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Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame), was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide. He is best known for his book Les Propheties (The Prophecies), the first edition of which appeared in 1555. The third edition, with three hundred new quatrains, was reportedly printed in 1558, but nowadays only survives as part of the omnibus edition that was published after his death in 1568. This version contains one unrhymed and 941 rhymed quatrains, grouped into nine sets of 100 and one of 42, called "Centuries". More info here

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After Combat and Naval Battle, The Great Neptune in His Highest Belfry:
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.1
After combat and naval battle, The great Neptune in his highest belfry: Red adversary will become pale with fear, Putting the great Ocean in dread.
After the Conflict by the Eloquence of the Wounded One For a Short Time a Soft Rest is Contrived:
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.80
After the conflict by the eloquence of the wounded one For a short time a soft rest is contrived: The great ones are not to be allowed deliverance at all: They are restored by the enemies at the proper time.
After the Files the Ass-drivers Burned, They Will Be Obliged to Change Diverse Garbs:
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.17
After the files the ass-drivers burned, They will be obliged to change diverse garbs: Those of Saturn burned by the millers, Except the greater part which will not be covered.
After the Great Affliction of the Scepter, Two Enemies Will Be Defeated by Them:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.48
After the great affliction of the scepter, Two enemies will be defeated by them: A fleet from Africa will appear before the Hungarians, By land and sea horrible deeds will take place.
After Great Trouble for Humanity, a Greater One is Prepared The Great Mover Renews the Ages:
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.46
After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared The Great Mover renews the ages: Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague, Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.
After the Naval Victory of France, the People of Barcelona the Saillinons and Those of Marseilles;
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.3
After the naval victory of France, the people of Barcelona the Saillinons and those of Marseilles; the robber of gold, the anvil enclosed in the ball, the people of Ptolon will be party to the fraud.
After the Rather Long Rain Milk, In Several Places in Reims the Sky Touched:
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.18
After the rather long rain milk, In several places in Reims the sky touched: Alas, what a bloody murder is prepared near them, Fathers and sons Kings will not dare approach.
After a Rest They Will Travel to Epirus, Great Help Coming from Around Antioch.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.74
After a rest they will travel to Epirus, great help coming from around Antioch. The curly haired king will strive greatly for the Empire, the brazen beard will be roasted on a spit.
After the See Has Been Held Seventeen Years, Five Will Change Within the Same Period of Time:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.92
After the see has been held seventeen years, Five will change within the same period of time: Then one will be elected at the same time, One who will not be too comfortable to the Romans.
After That Five Will Not Put out the Flock, A Fugitive for Penelon He Will Turn Loose:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.3
After that five will not put out the flock, A fugitive for Penelon he will turn loose: To murmur falsely then help to come, The chief will then abandon the siege.
After There Will Come from the Outermost Countries A German Prince, Upon the Golden Throne:
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.87
After there will come from the outermost countries A German Prince, upon the golden throne: The servitude and waters met, The lady serves, her time no longer adored.
After the Victory of the Lion over the Lion, There Will Be Great Slaughter on the Mountain of Jura;
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.34
After the victory of the Lion over the Lion, there will be great slaughter on the mountain of Jura; floods and dark-colored people of the seventh ( of a million ), Lyons, Ulm at the mausoleum death and the tomb.
After the Victory of the Raving Tongue, The Spirit Tempered in Tranquillity and Repose:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.56
After the victory of the raving tongue, The spirit tempered in tranquillity and repose: Throughout the conflict the bloody victor makes orations, Roasting the tongue and the flesh and the bones.
Against the Red Ones Sects Will Conspire, Fire, Water, Steel, Rope Through Peace Will Weaken:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.51
Against the red ones sects will conspire, Fire, water, steel, rope through peace will weaken: On the point of dying those who will plot, Except one who above all the world will ruin.
Again Will the Holy Temples Be Polluted, And Plundered by the Senate of Toulouse:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.72
Again will the holy temples be polluted, And plundered by the Senate of Toulouse: Saturn two three cycles completed, In April, May, people of new leaven.
Alas! What a Great Loss There Will Be to Learning Before the Cycle of the Moon is Completed.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.62
Alas! what a great loss there will be to learning before the cycle of the Moon is completed. Fire, great floods, by more ignorant rulers; how long the centuries until it is seen to be restored.
Albi and Castres Will Form a New League, Nine Arians Lisbon and the Portuguese:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.5
Albi and Castres will form a new league, Nine Arians Lisbon and the Portuguese: Carcassonne and Toulouse will end their intrigue, When the chief new monster from the Lauraguais.
All Around the Great City Soldiers Will Be Lodged Throughout the Fields and Towns:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.30
All around the great city Soldiers will be lodged throughout the fields and towns: To give the assault Paris, Rome incited, Then upon the bridge great pillage will be carried out.
All Degrees of Ecclesiastical Honor Will Be Changed to That of Jupiter and Quirinus:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.77
All degrees of Ecclesiastical honor Will be changed to that of Jupiter and Quirinus: The priest of Quirinus to one of Mars, Then a King of France will make him one of Vulcan.
All the Friend Who Will Have Belonged to the Party, For the Rude in Letters Put to Death and Plundered:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.20
All the friend who will have belonged to the party, For the rude in letters put to death and plundered: Property up for sale at fixed price the great one annihilated. Never were the Roman people so wronged.
Ambassadors of the Tuscan Language Will Cross the Alps and the Sea in April and May.
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.20
Ambassadors of the Tuscan language will cross the Alps and the sea in April and May. The man of the calf will deliver an oration, not coming to wipe out the French way of life.
Amongst Several Transported to the Isles, One to Be Born With Two Teeth in His Mouth
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.7
Amongst several transported to the isles, One to be born with two teeth in his mouth They will die of famine the trees stripped, For them a new King issues a new edict.
And Fair Ferdinand Will Be Detached, To Abandon the Flower, to Follow the Macedonian:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.35
And fair Ferdinand will be detached, To abandon the flower, to follow the Macedonian: In the great pinch his course will fail, And he will march against the Myrmidons.
Anthony by Name Great by the Filthy Fact Of Lousiness Wasted to His End:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.88
Anthony by name great by the filthy fact Of Lousiness wasted to his end: One who will want to be desirous of lead, Passing the port he will be immersed by the elected one.
Arms, Plagues to Cease, Death of the Seditious Ones, Great Father Liber Will Not Much Abound:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.24
Arms, plagues to cease, death of the seditious ones, Great Father Liber will not much abound: Evil ones will be seized by more malicious ones, France more than ever victorious will triumph.
Arms Will Be Heard Clashing in the Sky: That Very Same Year the Divine Ones Enemies:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.43
Arms will be heard clashing in the sky: That very same year the divine ones enemies: They will want unjustly to discuss the holy laws: Through lightning and war the complacent one put to death.
Around the Pyrenees Mountains a Great Throng Of Foreign People to Aid the New King:
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.1
Around the Pyrenees mountains a great throng Of foreign people to aid the new King: Near the great temple of Le Mas by the Garonne, A Roman chief will fear him in the water.
At the Conclusion of the Treaty Outside the Fortress Will Not Go He Who is Placed in Despair:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.82
At the conclusion of the treaty outside the fortress Will not go he who is placed in despair: When those of Arbois, of Langres against Bresse Will have the mountains of Dôle an enemy ambush.
At the Dangerous Passage Below Junquera, The Posthumous One Will Have His Band Cross:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.11
At the dangerous passage below Junquera, The posthumous one will have his band cross: To pass the Pyrenees mountains without his baggage, From Perpignan the duke will hasten to Tende.
At Daybreak at the Second Crowing of the Cock, Those of Tunis, of Fez and of Bougie,
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.54
At daybreak at the second crowing of the cock, Those of Tunis, of Fez and of Bougie, By the Arabs the King of Morocco captured, The year sixteen hundred and seven, of the Liturgy.
At a Distance, Near the Aquarius, Saturn Turns Back, That Year Great Mars Will Give a Fire Opposition,
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.8
At a distance, near the Aquarius, Saturn turns back, That year great Mars will give a fire opposition, Towards the North to the south the great proud female, Florida in contemplation will hold the port.
At the End of the Var the Great Powers Change; Near the Bank Three Beautiful Children Are Born.
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.97
At the end of the Var the great powers change; near the bank three beautiful children are born. Ruin to the people when they are of age; in the country the kingdom is seen to grow and change more.
At the Forty-eighth Climacteric Degree, At the End of Cancer Very Great Dryness:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.98
At the forty-eighth climacteric degree, At the end of Cancer very great dryness: Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic, Béarn, Bigorre in distress through fire from the sky.
At Forty-five Degrees the Sky Will Burn, Fire to Approach the Great New City:
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.97
At forty-five degrees the sky will burn, Fire to approach the great new city: In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up, When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.
At the Foundation of the New Sect, The Bones of the Great Roman Will Be Found,
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.66
At the foundation of the new sect, The bones of the great Roman will be found, A sepulcher covered by marble will appear, Earth to quake in April poorly buried.
At the Garland Lady of the Town of Burgos, They Will Impose for the Treason Committed:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.47
At the Garland lady of the town of Burgos, They will impose for the treason committed: The great prelate of Leon through Formande, Undone by false pilgrims and ravishers.
At the Holy Places Animals Seen With Hair, With Him Who Will Not Dare the Day:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.71
At the holy places animals seen with hair, With him who will not dare the day: At Carcassonne propitious for disgrace, He will be set for a more ample stay.
At La Ferté-Vidame He Will Seize, Nicholas Held Red Who Had Produced His Life:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.59
At La Ferté-Vidame he will seize, Nicholas held red who had produced his life: The great Louise who will act secretly one will be born, Giving Burgundy to the Bretons through envy.
At the Market That They Call That of Liars, Of the Entire Torrent and Field of Athens:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.91
At the market that they call that of liars, Of the entire Torrent and field of Athens: They will be surprised by the light horses, By those of Alba when Mars is in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius.
At Midnight the Leader of the Army Will Save Himself, Suddenly Vanished:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.4
At midnight the leader of the army Will save himself, suddenly vanished: Seven years later his reputation unblemished, To his return they will never say yes.
At the Port of Pola and of San Nicolo, A Normand Will Punish in the Gulf of Quarnero:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.30
At the port of Pola and of San Nicolo, A Normand will punish in the Gulf of Quarnero: Capet to cry alas in the streets of Byzantium, Help from Cadiz and the great Philip.
At Sunrise One Will See a Great Fire, Noise and Light Extending Towards Aquilon:
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.91
At sunrise one will see a great fire, Noise and light extending towards Aquilon: Within the circle death and one will hear cries, Through steel, fire, famine, death awaiting them.
At That Time Cyprus Will Be Frustrated Of Its Relief by Those of the Aegean Sea:
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.89
At that time Cyprus will be frustrated Of its relief by those of the Aegean Sea: Old ones slaughtered: but by speeches and supplications Their King seduced, Queen outraged more.
At Tours, Gien, Guarded, Eyes Will Be Searching, Discovering from Afar Her Serene Highness:
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.14
At Tours, Gien, guarded, eyes will be searching, Discovering from afar her serene Highness: She and her suite will enter the port, Combat, thrust, sovereign power.
At the Wall of Vasto the Great Cavalry Are Impeded by the Baggage Near Ferrara.
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.27
At the wall of Vasto the great cavalry are impeded by the baggage near Ferrara. At Turin they will speedily commit such robbery that in the fort they will ravish their hostage.
Barbarian Empire Usurped by the Third, The Greater Part of His Blood He Will Put to Death:
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.59
Barbarian empire usurped by the third, The greater part of his blood he will put to death: Through senile death the fourth struck by him, For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead.
Beasts Ferocious from Hunger Will Swim Across Rivers: The Greater Part of the Region Will Be Against the Hister,
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.24
Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers: The greater part of the region will be against the Hister, The great one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage, When the German child will observe nothing.
Beaten to Death by Rods for Treason, Captured He Will Be Overcome Through His Disorder:
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.32
Beaten to death by rods for treason, Captured he will be overcome through his disorder: Frivolous counsel held out to the great captive, When Berich will come to bite his nose in fury.
Because of Death France Will Take to Making a Journey, Fleet by Sea, Marching over the Pyrenees Mountains,
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.2
Because of death France will take to making a journey, Fleet by sea, marching over the Pyrenees Mountains, Spain in trouble, military people marching: Some of the greatest Ladies carried off to France.
Because of the Favor That the City Will Show To the Great One Who Will Soon Lose the Field of Battle,
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.26
Because of the favor that the city will show To the great one who will soon lose the field of battle, Fleeing the Po position, the Ticino will overflow With blood, fires, deaths, drowned by the long-edged blow.
Because of People Strange, and Distant from the Romans Their Great City Much Troubled After Water:
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.54
Because of people strange, and distant from the Romans Their great city much troubled after water: Daughter handless, domain too different, Chief taken, lock not having been picked.
Because of the Swelling of the Ebro, Po, Tagus, Tiber and Rhône And Because of the Pond of Geneva and Arezzo,
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.12
Because of the swelling of the Ebro, Po, Tagus, Tiber and Rhône And because of the pond of Geneva and Arezzo, The two great chiefs and cities of the Garonne, Taken, dead, drowned: human booty divided.
Before the City of the Insubrian Lands, for Seven Years the Siege Will Be Laid;
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.15
Before the city of the Insubrian lands, for seven years the siege will be laid; a very great king enters it, the city is then free, away from its enemies.
Before the Coming of Celtic Ruin, In the Temple Two Will Parley
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.1
Before the coming of Celtic ruin, In the temple two will parley Pike and dagger to the heart of one mounted on the steed, They will bury the great one without making any noise.
Before the Great One Has Given up the Ghost at Rome, Great Terror for the Foreign Army:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.22
Before the great one has given up the ghost at Rome, Great terror for the foreign army: The ambush by squadrons near Parma, Then the two red ones will celebrate together.
Between People Discord, Brutal Enmity, War, Death of Great Princes, Several Parts:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.20
Between people discord, brutal enmity, War, death of great Princes, several parts: Universal plague, stronger in the West, Times good and full, but very dry and exhausted.
Bordeaux, Rouen and La Rochelle Joined Will Hold Around the Great Ocean Sea,
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.9
Bordeaux, Rouen and La Rochelle joined Will hold around the great Ocean sea, English, Bretons and the Flemings allied Will chase them as far as Roanne.
Buried Apoplectic Not Dead, He Will Be Found to Have His Hands Eaten:
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.36
Buried apoplectic not dead, He will be found to have his hands eaten: When the city will condemn the heretic, He who it seemed to them had changed their laws.
By the Great Prince Bordering Le Mans, Brave and Valiant Leader of the Great Army;
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.10
By the great Prince bordering Le Mans, brave and valiant leader of the great army; by land and sea with Bretons and Normans, to pass Gibraltar and Barcelona to pillage the island.
By the Pestilential Enmity of Languedoc, the Tyrant Dissimulated Will Be Driven Out.
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.21
By the pestilential enmity of Languedoc, the tyrant dissimulated will be driven out. The bargain will be made on the bridge at Sorgues to put to death both him and his follower
A Captain of Great Germany Will Come to Deliver Through False Help
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.90
A captain of Great Germany Will come to deliver through false help To the King of Kings the support of Pannonia, So that his revolt will cause a great flow of blood.
A Celtic Chief Wounded in the Conflict Seeing Death Overtaking His Men Near a Cellar:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.10
A Celtic chief wounded in the conflict Seeing death overtaking his men near a cellar: Pressed by blood and wounds and enemies, And relief by four unknown ones.
A Chief of Ausonia Will Go to Spain By Sea, He Will Make a Stop in Marseilles:
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.86
A chief of Ausonia will go to Spain By sea, he will make a stop in Marseilles: Before his death he will linger a long time: After his death one will see a great marvel.
A Child Without Hands, Never So Great a Thunderbolt Seen, the Royal Child Wounded at a Game of Tennis.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.65
A child without hands, never so great a thunderbolt seen, the royal child wounded at a game of tennis. At the well lightning strikes, joining together three trussed up in the middle under the oaks.
A Coffin is Put Into the Vault of Iron, Where Seven Children of the King Are Held.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.10
A coffin is put into the vault of iron, where seven children of the king are held. The ancestors and forebears will come forth from the depths of hell, lamenting to see thus dead the fruit of their line.
A Colonel With Ambition Plots, He Will Seize the Greatest Army,
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.62
A colonel with ambition plots, He will seize the greatest army, Against his Prince false invention, And he will be discovered under his arbor.
Day’s Journey, Diet, Interim, No Council, The Year Peace is Being Prepared, Plague, Schismatic Famine:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.25
Day’s journey, diet, interim, no council, The year peace is being prepared, plague, schismatic famine: Put outside inside, sky to change, domicile, End of holiday, hierarchical revolt.
Dead Through Spite He Will Cause the Others to Shine, And in an Exalted Place Some Great Evils to Occur:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.14
Dead through spite he will cause the others to shine, And in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed.
A Death Conspired Will Come to Its Full Effect, the Charge Given and the Voyage of Death.
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.87
A death conspired will come to its full effect, the charge given and the voyage of death. Elected, created, received ( then ) defeated by its followers, in remorse the blood of innocence in front of him.
A Deep Column of Fine Porphyry is Found, Inscriptions of the Capitol Under the Base;
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.32
A deep column of fine porphyry is found, Inscriptions of the Capitol under the base; Bones, twisted hair, the Roman strength tried, The fleet is stirred at the harbor of Mitylene.
Deprived Will Be the Shaven Ones of Their Arms, It Will Augment Their Quarrel Much:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.32
Deprived will be the Shaven Ones of their arms, It will augment their quarrel much: Father Liber deceived lightning Albanians, Sects will be gnawed to the marrow.
Diet to Break Up, the Ancient Sacred One to Recover, Under the Two, Fire Through Pardon to Result:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.26
Diet to break up, the ancient sacred one to recover, Under the two, fire through pardon to result: Consecration without arms: the tall Red will want to have, Peace of neglect, the Elected One, the Widower, to live.
A Doubtful One Will Not Come Far from the Realm, The Greater Part Will Want to Uphold Him:
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.13
A doubtful one will not come far from the realm, The greater part will want to uphold him: A Capitol will not want him to reign at all, He will be unable to bear his great burden.
A Duke Eager to Follow His Enemy Will Enter Within Impeding the Phalanx:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.51
A Duke eager to follow his enemy Will enter within impeding the phalanx: Hurried on foot they will come to pursue so closely That the day will see a conflict near Ganges.
Eight, Fifteen, and Five What Disloyalty The Evil Spy Will Come to Be Permitted:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.9
Eight, fifteen, and five what disloyalty The evil spy will come to be permitted: Fire in the sky, lightning, fear, Papal terror, The west trembles, pressing too hard the Salty wine.
An English Prince Marc in His Heavenly Heart Will Want to Pursue His Prosperous Fortune,
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.16
An English prince Marc in his heavenly heart Will want to pursue his prosperous fortune, Of the two duels one will pierce his gall: Hated by him well loved by his mother.
Eye, Feet Wounded Rude Disobedient; Strange and Very Bitter News to the Lady;
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.11
Eye, feet wounded rude disobedient; strange and very bitter news to the lady; more than five hundred of here people will be killed.
Fathers and Mothers Dead of Infinite Sorrows, Women in Mourning, the Pestilent She-monster:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.5
Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, Women in mourning, the pestilent she-monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end, Under peace, repose and every single one in opposition.
Fine Bonds Enfeebled by Accords, Mars and Prelates United Will Not Stop:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.10
Fine bonds enfeebled by accords, Mars and Prelates united will not stop: The great ones confused by gifts of mutilated bodies, Dignified ones, undignified ones will seize the well endowed.
Florense, Flee, Flee the Nearest Roman, at Fiesole Will Be Conflict Given:
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.8
Florense, flee, flee the nearest Roman, at Fiesole will be conflict given: blood shed, the greatest one take by the hand, neither temple nor sex will be pardoned.
Foists and Galleys Around Seven Ships, a Mortal War Will Be Let Loose.
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.26
Foists and galleys around seven ships, a mortal war will be let loose. The leader from Madrid will receive a wound from arrows, two escaped and five brought to land.
For the Greatest Ones Death, Loss of Honor and Violence, Professors of the Faith, Their Estate and Their Sect:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.15
For the greatest ones death, loss of honor and violence, Professors of the faith, their estate and their sect: For the two great Churches diverse noise, decadence, Evil neighbors quarreling serfs of the Church without a head.
For the Legate of Terrestrial and Dawn, The Great Cape Will Accommodate Himself to All:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.46
For the legate of terrestrial and dawn, The great Cape will accommodate himself to all: Tacit LORRAINE, to be listening, He whose advice they will not want to agree with.
For Not Having a Guard You Will Be More Offended, The Weak Fort, Pinquiet Uneasy and Pacific:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.6
For not having a guard you will be more offended, The weak fort, Pinquiet uneasy and pacific: They cry "famine," the people are oppressed, The sea reddens, the Long one proud and iniquitous.
For the Shaven Ones the Chief Will Not Reach the End, Edicts Changed, the Secret Ones Set at Large:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.38
For the Shaven Ones the Chief will not reach the end, Edicts changed, the secret ones set at large: Great One found dead, less of faith, low standing, Dissimulated, shuddering, wounded in the boar’s lair.
For the Two Very Great Ones Pernicious Loss to Arise, The Greatest Ones Will Cause Loss, Goods, of Honor, and of Life,
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.17
For the two very Great Ones pernicious loss to arise, The Greatest Ones will cause loss, goods, of honor, and of life, As much great noises will run, the urn very odious, Great maladies to be, meeting-house, mass in envy.
A Founder of Sects, Much Trouble for the Accuser: A Beast in the Theater Prepares the Scene and Plot.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.45
A founder of sects, much trouble for the accuser: A beast in the theater prepares the scene and plot. The author ennobled by acts of older times; the world is confused by schismatic sects.
A Fox Will Be Elected Without Speaking One Word, Appearing Saintly in Public Living on Barley Bread,
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.41
A fox will be elected without speaking one word, appearing saintly in public living on barley bread, afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men.
From Good to the Evil Times Will Change, The Peace in the South, the Expectation of the Greatest Ones:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.11
From good to the evil times will change, The peace in the South, the expectation of the Greatest Ones: The Great Ones grieving Louis too much more will stumble, Well-known Shaven Ones have neither power not understanding.
From Languedoc and Guienne More Than Ten Thousand Will Want to Cross the Alps Again.
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.31
From Languedoc and Guienne more than ten thousand will want to cross the Alps again. The great Savoyards march against Brindisi, Aquino and Bresse will come to drive them back.
From Lion He Will Come to Arouse to Move, Vain Discovery Against Infinite People:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.40
From Lion he will come to arouse to move, Vain discovery against infinite people: Known by none the evil for the duty, In the kitchen found dead and finished.
A Great King Taken by the Hands of a Young Man, Not Far from Easter Confusion Knife Thrust:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.36
A great King taken by the hands of a young man, Not far from Easter confusion knife thrust: Everlasting captive times what lightning on the top, When three brothers will wound each other and murder.
A Great King Will Come to Take Port Near Nice, Thus the Death of the Great Empire Will Be Completed:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.87
A Great King will come to take port near Nice, Thus the death of the great empire will be completed: In Antibes will he place his heifer, The plunder by sea all will vanish.
A Great Number Will Be Condemned When the Monarchs Will Be Reconciled:
   is found in   
Century II, Quatrain No.38
A great number will be condemned When the monarchs will be reconciled: But for one of them such a bad impediment will arise That they will be joined together but loosely.
A Great One of Auxerre Will Die Very Miserable, Driven out by Those Who Had Been Under Him:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.84
A great one of Auxerre will die very miserable, Driven out by those who had been under him: Put in chains, behind a strong cable, In the year that Mars, Venus and Sun are in conjunction in summer.
A Great Realm Will Be Left Desolated, Near the Ebro an Assembly Will Be Formed:
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.88
A great realm will be left desolated, Near the Ebro an assembly will be formed: The Pyrenees mountains will console him, When in May lands will be trembling.
A Great Stench Will Come from Lausanne, but They Will Not Know Its Origin,
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.10
A great stench will come from Lausanne, but they will not know its origin, they will put out all people from distant places, fire seen in the sky, a foreign nation defeated.
A Hundred Times Will the Inhuman Tyrant Die, In His Place Put One Learned and Mild,
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.90
A hundred times will the inhuman tyrant die, In his place put one learned and mild, The entire Senate will be under his hand, He will be vexed by a rash scoundrel.
An Infinity of Englishmen in Guienne Will Settle Under the Name of Anglaquitaine:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.6
An infinity of Englishmen in Guienne Will settle under the name of Anglaquitaine: In Languedoc, Ispalme, Bordelais, Which they will name after Barboxitaine.
A Just One Will Be Sent Back Again Into Exile, Through Pestilence to the Confines of Nonseggle,
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.46
A just one will be sent back again into exile, Through pestilence to the confines of Nonseggle, His reply to the red one will cause him to be misled, The King withdrawing to the Frog and the Eagle.
A Kingdom Divided by Two Quarreling Brothers to Take the Arms and the Name of Britain.
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.58
A kingdom divided by two quarreling brothers to take the arms and the name of Britain. The Anglican title will be advised to watch out, surprised by night ( the other is ), led to the French air.
A King Entered Very Far Into the New Land While the Subjects Will Come to Bid Him Welcome;
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.74
A king entered very far into the new land while the subjects will come to bid him welcome; his treachery will have such a result that to the citizens it is a reception instead of a festival.
A King's Son Learned in Many Languages, Different from His Senior in the Realm:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.87
A King's son learned in many languages, Different from his senior in the realm: His handsome father understood by the greater son, He will cause his principal adherent to perish.
A King Will Be Angry With the See-breakers, When Arms of War Will Be Prohibited:
   is found in   
Century VI, Quatrain No.94
A King will be angry with the see-breakers, When arms of war will be prohibited: The poison tainted in the sugar for the strawberries, Murdered by waters, dead, saying land, land.
Land to Tremble, Killed, Wasteful, Monster, Captives Without Number, to Do, Undone, Done:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.7
Land to tremble, killed, wasteful, monster, Captives without number, to do, undone, done: To go over the sea misfortune will occur, Proud against the proud evil done in disguise.
A Long Comet to Wrong the Governor, Hunger, Burning Fever, Fire and Reek of Blood:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1555 - 1563, Quatrain No.30
A long comet to wrong the Governor, Hunger, burning fever, fire and reek of blood: To all estates Jovial Ones in great honor, Sedition by the Shaven ones, ignited.
.Mars Threatens Us With the Force of War and Will Cause Blood to Be Spilt Seventy Times.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.15
.Mars threatens us with the force of war and will cause blood to be spilt seventy times. The clergy will be both exalted and reviled moreover, by those who wish to learn nothing of them.
A Multitude of People Will Appear at Vicenza Without Force, Fire to Burn the Basilica.
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.11
A multitude of people will appear at Vicenza without force, fire to burn the Basilica. Near Lunage the great one of Valenza defeated: at a time when Venice takes up the quarrel through custom.
A Man Will Be Charged With the Destruction of Temples and Sects, Altered by Fantasy.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.96
A man will be charged with the destruction of temples and sects, altered by fantasy. He will harm the rocks rather than the living, ears filled with ornate speeches.
A New Sect of Philosophers Despising Death, Gold, Honors and Riches
   is found in   
Century III, Quatrain No.67
A new sect of Philosophers Despising death, gold, honors and riches Will not be bordering upon the German mountains: To follow them they will have power and crowds.
A Noble King Will Come to Sardinia, Who Will Only Rule for Three Years in the Kingdom.
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.88
A noble king will come to Sardinia, who will only rule for three years in the kingdom. He will join with himself several colors; he himself, after taunts, care spoils slumber.
Of All Blessings Abundance, the Earth Will Produce for Us, No Din of War in France, Sedition Put Outside:
   is found in   
Almanacs 1564 - 1567, Quatrain No.19
Of all blessings abundance, the earth will produce for us, No din of war in France, sedition put outside: Man-slayers, robbers one will find on the highway, Little faith, burning fever, people in commotion.
A Promontory Stands Between Two Seas: A Man Who Will Die Later by the Bit of a Horse;
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.77
A promontory stands between two seas: A man who will die later by the bit of a horse; Neptune unfurls a black sail for his man; the fleet near Gibraltar and Rocheval.
A Scythe Joined With a Pond in Sagittarius at Its Highest Ascendant.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.16
A scythe joined with a pond in Sagittarius at its highest ascendant. Plague, famine, death from military hands; the century approaches its renewal.
A Serpent Seen Near the Royal Bed, It Will Be by the Lady at Night the Dogs Will Not Bark:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.93
A serpent seen near the royal bed, It will be by the lady at night the dogs will not bark: Then to be born in France a Prince so royal, Come from heaven all the Princes will see him.
A Soldier of Fortune With Twisted Tongue Will Come to the Sanctuary of the Gods.
   is found in   
Century VIII, Quatrain No.78
A soldier of fortune with twisted tongue will come to the sanctuary of the gods. He will open the door to heretics and raise up the Church militant.
A Thing Existing Without Any Senses Will Cause Its Own End to Happen Through Artifice.
   is found in   
Century I, Quatrain No.22
A thing existing without any senses will cause its own end to happen through artifice. At Autun, Chalan, Langres and the two Sens there will be great damage from hail and ice.
A Throng Approaches Coming from Slavonia, The Old Destroyer the City Will Ruin:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.82
A throng approaches coming from Slavonia, The old Destroyer the city will ruin: He will see his Romania quite desolated, Then he will not know how to put out the great flame.
A Treasure Placed in a Temple by Hesperian Citizens, Therein Withdrawn to a Secret Place:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.81
A treasure placed in a temple by Hesperian citizens, Therein withdrawn to a secret place: The hungry bonds to open the temple, Retaken, ravished, a horrible prey in the midst.
A Very Mighty Trembling in the Month of May, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.67
A very mighty trembling in the month of May, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus: Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo, Hail will fall larger than an egg.

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