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When a Player Passes or Sets the Ball to a Teammate, Who then Attacks the Ball for a Kill
Assists are also a very important statistic for guards in basketball.
Attack Line
The Line Parallel to the Net and Center Line Which is 10ft (3 M) Back from the Net
Attacks from the back row must originate behind this line
When a Player Attempts to Terminate the Play by Spiking the Ball Onto the Floor of the Opponent's Side, or Also Via a Less Powerful Dink/dump
6 man teams can have three front row attackers and even back row attackers behind the 10 foot line
Back Row Attack
When a Player Attacks the Ball by Jumping from Behind the 10 Ft. Attack Line Before Hitting the Ball
If the back row player steps on or past the 10 ft. line, then the attack is illegal and ball is awarded to the other team
When the Setter Sets the Ball to Players Behind Him
Give me a short backset, Sinjin
Block Assist
When Two or Three Players Participate in a Successful Block
Each player involved receives credit for the block
When a Defending Player Thwarts an Attack/spike
Usually a two-handed maneuver where the ball is deflected onto the opponent's courtBlocks that deflect out-of-bounds are failed blocks
Campfire Defense
When a Ball Falls to the Floor in an Area Surrounded by Two or More Motionless Players
It appears that the circle of teammates is staring dumbfoundedly into a campfire
When a Player “mangles” a Ball – Usually "prolonged Contact"
Come on ref !! She totally carried that ball !!
Center Line Violation
When a Player from One Team Crosses OVER the Center Line, Often Endangering Other Players
There is no violation for standing ON the center line, only for crossing over it
When a Player is Hit Smack in the Chest by a Strong Spike
Close cousin to the dreaded "six-pack"
Coach Kill
When an Opponent Serves the Ball Into the Net or out of Bounds Immediately After a Time out or Substitution Called by the Coach
No, it is not a secret set to the ready and able coach of your team!!
Cover The Hitter
When Players Cluster Around Their Teammate Spiking, to Play up Any Blocks
A defense should always cover the hitters
Cross Court
A Call for the Hitter to Slice the Ball Diagonally Onto the Opposition’s Court
Hit it cross court, Randy! Nobody’s there!
Cut Shot
A Ball Hit from the Spiker’s Strong Side That Travels at a Sharp, Cross-court Angle Across the Net
“great cut shot, Mike, you hit it well inside the 10 foot line!”
Deep Dish
A Super Soft, Lazy Set Where the Ball is Taken Down to Lower Chest or Navel
Contact lasts long enough for the player to read the label and check the ball pressure (it’s NOT a pizza)
The Basic Defensive Act of Receiving an Attacked Ball With Both Hands Together Below the Waist
Great digging, team!!
A Purposeful Short Shot Intended to Land Near the Net
The equivalent of a “bunt” in baseball
A Shot Doing Whatever is Possible to Just Keep the Ball in Play
Just dump it anywhere, Tim
When a Defender Gets Smacked in the Face With the Ball
A Player Who Gets Tangled up in the Net
Hey ref, aren’t you going to call that fish?
A Served Ball That Does Not Spin, and Suddenly Shifts Directions
Similar to a “knuckleball” in baseball
Free Ball
When the Opposing Team Hits the Ball More Easily over the Net – Not Spiked
A good defense should “eat up” free balls !
Friendly Fire
When a Player is Hit by His Own Teammate’s Serve or Spike
- Too much friendly fire will get you benched!
A Particularly Hard Spike
“Nice heat on that ball partner!”
When a Ball Drops Untouched Between Teammates Because They Fail to Communicate
The situation probably will not improve until one of the parties apologizes
Jedi Defense
A Play Where a Defender Thrusts One Arm out at the Incoming Ball, Resulting in a Picture Perfect Pass
The coach mutters, “The force is in her – and ever strong it is!”
When Two Opposing Players Contact the Ball Simultaneously Above the Net to See Who Can Dominate
A joust well-done is simply a push against the other player’s hands until the other player lets go!
Jump Serve
A Serve in Which the Server Becomes Airborne Behind the Serving Line and Literally Spikes the Serve Across the Net
Beginners please do not try this one at home!
Jungle Ball
When a Group of Unskilled, Inexperienced Players Play Ball
The only game down here at the beach today is that one court of jungle ball
An Attacked Ball That Strikes the Floor or Flies out of Bounds After Ricocheting off an Opponent
How many kills did you land this game?
A One-handed Block
Reminiscent of King Kong swiping biplanes out of the air
When a Set is Too Long in the Setter’s Hands
That set was a total lift, ref
Line Shot
When a Spike or Shot is Placed Down the Opponent’s Sideline
Line shots are one of the most difficult shots to defend
A Masterful Dig/up
Gets its name from the lip-like appearance the defenders arms make when they are placed together for a dig
A Very Soft, Easy Serve
If you serve too many of them, you will get licked!
The Original Name of the Game of Volleyball
Who knew??
Monument Valley
The Wide Open Space Between Two Tall Players Who Really Can’t Play Defense
Just put it away in Monument Valley, Chris
Net Master
A Player Who Has Uncanny Success at Getting His Shots to Hit the Net and Drop over for Points
Be wary, Tom is a total net master
Net Violation
When a Player Comes in Contact With the Net
The ball is then awarded to the other team
Paint Brush
When the Hitter Swings Hard, but Only Slightly Touches the Ball
This is a very deceptive and effective hitting technique
An Amazing, One-handed Defensive Play Where the Back of the Defender’s Hand Gets to the Floor
The ball then bounces off the back of the hand … hence the “pancake”
A Warm-up Drill Where Two Players Pass, Set, and Hit the Ball Back and Forth
Hey Paul, do you want to pepper for a few minutes before we play?
Phone Booth
When a Blocker Completely Shuts off a Hitter
Hitting against tall Tim is like hitting in a phone booth!!
Prince/Princess of Whales
A Player Who Spikes the Ball As Hard As Possible, No Matter What
Usually a player who has not mastered any finesse shots yet
Quick Set
A Precisely Timed Short Set, Giving the Defense Minimal Time to React
Drew loves those quick sets
A High Lob over the Defenders
Every rainbow hopes to hit the “pot of gold” open court near the back line
Red Card
A Penalty for Extreme Misconduct
Results in the player/coach being disqualified, and the team losing the point
A Tall, but Not Particularly Agile, Blocker
Colin, you can hit it on either side of that redwood!!
When a Blocker Smothers the Spiker’s Hit
The ball usually smashes straight back down on the hitter’s floor unless there’s great coverage by the hitter’s teammates
A Deliberate (and Illegal) Attempt to Obscure the View of the Opposition’s Line of Sight to the Server
Dude, stop screening! I can’t see the serve
Service Ace
A Masterful Serve That Either Hits the Ground, or Flies off One Player Allowing No Second Contact
We need a few service aces to get back in this game Karch
When the Setter Directs the Ball to the Spiker - the Skill Requiring the Most Practice
Sets are two-handed, but the world’s elite setters can set one handed in a bind
An Awful Pass That Flies off a Defender’s Hands and out of Bounds
Nice shank Pete! Come on, get with it!!
Side Out
When the Receiving Team Wins a Rally, Earning the Right to Serve
Also the name of a clothing line, started in Santa Monica, California
When a Defender Gets Smacked in the Face by a Spike
Ouch! That six-pack must have hurt!
Sizzle the Pits
When a Hard Spike Travels Right Past and Under a Blocker’s Outstretched Arms
Brian cranked that one and it sizzled John’s pits
When the Player Hits the Ball Very Sharply Across the Net Into the Shallow Cross Court
Dan, slice it – nobody’s covering short
An Ace Serve
From the ace of spades
When a Ball is Struck With Power – Usually the Third and Final Hit in a Play
The intent of every spike is to score an immediate point and stop the rally
Strong Side
When a Right-handed Player is Hitting from the Left-front (or Vice Versa)
Meaning when a left-handed player is hitting from the right-front.
A Monstrous Block Straight Down Into the Ground
The best stuff-blocks hit the floor before the spiker lands
Swiss Cheese
When a Defense Has a Lot of Holes in It
This team’s like Swiss Cheese, hit it anywhere you want!
In Six-man, when One Player Attacks Directly Behind Another
Designed to confuse blockers and parents
When Playing Beachball and One Player Consistently Hits the Lines With Either Serves or Shots
Popeye is a total tapemaster
Team Advil
When 2 Teammates Are Constantly Edgy and Fighting With Each Other
Looks like we’ll be playing team advil next
When a Player Just Lightly Pokes the Ball With Fingertips
Just tip it anywhere, Don
When the Spiker Deliberately Hits the Ball off the Blocker’s Hands and Out-of-bounds
Nice tool Andrew!!
Trap Set
When a Set is Too Close to the Net And/or Low, Usually Leading to a Stuff-block
No wonder I couldn’t hit that ball … it was a total trap set!!
A Player Who Commits a Very Flagrant Net Violation
Chicken of the sea
UC State
An Unconscious State Where a Player or Team Can Do No Wrong
They scored 10 straight points, they were in a UC state
When a Defender Keeps the Ball in Play by Whatever Means Possible
Nice up Kent !
Volley Dolly
A Female Groupie Who Loves to Either Watch or Play Volleyball
Southern California is the Mecca for Volley Dollys
To Heedlessly Swing Away at Set Balls
Without regard for the blocker’s location, the score, the ball position, or the coach’s express instructions
Yellow Card
A Warning for Misconduct
The ref has both yellow and red cards to pull as he/she sees fit

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