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Sun 14 Jan 07 #1 

I'm thinking of putting together a topic on "The Great Depression." I'm not certain how to format this using the "x" and "y" formula suggested. Should I just assemble a series of facts? Should I include three false answers with each fact? How does this work?

Sorry, but I'm sort of new to this.

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Thu 18 Jan 07 #2 

Hi rp,

It's best if you devise the question otherwise the person who creates the subject will have to figure it out for you and i doubt they have time to do that for everyone!

You don't need to provide false answers, the site will use the answers from your other questions for the other 3 options.

If you can give us some examples of the kinds of facts that you are thinking of using, maybe we could all give you a hand to formulate a question?

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Thu 18 Jan 07 #3 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

When putting together contributions, bear in mind that everything has to go into the Factopedia in the form "X blah blah blah Y". For example, if you were going to do something on authors and their nom-de-plumes, the format would be "The author X used the nom-de-plume Y".

If every fact (pair of X and Y values) fits in that format then you'll also be able to come up with questions for X from Y and Y from X. For example, "Which author used the nom-de-plume Y?" and "What was the nom-de-plume used by X?".

The problem with the series of facts about the Great Depression is that it's hard to fit into this format (but if you manage it, nice work!). The same's true of your Zorro facts.

The following facts could all be put into the "X played Zorro in Y" format:
Frank Langella played Zorro in a 1974 telefilm
Frank Latimore played Zorro in a 1961 Spanish-made film
Alain Delon played Zorro in a 1975 Italian-French production
John Carroll portrayed Zorro in a 1937 Republic serial

But facts like these don't fit that, so wouldn't work:
A 1975 Italian-French production of Zorro was set in South America
Henry Calvin portrayed Sgt Garcia in the Disney TV series
Walt Disney produced the Zorro TV series
Don Alejandro was the name of Zorro’s father
Bernard was the name of Zorro’s manservant
Capt Monastario was played by Britt Lomond
Tornado was the name of one of Zorro’s horses
Zorro in English means “fox”

Remember, that the same question needs to be asked for every fact!

So, let's say you decide to limit the facts to who played Zorro in what. Then you need to provide the facts in the X -- Y format, like so:
Frank Langella -- 1974 telefilm
Frank Latimore -- 1961 Spanish-made film
Alain Delon -- 1975 Italian-French production
John Carroll -- 1937 Republic serial

If you want to provide additional information then you can do that in X -- Y -- Z format. For example:
Antonia Banderas -- The Mask of Zorro (1998) -- Antonio Banderas was the only Spanish-born actor to play Zorro

Does that help?

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Sun 28 Jan 07 #4 

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm trying to make this too hard.

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Sun 28 Jan 07 #5 

Oops! (Hit the "post" button too soon.) I'm trying to do my first contribution and having somewhat of a rough time. Your suggestions will help a lot. Thanks again.

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