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US Navy Ships - Firsts

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47 facts:

USS Argonaut
   was the first   
To Launch an Amphibious Assault from a Submarine
Makin Island, 1042
USS Arleigh Burke
   was the first   
With an Air Filtration System to Protect Against, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare.
USS Bainbridge
   was the first   
Nuclear Frigate
The world's first nuclear frigate. The USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) was the fourth ship in the Navy to bear the name. The only ship of her class. Initially a guided missile destroyer leader in the United States Navy, she was re-designated as a guided missile cruiser in 1975. At 9100 tons, she was notable as the smallest nuclear-powered surface warship commissioned by any navy.
USS Bainbridge
   was the first   
US Navy Destroyer
The second USS Bainbridge (DD-1) was the first destroyer in the United States Navy and the lead ship of her class.
USS Boston
   was the first   
Guided Missile Cruiser
USS Comfort
   was the first   
To Be Manned by Both Army and Navy Personnel
USS Congress
   was the first   
Naval Ship to Visit China
USS Constellation
   was the first   
Warship Designed & Built in the U.S.A. to Achieve a Major Naval Victory
Feb 9, 1799.
USS Delaware
   was the first   
U.S. Navy Ship to Enter a Public Dry Dock
USS Enterprise
   was the first   
Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
USS Essex
   was the first   
To Do Convoy Duty
USS Essex
   was the first   
U.S. Naval Vessel to Cross the Equator
USS Falgout
   was the first   
U.S Naval Vessel to Be Commanded by an African American
USS Freedom
   was the first   
Littoral Combat Ship
USS George Washington
   was the first   
Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine
USS Gudgeon
   was the first   
U.S Submarine to Sink a Japanese Submarine in WWII
USS Harmon
   was the first   
U.S Navy Ship Named for an African American
USS Higbee
   was the first   
U.S. Navy Ship Named After a Woman Member of the U.S. Navy
USS Holland
   was the first   
US Navy Submarine
Named for her Irish-American inventor, John Philip Holland. The boat was originally called "Holland VI", and launched on 17 May 1897.
USS Houston
   was the first   
To Carry a U.S. President to South America
1934 FDR. First visit by a US president to South America.
USS Indianapolis
   was the first   
To Carry a Nuclear Weapon
Delivered the atomic bomb to Tinian to be used later over Hiroshima
USS Intrepid
   was the first   
U.S. Warship Armed With Torpedoes
USS Juneau
   was the first   
To Fire Naval Shore Bombardment in the Korean War
USS Jupiter
   was the first   
Electrically Propelled U.S. Navy Ship
USS Langley
   was the first   
Aircraft Carrier
He USS Langley (CV-1/AV-3) was converted in 1920 from the collier USS Jupiter (AC-3). Following another conversion, to a seaplane tender, Langley fought in World War II. She was so badly damaged by Japanese bombing attacks that she was sunk by her escorts on 27 February 1942.
USS Long Beach
   was the first   
Nuclear Powered Cruiser
USS Maumee
   was the first   
To Refuel Other Ships While Under Way
1917 -- Chester Nimitz, Commander of Pacific Operations in WWII was Maumee's executive officer
USS Michigan
   was the first   
Iron Hulled U.S. Naval Vessel
USS Michigan
   was the first   
US Navy Dreadnought
Was the US Navy's first iron-hulled warship, launched in 1843, operated on the Great Lakes for her entire career, was later renamed Wolverine and decommissioned in 1912.
USS Mississippi
   was the first   
U.S. Ocean-going Side Wheel Steam Warship
USS Monitor
   was the first   
US Navy Iron-clad Ship
She is most famous for her participation in the first-ever naval battle between two ironclad warships, the Battle of Hampton Roads on 9 March 1862 during the American Civil War, in which Monitor fought the ironclad CSS Virginia of the Confederate States Navy.
USS Nautilus
   was the first   
Nuclear Submarine
USS Nautilus (SSN-571) was the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine and the first vessel to complete a submerged transit across the North Pole.
USS Niblack
   was the first   
U.S Ship in Action Against the German Navy in WWII
April 1941 -- Depth charged a German Sub while rescuing sailors from a torpedoed ship.
USS North Carolina
   was the first   
Navy Ship to Carry and Operate Air Craft
USS Ohio
   was the first   
To Carry the Trident Ballistic Missile System
USS Potomac
   was the first   
U.S Naval Ship to Entertain Royalty
The King and Queen of Hawaii -- 1832
USS Princeton
   was the first   
US Navy Screw Steam Warship
The first US Navy warship with propelling machinery below the waterline. Rattler, the first British warship with screw, was also launched in 1843]. The Princeton was laid down 20 October 1842 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard under the supervision of Capt. Robert F. Stockton. Capt. Robert Stockton on Princeton, the first screw-propelled naval steamer, challenged British merchant ship Great Western to a race off New York, which Princeton won easily.
USS Ranger
   was the first   
The first USS Ranger was a sloop-of-war in the Continental Navy and received the first government-sanctioned salute to an American fighting vessel by a foreign power.
USS Reuben James
   was the first   
U.S. Naval Ship Loss in WWII
On convoy duty North Atlantic -- Oct. 1941
USS Saginaw
   was the first   
U.S Naval Vessel to Be Built on the West Coast of the U.S.
1853 -- Mare Island, San Francisco, California.
USS Skate
   was the first   
To Physically Visit the North Pole
Surfaced there in 1958
USS Thresher
   was the first   
U.S. Nuclear Submarine Lost at Sea
USS Ticonderoga
   was the first   
U.S. Navy Ship With the Aegis Combat System
USS Triton
   was the first   
To Make a Submerged Circumnavigation of the World
USS Vincennes
   was the first   
U.S. Navy Ship to Circumnavigate the World
USS Virginia
   was the first   
Nuclear Attack Sub to Use Pump Jet for Propulsion
USS Wasp
   was the first   
In the U.S. Navy to Deploy the V-22 Osprey

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