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Tue 3 Mar 15 #1 

As many of us are aware a few days ago Boris Nemtsov, a leading Russian opposition politician and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, was assassinated.  Putin has promised to leave no stone unturned in trying to bring Nemtsov’s killer/killers to justice.


Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this?  Seeing as in the eyes of Russia and the world, many suspect Putin of either directly or indirectly being involved.

To put it another way - not planning on booking a trip to Moscow any time soon!

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Tue 3 Mar 15 #2 
The Grumpinator

St Petersburg is far nicer (if you can stand the mossies) anyway, although they do have some gorgeous hookers in the hotels. Not sure i want to wake up drugged and robbed though. Which is about as far as it goes for us ordinary people. I'm sure Nemtsov knew the risks he ran. Yes, Putin was behind it all, in thought if not in deed.

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Wed 4 Mar 15 #3 

Mmmm gorgeous rugby players in the hotels !!!



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Sat 7 Mar 15 #4 

I think he did in that he either ordered the hit or a close advisor to him ordered the hit.

It makes sense to me in the Russian way.  Vladimir was the former head of the KGB and used that muscle to get into his position as Russia's Prime Minister or President......apparently interchangeable as history as shown.

Would Putin have the arrogance to assume he could get away with assassinating his opposition?  I think yes.  Mostly because I think he is in a bit of a panic.

Firstly Malaysia Airlines Flight No. 17 shot down over the Ukraine and then, Saudi Arabia bottoms out oil per barrel prices.  Both events destabilised Russia's confidence and their economy. Not to mention economic sanctions.

While in a panic, most people go back to what they know.  And the KGB knew how to deal with the opposition in a way that didn't involve courts of law.

Do I think Vladimir Putin will ever answer to this? Probably not.  His administration may fall due to something else.  But I doubt it's gonna be based on this.

Let's all remember too that Vladimir Putin allowed publicity photos like this during the Sochi Winter Olympics:

If nothing else, that shows a significant disconnect with how the world works.

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