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Wacky Races

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11 facts:

The Ant Hill Mob
The Bulletproof Bomb
Number 07. The Ant Hill Mob are Clyde, Ding-a-ling, Zippy, Pockets, Snoozy, Softy, and Yak-Yak.
Dick Dastardly and Muttley
The Mean Machine
Number 00
The Gruesome Twosome
The Creepy Coupe
Number 02
Luke & Blubber Bear
The Arkansas Chuggabug
Number 08
Penelope Pitstop
The Compact Pussycat
Number 05
Peter Perfect
The Turbo Terrific
Number 09
Professor Pat Pending
The Convert-a-Car
Number 03
Red Max
The Crimson Haybailer
Number 04
Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth
The Buzz Wagon
Number 10
Sergeant Blast & Private Meekly
The Army Surplus Special
Number 06
The Slag Brothers
The Bouldermobile
Number 01

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