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Signature Tunes

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The 'signature tune' refers to a song that has become especially associated with a particular performer or dignitary; often used as they make an entrance.

42 facts:

Andrews Sisters
   signature tune is   
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
1941, Jump Blues (up-tempo blues)
Andy Williams
   signature tune is   
Moon River
Aretha Franklin
   signature tune is   
1965, released 1967, soul, R & B 1, US 1
Avril Lavigne
   signature tune is   
Sk8r Boi
2002, teen pop / power pop US 10
Bee Gees
   signature tune is   
Stayin' Alive
1977, Disco song US 1
Billy Joel
   signature tune is   
Piano Man
1973; peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
Bobby Darin
   signature tune is   
Mack the Knife
1928, released by Darin in 1958, US 1
Bob Dylan
   signature tune is   
Like a Rolling Stone
1965, rock song, US 2, UK 4
Bob Hope
   signature tune is   
Thanks for the Memory
1938, popular song, Oscar for Best Original song
Bon Jovi
   signature tune is   
Livin' on a Prayer
1986, hard rock, US 1
Bruce Springsteen
   signature tune is   
Born to Run
1975; peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
Céline Dion
   signature tune is   
My Heart Will Go On
1997, pop song, no.1 around the world
Deep Purple
   signature tune is   
Smoke on the Water
1972; hard rock, included on the album "Machine Head" and released as a single in 1973; peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
Dean Martin
   signature tune is   
Everybody Loves Somebody
1947, (released) 1964), pop song, US 1
Edith Piaf
   signature tune is   
La Vie En Rose
1946, title means Life in Pink US 10, UK 12
Elton John
   signature tune is   
Candle in the Wind
1974, pop rock, UK 11; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
Frank Sinatra
   signature tune is   
My Way
1969, traditional pop song, US 27
   signature tune is   
1997, pop rock, US 1, UK 1
Harry Belafonte
   signature tune is   
Banana Boat (Day-O)
1956 (released), traditional Jamaican mento folk song
Helen Reddy
   signature tune is   
I Am Woman
1972; 1 week as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100
Jeff Buckley
   signature tune is   
1984, alternative rock US 1
Jimmy Buffett
   signature tune is   
1977; peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100; huge following
Kate Smith
   signature tune is   
God Bless America
1918, American patriotic song (released by K. Smith 1938)
   signature tune is   
Rock and Roll All Nite
1975, hard rock, US 57
Lena Horne
   signature tune is   
Stormy Weather
1933, (released 1941)
Louis Armstrong
   signature tune is   
When It's Sleepy Time Down South
1931, Jazz song
Luciano Pavarotti
   signature tune is   
Nessun Dorma
Used as theme song for BBC tv coverage of 1990 FIFA World Soccer Cup in Italy, UK 2, title translate as “None Shall Sleep”
The Mamas and the Papas
   signature tune is   
California Dreamin'
1965, popular song, US 4
Michael Jackson
   signature tune is   
1984, pop song, US 1
   signature tune is   
Ace of Spades
1980, heavy metal, UK 15
Nancy Sinatra
   signature tune is   
These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
1966, pop song, US 1 & UK 1
   signature tune is   
Smells Like Teen Spirit
1991, grunge, US 6
Ozzy Osbourne
   signature tune is   
Crazy Train
1980, heavy metal, US 9, UK 49
Peggy Lee
   signature tune is   
1956, released by Lee 1958, US 8
Petula Clark
   signature tune is   
C1965, pop song, US 1
The Righteous Brothers
   signature tune is   
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
1964, pop song, US 1 & UK 1
The Rolling Stones
   signature tune is   
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
1965, rock song, US 1 & UK 1
Sonny & Cher
   signature tune is   
I Got You Babe
1965, pop song, US 1
Spice Girls
   signature tune is   
1996, dance pop, US 1 (4 weeks) & UK 1 (7 weeks)
Tammy Wynette
   signature tune is   
Stand By Your Man
1968, country song, US Country Charts no,1
Tony Bennett
   signature tune is   
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
1954, (chart hit 1962), Popular song
Whitney Houston
   signature tune is   
I Will Always Love You
1991-92, R & B, soul & ballad, US 1 (14 weeks)

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