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Old Time Radio Shows - Starring Roles

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50 facts:

The Adventures of Ellery Queen (1939-1940)
   had the star   
Hugh Marlowe
Reintroduced in 1947. A panel of celebrities attempted to solve the mystery.
The Adventures of Nero Wolfe (1943-1944)
   had the star   
JB Williams-Santos Ortega-Luis Van Rooten
Character created by Rex Stout
The Adventures of Philip Marlowe (1948-1951)
   had the star   
Gerald Mohr
CBS Radio
The Adventures of Superman (1940-1951)
   had the star   
Bud Collyer
New York City’s WOR radio
The Aldrich Family (1938-1953)
   had the star   
Ezra Stone
Stone kept the role of Henry until his Army induction in 1942
The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon (1935)
   had the star   
Gale Gordon
Flash Gordon was known as Speed Gordon in Australia
The Bickerson’s (1946-1951)
   had the star   
Don Ameche
John and Blanche Bickerson spent most of the time at each others throats
Blackstone, The Magic Detective (1948-1950)
   had the star   
Ed Jerome
Based on real-life magician, Harry Blackstone, Sr
Blondie (1939-1950)
   had the star   
Penny Singleton
Co-starring Arthur Lake as Dagwood
Blue Hills (1949-1976)
   had the star   
Rod Taylor
Australian serial about rural living
Boston Blackie (1944-1950)
   had the star   
Chester Morris
Began as a summer replacement series for The Amos ‘n’ Andy Show
Bringing Up Father (1941)
   had the star   
Agnes Moorehead
Moorehead played Maggie in the starring role
Broadway is My Beat (1948-1954)
   had the star   
Anthony Ross
Ross portrayed Time Square Detective Danny Clover
Bulldog Drummond (1941-1954)
   had the star   
Ned Weaver
Aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System
Candid Microphone (1947-1948)
   had the star   
Allan Funt
Sponsored by Philip Morris
Captain Midnight (1938-1949)
   had the star   
Ed Prentiss
The title character, Captain Jim "Red" Albright, was a WW I U. S. Army pilot
The Cisco Kid (1942-1945)
   had the star   
Jackson Beck
Louis Sorin as Pancho
A Date With Judy (1941-1950)
   had the star   
Ann Gillis
A comedy aimed at teenagers
Dick Tracy (1934-1938)
   had the star   
Bob Burlen
Burlen was the first radio Tracy. The show aired in fifteen minutes segments.
Dragnet (1949-1957)
   had the star   
Jack Webb
Originally sponsored by Fatima Cigarettes
Dr. Kildare (1950-1951)
   had the star   
Lew Ayres
Ayres played the young Dr. Kildare. He was married to Ginger Rogers.
Duffy’s Tavern (1942-1952)
   had the star   
Ed Gardner
Gardner played Archie, the metaphor-mixing manager of the tavern
Father Knows Best (1949-1954)
   had the star   
Robert Young
As the radio Jim Anderson, Young was far more sarcastic than on TV
Fibber McGee and Molly (1935-1959)
   had the star   
Jim Jordan
Jordan’s wife, Marian, played Molly
Fort Laramie (1956)
   had the star   
Raymond Burr
Burr played Lee Quince, captain of the cavalry
Gunsmoke (1952-1961)
   had the star   
William Conrad
Conrad was Matt Dillon, Howard McNear was Doc Adams
Have Gun-Will Travel (1958-1960)
   had the star   
John Dehner
Aired 106 episodes on CBS Radio
Hop Harrigan (1942-1948)
   had the star   
Charles Stratton
“CX4 to Control.....CX4 to Control......This is Hop Harrigan....coming in.”
I Love Lucy (1952)
   had the star   
Lucille Ball
Produced, but never aired. The pilot episode is a rare collector’s item.
I Was a Communist for the FBI (1952-1953)
   had the star   
Dana Andrews
Produced without the cooperation of the FBI
Johnny Modero, Pier 23 (1943)
   had the star   
Jack Webb
Modero runs a boat shop on the San Francisco waterfront
Let George Do It (1946-1954)
   had the star   
Bob Bailey
“Danger’s my stock in trade” - Detective George Valentine
Let’s Pretend (1928-1929)
   had the star   
Aunt Jymmie
A Saturday morning children’s program
The Life of Riley (1944-1951)
   had the star   
William Bendix
Sponsored by Prell shampoo and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
The Lives of Harry Lime (1951-1952)
   had the star   
Orson Welles
BBC adaptation of Graham Green’s “The Third Man”
The Lone Ranger (1933-1954)
   had the star   
Paul Halliwell
Premiered on WXYZ radio in Detroit, MI
Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949-1952)
   had the star   
William Gargan
The private eye spent a lot of time in blatant advertising for US Tobacco products
The Man Called X (1944-1952)
   had the star   
Herbert Marshall
Agent Ken Thurston solves cases in exotic locations
Meet Millie (1951-1954)
   had the star   
Audrey Totter
Sitcom about a wisecracking Manhattan secretary from Brooklyn
Ma Perkins (1933-1949)
   had the star   
Virginia Payne
“America’s mother of the air” was sponsored by Oxydol
My Favorite Husband (1948-1951)
   had the star   
Lucille Ball
Eventually evolved to become “I Love Lucy” for TV.
The New Adventures of Philip Marlowe (1947)
   had the star   
Van Heflin
NBC Radio
Night Beat (1950-1952)
   had the star   
Frank Lovejoy
Lovejoy played Randy Stone, a nightbeat reporter for the Chicago Star
Our Miss Brooks (1948-1957)
   had the star   
Eve Arden
Sitcom about a sardonic English teacher at fictional Madison High School
Pete Kelly’s Blues (1951)
   had the star   
Jack Webb
Portrayed a jazz cornet player in Kansas City, MO
Ranger Bill (1950-1954)
   had the star   
Miron Canaday
A Christian radio show in fifteen minute episodes
The Sad Sack (1946)
   had the star   
Herb Vigran
Also starring Jim Backus - an army sitcom
The Shadow (1930-1954)
   had the star   
Orson Welles
Welles was the most famous to play character Lamont Cranston (1937 - 1938)
Twenty Questions (1946-1953)
   had the star   
Bill Slater
Slater, the moderator, was flanked by panelists Fred and Florence Van Deventer
Yes, What? (1935-1941)
   had the star   
Rex Dawe
Australian radio comedy about schoolroom adventures

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