the crime.
The Passionate Adventure (1924)
Alice Joyce, Marjorie Daw and Clive Brook
Director: Graham Cutts. Also starred Lillian Hall-Davis, Victor McLaglen & Joseph R. Tozer
Peck's Bad Boy (1921)
Jackie Coogan, Wheeler Oakman and Doris May
Director: Sam Wood. Also starred Raymond Hatton, James Corrigan & Lillian Leighton
The Penalty (1920)
Charles Clary, Doris Pawn and Jim Mason
Director: Wallace Worsley. Also starred Lon Chaney, Milton Ross & Ethel Grey Terry. Plot: Blizzard (Chaney), deranged from a childhood operation in which both his legs were perhaps needlessly amputated after an accident...
Perils of the Rail (1926)
Helen Holmes, Edward Hearn and Wilfrid North
Director: J. P. McGowan. Also starred Lloyd Whitlock, Dick Rush & Dan Crimmins
The Phantom Flyer (1928)
Al Wilson, Lillian Gilmore and Buck Connors
Director: Bruce M. Mitchell. Also starred Billy 'Red' Jones, Don Fuller & Myrtis Crinley
The Phantom in the House (1929)
Ricardo Cortez, Nancy Welford and Henry B. Walthall
Director: Phil Rosen. Also starred Grace Valentine, Jack Curtis & Thomas A.Curran. Plot: A man is blamed for a murder that was actually committed by his wife.
The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin and Norman Kerry
Director: Rupert Julian. Also starred Arthur Edmund Carewe, Gibson Gowland & John St. Polis. Plot: A mad, disfigured composer seeks love with a lovely young opera singer.
The Pleasure Garden (1925)
Virginia Valli, Carmelita Geraghty and Miles Mander
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred John Stuart, Ferdinand Martini & Florence Helminger. Plot: Patsy Brand (Valli)is a chorus girl at the Pleasure Garden music hall. She meets Jill Cheyne (Geraghty) who is down on her luck and gets her a job as a dancer...
Pollyanna (1920)
Mary Pickford, Wharton James and Katherine Griffith
Director: Paul Powell. Also starred Helen Jerome Eddy, George Berrell & Howard Ralston. Plot: When Pollyanna (Pickford) is orphaned, she is sent to live with her crotchety Aunt Polly (Griffith). Pollyanna discovers that many of the people in her aunt's New England home town are as ill-tempered as her aunt. But Pollyanna's incurable optimism - exemplified by her "glad game," in which she looks for the bright side of every situation - bring a change to the staid old community.
Power (1928)
William Boyd, Alan Hale and Jacqueline Logan
Director: Howard Higgin. Also starred Clem Beauchamp, Joan Bennett & Carole Lombard
The Prude's Fall (1924)
Jane Novak, Julianne Johnston and Warwick Ward
Director: Graham Cutts. Also starred Hugh Miller, Gladys Jennings & Miles Mander
Pursued (1925)
Gaston Glass, Marcella Daly and George Siegmann
Director: Dell Henderson. Also starred Arthur Rankin, Gertrude Astor & Stuart Holmes
Q-Ships (1928)
Johnny Butt, Lionel D'Aragon and Hugh Douglas
Director: Geoffrey Barkas & Michael Barringer. Also starred Charles Emerald, Val Gielgud & Douglas Herald
Queen Kelly (1929)
Gloria Swanson, Walter Byron and Seena Owen
Director: Erich von Stroheim. Plot: Prince Wolfram (Byron) is the betrothed of mad Queen Regina V of Kronberg (Owen). Supreme ruler, her word is law and he is a playboy...
Queen of the Chorus (1928)
Virginia Brown Faire, Rex Lease and Lloyd Whitlock
Director: Charles J. Hunt. Also starred Betty Francisco, Harriet Hammond & Charles Hill Mailes
The Racketeer (1929)
Robert Armstrong, Carole Lombard and Roland Drew
Director: Howard Higgin. Also starred Paul Hurst, Kit Guard & Al Hill. Plot: A dapper gangster sponsors an alcoholic violinist in order to win the love of a glamorous divorced socialite.
Raggedy Rose (1926)
Mabel Normand, Carl Miller and Max Davidson
Director: Richard Wallace. Also starred James Finlayson, Anita Garvin & Laura la Varnie
Ranson's Folly (1926)
Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Mackaill and Anders Randolf
Director: Sidney Olcott. Also starred Pat Hartigan, William Bailey & Brooks Benedict
The Rat (1925)
Ivor Novello, Mae Marsh and Isabel Jeans
Director: Graham Cutts. Also stars Robert Scholtz, James Lindsay & Marie Ault. Plot: When bored courtesan Zelie de Chaumet (Jeans) begs her lover, the corrupt and powerful Stetz (Scholtz), to take her slumming...
The Red Kimona (1925)
Priscilla Bonner, Nellie Bly Baker and Carl Miller
Director: Walter Lang. Also starred Mary Carr, Virginia Pearson & Tyrone Power Sr.
The Red Raiders (1927)
Ken Maynard, Anne Drew and J. P. McGowan
Director: Albert S. Rogell. Also starred Paul Hurst, Harry Shutan & Chief Yowlachie Plot: Lone Wolf (Chief Yowlachie), who is stirring up the Indians against the wishes of his elders, gets the job of scout at the fort.
The Return of Boston Blackie (1927)
Corliss Palmer, Bob Custer and Rosemary Cooper
Director: Harry O. Hoyt. Also starred Coit Albertson, William Worthington & Florence Wix
Riders of the Purple Sage (1925)
Tom Mix, Beatrice Burnham and Seesel Ann Johnson
Director: Lynn Reynolds. Also starred Arthur Morrison, Warner Oland & Wilfrid Lucas. Plot: A Texas Ranger searches for his kidnapped sister.
Riders of the Range (1923)
Edmund Cobb, Frank Gallagher and Clare Hatton
Director: Otis Thayer. Also starred Dolly Dale, Roy Landdon & Helen Hayes
Riding for Life (1926)
Bob Reeves, Aline Goodwin and Hal Walters
Director: Mack V. Wright. Also starred Bob Fleming, Bud Pope & Andrew Waldron. Plot: Hearing his brother the Express Clerk is in trouble, Bob Williams (Reeves) rides to the Express Office only to find the safe open...
The Ring (1927)
Carl Brisson, Lillian Hall-Davis and Ian Hunter
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Forrester Harvey, Harry Terry & Gordon Harker
The Road Agent (1926)
Al Hoxie, Ione Reed and Lew Meehan
Director: J. P. McGowan. Also starred Leon De La Mothe, Florence lee & Frank Ellis.
Robin Hood (1922)
Wallace Beery, Sam De Grasse and Enid Bennett
Director: Allan Dwan. Also starred Paul Dickey, William Lowery & Roy Coulson. Plot: Amid big-budget medieval pageantry, King Richard (Beery) goes on the Crusades leaving his brother Prince John (De Grasse) as regent...
Romola (1924)
Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish and William Powell
Director: Henry King. Also starred Ronald Colman, Herbert Grimwood & Bonaventura Ibáñez. Plot: In Renaissance Florence, Tito (Powell), a no-good young man pretending to be a scholar, wins the admiration of a blind man who has long looked for someone to finish his scholarly work.
Rubber Tires (1927)
Bessie Love, Erwin Connelly and Frank Coghlan Jr.
Director: Alan Hale. Also starred mary Robson, Harrison Ford & John Patrick
The Runaway Princess (1929)
Mady Christians, Paul Cavanagh and Norah Baring
Director: Anthony Asquith & Fritz Wendhausen. Also starred Fred Rains, Claude Beerbohm & Eveline Chipman
The Rush Hour (1928)
Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford and Seena Owen
Director: E. Mason Hopper. Also starred David Butler, Ward Crane & Arthur Hoyt
Sadie Thompson (1928)
Lionel Barrymore, Blanche Friderici and Gloria Swanson
Director: Raoul Walsh. Also starred Florence Midgley, James A. Marcus & Sophia Artega. Plot: Sadie Thompson (Swanson) arrives in Pago-Pago to start a new life, but when extremist missionary Davidson (Barrymore) lashes...
Safety Last! (1923)
Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis and Bill Strother
Director: Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor. Also starred Noah Young & Westcott Clarke. Plot: When a store clerk organizes a contest to climb the outside of a tall building, circumstances force him to make the perilous climb himself.
A Sailor-Made Man (1921)
Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis and Noah Young
Director: Fred C. Newmayer. Also starred Dick Sutherland. Plot: When The Girl's (Davis) father insists that, before he will agree to The Boy's (Lloyd) marrying his daughter, he must first prove that he can do something more worthwhile than act the playboy.
Sally (1929)
Marilyn Miller, Alexander Gray and Joe E. Brown
Director: John Francis Dillon. Also starred T. Roy Barnes, Pert Kelton & Ford Sterling. Plot: Sally (Miller) was an orphan who got her name from the telephone exchange where she was abandoned as a baby.
Sally of the Sawdust (1925)
Carol Dempster, W. C. Fields and Alfred Lunt
Director: D. W. Griffith. Also starred Erville Alderson, Effie Shannon & Charles Hammond. Plot: Judge Foster (Alderson) throws his daughter out because she married a circus man. She leaves her baby girl with Prof. McGargle (Fields) before she dies.
The Saturday Night Kid (1929)
Clara Bow, Jean Arthur and James Hall
Director: A. Edward Sutherland. Also starred Edna May Oliver, Hyman Meyer & Charles Sellon. Plot: Jayme (Bow) and sister Janie (Arthur) are salesgirls in Ginsberg's Department Store. Jayme is in love with store clerk Bill (Hall)...
The Scar of Shame (1927)
Harry Henderson, Norman Johnstone and Ann Kennedy
Director: Frank Peregini. Also starred Lucia Lynn Moses, William E. Pettus & Lawrence Chenault. Plot: An educated, upscale young black musician marries a woman from a lower socioeconomic class to get her out of the clutches of her stepfather...
The Sea Beast (1926)
John Barrymore, Dolores Costello and George O'Hara
Director: Millard Webb. Also starred Mike Donlin, Sam Baker & George Berrell
The Sea Hawk (1924)
Milton Sills, Enid Bennett and Lloyd Hughes
Director: Frank Lloyd. Also starred Wallace Beery, Marc Mcdermott & Wallace MacDonald. Plot: The adventures of Oliver Tressilian (Sills), who goes from English gentry to galley slave to captain of a Moorish fighting ship...
Seven Chances (1925)
Buster Keaton, T. Roy Barnes and Snitz Edwards
Director: Buster Keaton. Also starred Ruth Dwyer, Frances Raymond & Erwin Connelly. Plot: A man learns he will inherit a fortune if he marries. By 7 p.m. Today.
Seventh Heaven (1927)
Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell and Ben Bard
Director: Frank Borzage. Also starred Albert Gran, David Butler & Marie Mosquini. Won 3 Oscars
Shadows (1922)
Lon Chaney, Marguerite De La Motte and Harrison Ford
Director: Tom Forman. Also starred John St Polis. Walter Long & Buddy Messinger. Plot: A dying Chinese man converts to Christianity in order to stop a friend from being blackmailed.
She (1925)
Betty Blythe, Carlyle Blackwell and Mary Odette
Director: Leander De Cordova & G. B. Samuelson. Also starred Tom Reynolds, Heinrich George & Jerrold Robertshaw.
The Sheik (1921)
Rudolph Valentino, Agnes Ayres and Ruth Miller
Director: George Melford. Also starred George Waggner, Frank Butler & Charles Brinley. Plot: A charming Arabian sheik becomes infatuated with an adventurous, modern-thinking Englishwoman and abducts her to his home in the Saharan desert.
Sherlock Jr. (1924)
Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire and Joe Keaton
Director: Buster Keaton. Also starred Erwin Connelly & Ward Crane
A Ship Comes In (1928)
Rudolph Schildkraut, Louise Dresser and Milton Holmes
Director: William K. Howard. Also starred Linda Landi, Fritz Feld & Lucien Littlefield.
The Shock (1923)
Lon Chaney, Virginia Valli and Jack Mower
Director: Lambert Hillyer. Also starred William Welsh, Henry A. Barrows & Christine Mayo. Plot: A gang of blackmailers sends a cripple to San Francisco to expose a banker they have been blackmailing. However, the cripple meets and falls in love with the banker's daughter.
Shooting Stars (1927)
Brian Aherne, Annette Benson and Chili Bouchier
Director: Anthony Asquith & A. V. Bramble. Also starred David Brooks, Donald Calthrop & Ella Daincourt. Plot: The husband and wife acting team of Mae Feather (Benson) and Julian Gordon (Aherne) is torn apart when he discovers she is having an affair with the screen comedian Andy Wilks.
Shore Leave (1925)
Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Mackaill and Ted McNamara
Director; John S. Robertson. Also starred Nick Long, Marie Shotwell & Arthur Metcalfe
The Singing Fool (1928)
Al Jolson, Betty Bronson and Josephine Dunn
Director: Lloyd Bacon. Also starred Arthur Housman, Reed Howes & Davey Lee
The Sky Pilot (1921)
John Bowers, Colleen Moore and David Butler
Director: King Vidor. Also starred Harry Todd, James Corrigan & Donald MacDonald. Plot: The sky pilot (Bowers) is a preacher who helps Gwen (Moore)
Skyscraper (1928)
William Boyd, Alan Hale and Sue Carol
Director: Howard Higgin. Also starred Alberta Vaughn & Wesley Barry
Smouldering Fires (1925)
Pauline Frederick, Laura La Plante and Malcolm McGregor
Director: Clarence Brown. Also starred Tully Marshall, Wanda Hawley & Helen Lynch. Plot: A successful businesswoman falls in love with one of her (much younger) factory workers. She doesn't know that he is in love with her younger sister.
The Snarl of Hate (1927)
Johnnie Walker, Mildred June and Jack Richardson
Director: Noel M. Smith. Also starred Wheeler Oakman.
The Son of the Sheik (1926)
Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Bánky and George Fawcett
Director: George Fitzmaurice. Also starred Montagu Love, Karl Dane & Bull Montana. Plot: Men and women, fathers and children. Ahmed (Valentino), son of Diana and Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan, falls in love with Yasmin (Bánky)...
The Sorrows of Satan (1926)
Adolphe Menjou, Ricardo Cortez and Lya De Putti
Director: D. W. Griffith. Also starred Carol Dempster, Ivan Lebedeff & Marcia Harris. Plot: Geoffrey (Cortez), a young and impoverished writer, is desperately in love with Mavis (Dempster), who lives at his boardinghouse and is also pursuing a writing career...
South of Panama (1928)
Carmelita Geraghty, Edward Raquello and Lewis Sargent
Director: Charles J. Hunt. Also starred Philo McCullough, Marie Messinger & Henry Arras
Sparrows (1926)
Mary Pickford, Roy Stewart and Mary Louise Miller
Director: William Beaudine. Also starred Gustav von Seyffertitz, Charllotte Mineau & Spec O'Donnell. Plot: Molly (Pickford), the eldest child at a baby farm hidden deep in a swamp, must rescue the others when their cruel master decides that one of them will be disposed of.
Spione (1928)
Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Gerda Maurus and Lien Deyers
Director: Fritz Lang. Also starred Louis Ralph, Craighall Sherry & Willy Fritsch
Square Shoulders (1929)
Louis Wolheim, Frank Coghlan Jr. and Philippe De Lacy
Director: E. Mason Hopper. Also starred Anita Louise, C. Montague Shaw & Maurice Black
Steamboat Bill, Jr (1928)
Buster Keaton, Tom McGuire and Ernest Torrence
Director: Charles Reisner. Also starred Tom Lewis & Marion Byron. Plot: The effete son of a cantankerous riverboat captain comes to join his father's crew.
The Street of Forgotten Men (1925)
Percy Marmont, Mary Brian and Neil Hamilton
Director: Herbert Brenon. Also starred John Harrington, Juliet Brenon & Josephine Deffry. Plot: Easy-Money Charley (Marmont), the best fake crippled beggar in New York, loses his beloved dog and adopts a dying prostitute's daughter to fill the empty place in his heart.
The Studio Murder Mystery (1929)
Neil Hamilton, Doris Hill and Warner Oland
Director: Frank Tuttle. Also starred Frederic March, Chester Conklin & Florence Eldridge. Plot: Philandering actor Richard Hardell (March) is murdered at a movie studio. His jealous wife Blanche (Eldridge), his director Rupert Borka (Oland), and a girl he mistreated, Helen MacDonald (Hill), all have substantial reasons for having wanted him dead.
Submarine (1928)
Jack Holt, Dorothy Revier and Ralph Graves
Director: Frank Capra. Also starred Clarence Burton & Arthur Rankin. Plot: Two sailors who are always competing against each other set their sights on the same girl. When she chooses one over the other...
The Swan (1925)
Frances Howard, Adolphe Menjou and Ricardo Cortez
Director: Dimitri Buchowetzki. Also starred Ida Waterman, Helen Lindroth & Helen Lee Worthing
The Taming of the Shrew (1929)
Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Edwin Maxwell
Director: Sam Taylor. Also starred Joseph Cawthorn, Clyde Cook & Geoffrey Wardwell
Tell It to the Marines (1926)
Lon Chaney, William Haines and Eleanor Boardman
Director: George W. Hill. Also starred Eddie Gribbon, Carmel Myers & Warner Oland. Plot: U.S. Marine Sergeant O'Hara (Chaney) has his hands full training raw recruits, one of whom, 'Skeets' Burns (Haines), is a particular thorn in his side...
The Temptress (1926)
Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno and Marc McDermott
Director: Fred Niblo. Also starred Lionel Barrymore, Armand Kaliz & Roy D'Arcy. Plot: In a masked ball in Paris, Manuel Robledo (Moreno), a young Argentinian architect, meets Elena (Garbo), the Marquess of Torre Blanca...
The Thief of Bagdad (1924)
Douglas Fairbanks, Snitz Edwards and Charles Belcher
Director: Raoul Walsh. Also starred Julanne Johnston, Sojin & Anna may Wong. Plot: A thief falls in love with the Caliph of Bagdad's daughter. The Caliph will give her hand to the suitor...
The Three Ages (1923)
Margaret Leahy, Wallace Beery and Buster Keaton
Director: Buster Keaton. Also starred Lillian Lawrence & Joe Roberts. Plot: The misadventures of Buster in three seperate historical periods.
The Three Musketeers (1921)
Douglas Fairbanks, Léon Bary and George Siegmann
Director: Fred Niblo. Also starred Eugene Pallette, Boyd Irwin & Thomas Holding. Plot: The young Gascon D'Artagnan (Fairbanks) arrives in Paris, his heart set on joining the king's Musketeers.
Tol'able David (1921)
Richard Barthelmass, Gladys Hulette and Walter P. Lewis
Director: Henry King. Also starred Ernest Torrence, Ralph Yearsley & Forrest Robinson
Tracy the Outlaw (1928)
Jack Hoey, Doris Chadwick and Dave Merrell
Director: Otis Thayer. Also starred Jean La Rue & Howard Chandler. Plot: A fictionalized biography of famed Western outlaw Harry Tracy (Hoey).
Transcontinental Limited (1926)
Johnnie Walker, Eugenia Gilbert and Alec B. Francis
Director: Nat Ross. Also starred Edith Yorke, Bruce Gordon & Edward Gillace
The Trap (1922)
Lon Chaney, Alan Hale and Dagmar Godowsky
Director: Robert Thornby. Also starred Stanley Goethals, Irene Rich & Spottiswoode Aitken. Plot: A miner's happiness is destroyed when a rival steals his mine. He becomes obsessed with revenge, and plans a trap for the man who took his mine.
Trapped by the Mormons (1922)
Evelyn Brent, Louis Willoughby and Ward McAllister
Director: H. B. Parkinson. Also starred Olaf Hytten, Olive Sloane & George Wynn. Plot: Mormons capture women for their wives in this silent anti-Mormon propaganda film featuring the original organ music.
Tumbleweeds (1925)
William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford and Lucien Littlefield
Director: King Baggot. Also starred J. Gordon Russell, Richard Neill & Jack Murphy. Plot: The government will grant a fringe of terrain for the settlers who want to live and work there.
The Unchastened Woman (1925)
Theda Bara, Wyndham Standing and Dale Fuller
Director: James Young. Also starred John Miljan, Harry Northrup & Eileen Percy. Plot: When she goes to tell her husband Hubert (Standing) that she is expecting a child, Caroline Knollys (Bara) finds him in the arms of another woman...
Underground (1928)
Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi & Cyril McLaglen
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Norah Baring. Plot: A working-class love story set in and around the London Underground of the 1920s.
The Unknown (1927)
Lon Chaney, Norman Kerry and Joan Crawford
Director: Tod Browning. Also starred Nick De Ruiz, John George & Frank Lanning
Up in Mabel's Room (1926)
Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford and Phyllis Haver
Director: E. Mason Hopper. Also starred Harry Myers, Sylvia Breamer & Paul Nicholson. Plot: Mabel (Prevost) catches her husband buying lingerie, and he won't explain who it's for. She divorces him, but later learns he was buying her an anniversary gift. She becomes determined to win him back.
The Vagabond Lover (1929)
Rudy Vallee, Sally Blane and Marie Dressler
Director: Marshall Neilan. Also starred Charles Sellon, Norman Peck & Danny O'Shea. Plot: A zany musical about an amateur musician in search of work who impersonates a big band leader.
The Vanishing American (1925)
Richard Dix, Lois Wilson and Noah Beery
Director: George B. Seitz. Also starred Malcolm McGregor, Nocki & Shannon Day. Plot: History, as portrayed in this film, has been a succession of conquests of stronger races over weaker ones...
The Viking (1928)
Pauline Starke, Donald Crisp and LeRoy Mason
Director: Roy William Neill. Also starred Anders Randolf, Richard Alexander & Harry Woods. Plot: Yes, it's true, an all color silent movie! The title refers to Leif Ericsson (Crisp), who leaves Norway to search for new lands west of Greenland...
The Virginian (1929)
Gary Cooper, Walter Huston and Richard Arlen
Director: Victor Fleming. Also starred Mary Brian, Helen Ware & Chester Conklin. Plot: A good-natured cowboy who is romancing the new schoolmarm has a crisis of conscience when discovers his best friend is engaged in cattle rustling.
Virtue's Revolt (1924)
Edith Thornton, Crauford Kent and Betty Morrissey
Director: James Chapin. Also starred Charles Cruz, Florence Lee & Eddie Phillips
The Vortex (1928)
Ivor Novello, Willette Kershaw and Frances Doble
Director: Adrian Brunel. Also starred Alan Hollis, Simeon Stuart & Kinsey Peile
Walking Back (1928)
Sue Carol, Richard Walling and Ivan Lebedeff
Director: Rupert Julian. Also starred Robert Edeson, Jane Keckley & Florence Turner
Way Down East (1920)
Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess and Lowell Sherman
Director: D. W. Griffith. Also starred Burr McIntosh, Kate Bruce & Mary Hay. Plot: A naive country girl is tricked into a sham marriage by a wealthy womanizer, then must rebuild her life despite the taint of having borne a child out of wedlock.
West of Zanzibar (1928)
Lon Chaney, Lionel Barrymore and Mary Nolan
Director: Tod Browning. Also starred Warner Baxter, Jacqueline Gadsden & Tiny Ward. Plot: Magician Phroso's wife Anna (Gadsden) leaves him for another man, named Crane (Barrymore), who fights with Phroso (Chaney) and leaves him paralyzed...
What Happened to Rosa (1920)
Mabel Normand, Doris Pawn and Tully Marshall
Director: Victor Schertzinger. Also starred Hugh Thompson, Eugenie Besserer & Buster Trow. Plot: A fortune teller tells a store clerk with a romantic disposition that she was a Spanish noblewoman in an earlier life. The girl begins to live the part of the Spanish noblewoman and romance and comedy ensue.
What Price Glory (1926)
Edmund Lowe, Victor Mclaglen and Dolores Del Rio
Director: Raoul Walsh. Also starred William V. Mong, Phyllis Haver & Elena Jurado. Plot: U.S. Marine sergeants Quirt (Lowe) and Flagg (McLaglen) are inveterate romantic rivals on peacetime assignments in China and the Philippines...
The White Sister (1923)
Lillian Gish, Ronald Colman and Gail Kane
Director: Henry King. Also starred J. Barney Sherry, Charles Lane & Juliette La Violette. Plot: Lillian Gish is the daughter of a rich Italian count who is killed in a fall from his horse. Though Lillian stands to inherit a large estate...
White Tiger (1923)
Priscilla Dean, Matt Moore and Raymond Griffith
Director: Tod Browning. Also starred Wallace Beery & Alfred Allen. Plot: Three crooks pull off a magnificent crime. As they're forced to hide out together they slowly begin to distrust each other.
The Wild Party (1929)
Clara Bow, Fredric March and Marcella Day
Director: Dorothy Arzner. Also starred Shirley O'Hara, Adrienne Dore & Joyce Compton. Plot: Wild girls at a college pay more attention to parties than their classes.
The Wind (1928)
Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson and Montagu Love
Director: Victor Sjöström. Also starred Dorothy Cumming, Edward Earle & William Orlamond. Plot: Letty moves to West Texas from the East and it seems that the wind always blows and the sand gets everywhere...
Wings (1927)
Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers and Richard Arlen
Director: William A. Wellman. Also starred Jobyna Ralston, El Brendel & Richard Tucker. Plot: Two young men, one rich, one middle class, who are in love with the same woman, become fighter pilots in World War I. Won 2 Oscars
Wizard of Oz (1925)
Dorothy Dwan, Mary Carr and Virginia Pearson
Director: Larry Semon. Also starred Bryant Washburn, Josef Swickard & Charles Murray. Plot: A Toymaker tells a bizarre story about how the Land of Oz was ruled by Prince Kynd (Washburn), but he was overthrown by Prime Minister Kruel (Swickard)...
A Woman of Affairs (1928)
Greta Garbo, John Gilbert and Lewis Stone
Director: Clarence Brown. Also starred Johnny Mack Brown, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Hobart Bosworth. Plot: Even when Diana (Garbo), Neville (Gilbert) and David (Brown) played together as children, Diana knew that she loved Nevs (Gilbert). But Morton (Bosworth), Nevs' father, did not like any Merrick.

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