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Thu 24 Apr 08 #1 

First "Who wants to be Millionaire" winner--Judith Keppel First African American to win a best actor Emmy--Bill cosby
First face seen on Channel 4--Richard Whitley
First woman to present "Grandstand"--Helen Rollinson
First advertisement on ITV--Gibbs SR toothpaste (22/9/1955)
First "Miss Marple"--Gracie Fields ("A Murder is Announced" 1956)
First two presenters of BBC breakfast TV--Selina Scott and Frank Bough
First act to appear on "Top of the Pops"--The Rolling Stones (1964)
First colour commercial shown on ITV--Birdseye peas (15/11/1969)
First couple to be shown in bed together on television--Fred and Wilma Flintstone
First football player to appear on "This is your Life"--Stanley Matthews (1955)
Year was "Blue Peter" first broadcast--1958
First person to swear on "Coronation St"--Ken Barlow (Bloody) Jan 1961
"Ironside's" first name--Robert
"Mr Magoo's" first name--Quincey

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Fri 25 Apr 08 #2 

Sorry but these sort of facts do not work when put into the Factacular Format For example
Which was the First advertisement on ITV?
Richard Whiteley,1958,Robert, Gibbs SR

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Fri 25 Apr 08 #3 

No problem

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