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Mon 21 Jan 08 #1 

Héctor Abad Faciolince -- The Oblivion We Shall Be
Edward Paul Abbey -- The Monkey Wrench Gang
Lynn Abbey -- Daughter of the Bright Moon
Lynn Abbey -- The Face of Chaos
Edwin Abbott -- Philochristus
Edwin Abbott -- Onesimus
Edwin Abbott -- Sitanus
Edwin Abbott -- The Anglican Career of Cardinal Newman
Edwin Abbott -- St Thomas of Canterbury, his Death and Miracles
Jacob Abbott -- Rollo at Work
Jacob Abbott -- Rollo at Play
Jacob Abbott -- Rollo in Europe
John Stevens Cabot Abbott -- The Mother at Home
John Stevens Cabot Abbott -- History of the Civil War in America
John Stevens Cabot Abbott -- The History of Frederick II
Marc Abrahams -- The Ig Nobel Prizes
Marc Abrahams -- Why Chickens Prefer Beautiful Humans
Marc Abrahams -- Sex As a Heap of Malfunctioning Rubble
Chinua Achebe -- Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe -- No Longer at Ease
Chinua Achebe -- Arrow of God
Chinua Achebe -- A Man of the People
Chinua Achebe -- Anthills of the Savannah
Louisa May Alcott -- Flower Fables
Louisa May Alcott -- Moods
Louisa May Alcott -- An Old-Fashioned Girl
Louisa May Alcott -- Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag
Louisa May Alcott -- Eight Cousins
Louisa May Alcott -- Rose in Bloom
Louisa May Alcott -- Jo's Boys
Louisa May Alcott -- Three Proverb Stories
Louisa May Alcott -- Silver Pitchers, and Independence: A Centennial Love Story
Louisa May Alcott -- Under the Lilacs
Louisa May Alcott -- Jack and Jill: A Village Story
Louisa May Alcott -- Lulu's Library
Louisa May Alcott -- A Garland for Girls
Louisa May Alcott -- Comic Tragedies
Louisa May Alcott -- Behind a Mask
Louisa May Alcott -- The Abbot's Ghost
Louisa May Alcott -- A Long Fatal Love Chase
Louisa May Alcott -- A Modern Mephistopheles

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Mon 21 Jan 08 #2 

Added, nakul - thanks!

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Sun 27 Jan 08 #3 

Brian Aldiss -- The Brightfount Diaries
Brian Aldiss -- Space, Time and Nathaniel
Brian Aldiss -- Non-Stop
Brian Aldiss -- Equator
Brian Aldiss -- The Canopy of Time
Brian Aldiss -- The Interpreter
Brian Aldiss -- The Male Response
Brian Aldiss -- The Primal Urge
Brian Aldiss -- Hothouse
Brian Aldiss -- The Airs of Earth
Brian Aldiss -- The Dark Light Years
Brian Aldiss -- Greybeard
Brian Aldiss -- Best SF stories of Brian Aldiss
Brian Aldiss -- Earthworks
Brian Aldiss -- The Impossible Smile
Brian Aldiss -- The Saliva Tree and other strange growths
Brian Aldiss -- An Age
Brian Aldiss -- Report On Probability
Brian Aldiss -- Farewell Fantastic Venus
Brian Aldiss -- Barefoot in the Head
Brian Aldiss -- The Moment of Eclipse
Brian Aldiss -- The Book of Brian Aldiss
Brian Aldiss -- Frankenstein Unbound
Brian Aldiss -- The 80 minute Hour
Brian Aldiss -- The Malacia Tapestry
Brian Aldiss -- Brothers of the Head
Brian Aldiss -- Last Orders and Other Stories
Brian Aldiss -- New Arrivals, Old Encounters
Brian Aldiss -- Moreau's Other Island
Brian Aldiss -- Helliconia Spring
Brian Aldiss -- Helliconia Summer
Brian Aldiss -- Helliconia Winter
Brian Aldiss -- Seasons in Flight
Brian Aldiss -- Courageous New Planet
Brian Aldiss -- The Year before Yesterday
Brian Aldiss -- Ruins
Brian Aldiss -- Forgotten Life
Brian Aldiss -- Dracula Unbound
Brian Aldiss -- A Tupolev too Far
Brian Aldiss -- Somewhere East of Life: Another European Fantasia
Brian Aldiss -- The Secret of This Book
Brian Aldiss -- When the Feast is Finished
Brian Aldiss -- White Mars Or, The Mind Set Free
Brian Aldiss -- Super-Toys Last All Summer Long and Other Stories of Future Time
Brian Aldiss -- Super-State
Brian Aldiss -- The Cretan Teat
Brian Aldiss -- Affairs at Hampden Ferrers
Brian Aldiss -- Jocasta
Brian Aldiss -- HARM
Brian Aldiss -- Sanity and the Lady
Brian Aldiss -- Cities and Stones - A Traveller's Yugoslavia
Brian Aldiss -- The Shape of Further Things
Brian Aldiss -- Item Eighty Three
Brian Aldiss -- Billion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction
Brian Aldiss -- Hell's Cartographers
Brian Aldiss -- The Pale Shadow Of Science
Brian Aldiss -- This World and Nearer Ones: Essays exploring the familiar
Brian Aldiss -- The Detached Retina: Aspects of SF and Fantasy
Brian Aldiss -- The Twinkling of an Eye or My Life as an Englishman
Brian Aldiss -- Art after Apogee: The Relationships between an Idea, a Story, a Painting

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Sun 27 Jan 08 #4 

Agatha Christie -- The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie -- The Secret Adversary
Agatha Christie -- The Murder on the Links
Agatha Christie -- The Man in the Brown Suit
Agatha Christie -- The Secret of Chimneys
Agatha Christie -- The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Agatha Christie -- The Mystery of the Blue Train
Agatha Christie -- The Seven Dials Mystery
Agatha Christie -- The Murder at the Vicarage
Agatha Christie -- The Sittaford Mystery
Agatha Christie -- Peril at End House
Agatha Christie -- Thirteen at Dinner
Agatha Christie -- Murder on the Orient Express
Agatha Christie -- Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
Agatha Christie -- Three Act Tragedy
Agatha Christie -- Death in the Clouds
Agatha Christie -- The A.B.C. Murders
Agatha Christie -- Murder in Mesopotamia
Agatha Christie -- Cards on the Table
Agatha Christie -- Dumb Witness
Agatha Christie -- Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie -- Appointment with Death
Agatha Christie -- Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Agatha Christie -- Murder is Easy
Agatha Christie -- And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie -- Sad Cypress
Agatha Christie -- One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Agatha Christie -- Evil Under the Sun
Agatha Christie -- N or M?
Agatha Christie -- The Body in the Library
Agatha Christie -- Five Little Pigs
Agatha Christie -- The Moving Finger
Agatha Christie -- Towards Zero
Agatha Christie -- Death Comes as the End
Agatha Christie -- Sparkling Cyanide
Agatha Christie -- The Hollow
Agatha Christie -- Taken at the Flood
Agatha Christie -- Crooked House
Agatha Christie -- A Murder is Announced
Agatha Christie -- They Came to Baghdad
Agatha Christie -- Mrs McGinty's Dead
Agatha Christie -- They Do It with Mirrors
Agatha Christie -- After the Funeral
Agatha Christie -- A Pocket Full of Rye
Agatha Christie -- Destination Unknown
Agatha Christie -- Hickory Dickory Dock
Agatha Christie -- Dead Man's Folly
Agatha Christie -- 4.50 from Paddington
Agatha Christie -- Ordeal by Innocence
Agatha Christie -- Cat Among the Pigeons
Agatha Christie -- The Pale Horse
Agatha Christie -- The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
Agatha Christie -- The Clocks
Agatha Christie -- A Caribbean Mystery
Agatha Christie -- At Bertram's Hotel
Agatha Christie -- Third Girl
Agatha Christie -- Endless Night
Agatha Christie -- By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Agatha Christie -- Hallowe'en Party
Agatha Christie -- Passenger to Frankfurt
Agatha Christie -- Nemesis
Agatha Christie -- Elephants Can Remember
Agatha Christie -- Postern of Fate
Agatha Christie -- Curtain
Agatha Christie -- Sleeping Murder
Agatha Christie -- Poirot Investigates
Agatha Christie -- Partners in Crime
Agatha Christie -- The Mysterious Mr. Quin
Agatha Christie -- The Thirteen Problems
Agatha Christie -- The Hound of Death
Agatha Christie -- The Listerdale mystery
Agatha Christie -- Parker Pyne Investigates
Agatha Christie -- Murder in the Mews
Agatha Christie -- Regatta Mystery and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- The Labours of Hercules
Agatha Christie -- The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- Three Blind Mice and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- The Under Dog and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
Agatha Christie -- Double Sin and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- The Golden Ball and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- Poirot's Early Cases
Agatha Christie -- Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- The Harlequin Tea Set
Agatha Christie -- While the Light Lasts and Other Stories
Agatha Christie -- Giant's Bread
Agatha Christie -- Unfinished Portrait
Agatha Christie -- Absent in the Spring
Agatha Christie -- The Rose and the Yew Tree
Agatha Christie -- A Daughter's a Daughter
Agatha Christie -- The Burden

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Wed 30 Jan 08 #5 

Add'em please...

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Thu 31 Jan 08 #6 

Hey, nakul, you have boundless energy! I saw how many books I knew last night and thought"That can't be right" and I just see here how you've been adding stuff!

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Thu 31 Jan 08 #7 

Please put these in... I posted these on Sunday...

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Fri 1 Feb 08 #8 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

Thanks nakul - and apologies for the delay.

I've added quite a few of the Christie novels and a small number of Aldiss.

I didn't want to flood the topic with works from any one author and have stuck to the better known works of Christie - avoiding blatant giveaways that mention Poirot or Marple in the title - with a few of the more obscure ones thrown in for good measure.

I've only added a few from Aldiss. I added Super-Toys because it was the basis for the film A.I. which made it somewhat interesting and a couple of others. If I had added all 60 Aldiss books that you contributed, the topic would have been 8% Aldiss. So, 1 in 12 Books facts would have been an Aldiss books. I thought this was a bit much for an author that not many besides real SF fans would have heard of.

Obviously, this is a judgment call on my part - others may disagree. Obviously, you may disagree too.

A lot depends on how you see the Factopedia. If you see it as an exhaustive database of information which should cover everything then obviously I should have added everything. If you see it as the foundations of an internet game site then obviously the game is the important thing.

I'm explaining my reasoning now because obviously it's easy to go and find an exhaustive list of novels for any given author. I don't personally think that's a good way to go - I think we need to be selective about what we input and whilst I certainly don't want to discourage you from your hard work with these contributions I'd like to give it a nudge towards "selective and wide-ranging" rather than "exhaustive and specialist".

The alternative is that it's just a matter of time before someone contributes the 664 novels of Barbara Cartland and I think we'd all agree that we wouldn't want that, right?

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Fri 1 Feb 08 #9 

Should not these Christie books be added under the category "Popular Fiction - Crime and Romance"? There's already one such in that category.

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