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Thu 7 Sep 17 #1 
Ruby Franks

Stuckism -- 1999 - Present -- Billy Childish and Charles Thomson founded the Stuckists as a counter-blast to the discourse of critics and to the art market of the 1990s, and in particular to the art of the Young British Artists. Promoting authenticity in art and a return to the roots of Modernism the Stuckists describe themselves as being 'anti-anti-art'.

Young British Artists -- 1988 - Present -- Damien Hirst, Gillian Wearing, Tracey Emin, Ben Ofili, Rachel Whiteread and Sam Taylor-Johnson (nee Taylor-Wood) are all included in the group now known as YBAs. (They're not so young now)

Proto-geometric -- 1050BC-900BC

Geometric -- 900BC - 750 BC

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Thu 7 Sep 17 #2 
Ruby Franks

I was looking at this to be added to the random brainoff category. I don't like the wording of the question as applying to art movements e.g. Art Deco happened during 1920 - 1930, I bet somebody can name a major piece of Art Deco made in 1919 or 1931.

I wondered if it may be better to separate Periods and Movements?

Looking through, these are Periods I can see:


Dutch Golden Age

Flemish Baroque


Italian Renaissance

Medieval (I like to spell it mediaeval, its another US/UK, old fart/whippersnapper split)


Rococo (another spelling I didn't know, Roccoco is what I know., Don't worry, the older generation will die out soon)

That's only 8 facts, but my Proto-geometric and Geometric  bring it to 10.

Periods by itself is an easier subject, and I suspect there are more to be added.

Meanwhile I wondered if they do get separated, could the question for Movements be something like:

During which years did X flourish?

X flourished during which years?

I hope other people have opinions on this. Some of them I'm going to nudge.

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Thu 7 Sep 17 #3 

Interested to hear thoughts. Separating them sounds like it could be beneficial, there are certainly more that could be added but if it is to be in randoms they would need to be well-known ones.

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Fri 8 Sep 17 #4 
Ruby Franks

Thought maybe art periods could go into randoms, and movements remain out, or go in if checked carefully?

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