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Mon 2 Nov 09 #1 

01 Nov 2009 15:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs6666-6814International Desperados
International Desperados8023-7255Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four6582-5581Kevvies Angels
Kevvies Angels6972-7050Rich and Talented
Rich and Talented6599-8266Eggley Nemtob
Eggley Nemtob7527-7360Down and Dirty
Down and Dirty5524-6681Wootally Purple Eagles
Wootally Purple Eagles6015-6122Scrocaso
Scrocaso6825-6853Genius Horde
Genius Horde4869-4774The Illuminati
The Illuminati6725-7641Drunken Hedgehogs
02 Nov 2009 03:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs6478-6405Fantastic Four
International Desperados6082-5628Kevvies Angels
Fantastic Four7021-7319Rich and Talented
Kevvies Angels6574-8213Eggley Nemtob
Rich and Talented5637-6047Down and Dirty
Eggley Nemtob6915-6694Wootally Purple Eagles
Down and Dirty7356-7406Scrocaso
Wootally Purple Eagles7352-7075Genius Horde
Scrocaso7429-6075The Illuminati
Genius Horde4787-5612Drunken Hedgehogs
The Illuminati3500-5993International Desperados
02 Nov 2009 15:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs7469-6040Kevvies Angels
International Desperados7084-5853Rich and Talented
Fantastic Four8234-7292Eggley Nemtob
Kevvies Angels6394-6898Down and Dirty
Rich and Talented5896-4586Wootally Purple Eagles
Eggley Nemtob7961-7191Scrocaso
Down and Dirty6387-6327Genius Horde
Wootally Purple Eagles5737-6340The Illuminati
Scrocaso5975-3953Drunken Hedgehogs
Genius Horde5273-6961International Desperados
The Illuminati3599-3360Fantastic Four
03 Nov 2009 03:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs6720-4404Rich and Talented
International Desperados7323-6798Eggley Nemtob
Fantastic Four6733-7587Down and Dirty
Kevvies Angels5587-5245Wootally Purple Eagles
Rich and Talented5585-4865Scrocaso
Eggley Nemtob7357-5801Genius Horde
Down and Dirty4869-4083The Illuminati
Wootally Purple Eagles5402-6256Drunken Hedgehogs
Scrocaso7052-6902International Desperados
Genius Horde5593-7861Fantastic Four
The Illuminati3684-4558Kevvies Angels
03 Nov 2009 15:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs6757-8055Eggley Nemtob
International Desperados7693-4561Down and Dirty
Fantastic Four5741-4669Wootally Purple Eagles
Kevvies Angels4055-5525Scrocaso
Rich and Talented7260-7201Genius Horde
Eggley Nemtob7392-5922The Illuminati
Down and Dirty6335-6802Drunken Hedgehogs
Wootally Purple Eagles7160-7785International Desperados
Scrocaso7460-7100Fantastic Four
Genius Horde6930-6920Kevvies Angels
The Illuminati4893-6113Rich and Talented
04 Nov 2009 03:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs7369-6294Down and Dirty
International Desperados7194-5832Wootally Purple Eagles
Fantastic Four6962-4947Scrocaso
Kevvies Angels4784-4721Genius Horde
Rich and Talented6533-4465The Illuminati
Eggley Nemtob6697-4485Drunken Hedgehogs
Down and Dirty4670-7173International Desperados
Wootally Purple Eagles4771-6523Fantastic Four
Scrocaso6892-5775Kevvies Angels
Genius Horde6043-8135Rich and Talented
The Illuminati5895-7949Eggley Nemtob
04 Nov 2009 15:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs6614-6740Wootally Purple Eagles
International Desperados6684-7009Scrocaso
Fantastic Four5685-4617Genius Horde
Kevvies Angels7118-4918The Illuminati
Rich and Talented6750-6686Drunken Hedgehogs
Eggley Nemtob8256-7269International Desperados
Down and Dirty5753-7625Fantastic Four
Wootally Purple Eagles5525-6213Kevvies Angels
Scrocaso7473-6397Rich and Talented
Genius Horde6644-7462Eggley Nemtob
The Illuminati4550-6117Down and Dirty
05 Nov 2009 03:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs5741-5473Scrocaso
International Desperados5110-4393Genius Horde
Fantastic Four7430-3673The Illuminati
Kevvies Angels5780-5597Drunken Hedgehogs
Rich and Talented6192-7234International Desperados
Eggley Nemtob5850-6678Fantastic Four
Down and Dirty5682-5916Kevvies Angels
Wootally Purple Eagles5761-6881Rich and Talented
Scrocaso5814-6247Eggley Nemtob
Genius Horde5105-7245Down and Dirty
The Illuminati2837-6095Wootally Purple Eagles
05 Nov 2009 15:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs6890-4250Genius Horde
International Desperados6118-3140The Illuminati
Fantastic Four8137-8159Drunken Hedgehogs
Kevvies Angels4869-4706International Desperados
Rich and Talented5437-4403Fantastic Four
Eggley Nemtob8151-6288Kevvies Angels
Down and Dirty7967-7374Rich and Talented
Wootally Purple Eagles5290-6228Eggley Nemtob
Scrocaso6287-5513Down and Dirty
Genius Horde4243-5502Wootally Purple Eagles
The Illuminati3704-7126Scrocaso
06 Nov 2009 03:00 GMT
Drunken Hedgehogs6646-5426The Illuminati
International Desperados6253-6313Drunken Hedgehogs
Fantastic Four6978-5621International Desperados
Kevvies Angels6469-7906Fantastic Four
Rich and Talented5816-5031Kevvies Angels
Eggley Nemtob7077-6317Rich and Talented
Down and Dirty4672-5248Eggley Nemtob
Wootally Purple Eagles4816-5420Down and Dirty
Scrocaso4968-4817Wootally Purple Eagles
Genius Horde5675-6326Scrocaso
The Illuminati5038-5897Genius Horde

Eggley Nemtob2017031713434
International Desperados2014061662428
Drunken Hedgehogs201307611226
Fantastic Four2012081572124
Rich and Talented201208175324
Down and Dirty209011-448918
Kevvies Angels208012-704016
Wootally Purple Eagles205015-567210
Genius Horde204016-171898
The Illuminati202018-317494


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Wed 4 Nov 09 #2 

Glad that Tuesday challenges are over with. Sheeesh!

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Thu 5 Nov 09 #3 

You must be tired of being in that position bu now, javalyne. Maybe you should go for a short flight.

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Thu 5 Nov 09 #4 

Yeah, you're right about that SSG. But as soon as I stand up, everyone will see that I have nothing but my wings on!

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Thu 5 Nov 09 #5 
USS Palladin

Clothes increase your aerodynamic drag.................... :-)

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Thu 5 Nov 09 #6 

Were all the rounds sent?

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Sat 7 Nov 09 #7 

Scores have been updated.

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Sat 7 Nov 09 #8 

My thanks to Nemesis, tp and tob for their expert play. And thanks to all for a fun and lively contest.

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Sat 7 Nov 09 #9 

Nice going, Egg and team! You aren't as cracked as I thought you were! Nemesis, tob and tp great playing!

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Sat 7 Nov 09 #10 

Ta to the organisers. C'grads to winners. C u all next time.

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Sat 7 Nov 09 #11 

Thanks nem, egg and tob. It's been a pleasure. Great tourney everyone.

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Sat 7 Nov 09 #12 
USS Palladin

Well done Eggley Nemtob!

An excellent tourney as usual.

Many thanks to Kev for being the sponsor and to Java for all the hard work.

To my team, it was pleasurable, as usual. :-)

Till the next time.

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Sat 7 Nov 09 #13 

Grats, winners, and thanks always Angels!! <3 you all!

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #14 

Eggley Nem, thanks

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #15 

Congratulations to Eggley Nemtob, a well-deserved win.

To the Fantastic Four - you have all been... well... Fantastic!

Thanks Java for the hard work and Kev for what ever he does (he is getting pretty old now).

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #16 

Congratulations to Eggley Nemtob. Thanks to the Kevvie Staff. For what do we thank Kev? Oh Happy Birthday We couldn't have a Kevvie if he hadn't been born.

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #17 

Final scores have been posted. Congratulations to Eggley Nemtob!!!!

Happy Birthday to Kev, wherever he is. Thanks to all for a great tournament!

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #18 

Congratulations Eggley Nemtob! Execellent result!!!
Thanks to the down and dirty team, a good team and fun!
Thankyou to Java, Kev, and all organisers.

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #19 


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Sun 8 Nov 09 #20 

Happy Birthday Kev! Congrats to the winners and thanks to the organizers!!!

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #21 

Congrats to Eggley Nemtob!!!

Thanks to the tournament staff for another great Kevvie!!!

It's been fun!! :)
Happy Birthday Kev!!!!

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #22 
The Grumpinator

Go away for a day and look what happens !! Desperadoes throw it away and Eggley Nemtob take a well earned win. Congrats to all for a great tourney played in the traditions of Kevvie. Nasty, vindictive, blood everywhere and good fun for all.
Huge thanks to Javalyne for her neverending brilliance, we all know who does the work but don't tell her.

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #23 

Congrats to the winners, many thanks to all those involved - the players and behind the scenes.
Many thanks and respect to my fellow Down and Dirtys, Amalia, axana and Mimoza, for the company and fun along the way.

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #24 

Thanks to Java for another very well run tourney, and to Kev for his original idea.

It was a pleasure playing with my team mates; when one faltered there was always another who stepped up.

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #25 

Congrats to Eggley Nemtob, well done!!!!
Thanks to my lovely Down and Dirtys, fun and pleasure playing with you!! Of course thanks to Java and Kev for running another great tourney.

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #26 

Happy Birthday, Kev!

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Sun 8 Nov 09 #27 

Happy Birthday, Kev! Such a good month for a birthday..... was it your 21st too?

Congrats to Eggley Nemtob on a splendid win! Thanks to Java for being a super organiser, as usual!

I would like to say a big thanks to Allan, Maureen and Lucy for welcoming me with open arms into their lovely little group. It has been great fun playing with you all!

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Mon 9 Nov 09 #28 
Allan R. Matthes

Congratulations to each and every team for playing as well as you could. Thanks to Josiejump for filling out our roster on the Rich and Talented team so nicely. Bonzasheila will be returning as Blue Heron in future tournaments and we await eagerly her return. As always thanks to Lucy, Maureen and all of the rest of you for allowing me to show my theatrical side in this tournament, I hope it was enjoyable.

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Mon 9 Nov 09 #29 
Duncan Disorderly

On behalf of Genius Horde thanks to the organisers for another great competition and congratulations to the winners.

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Mon 9 Nov 09 #30 

Congratulations to all who took part, and big thanks to Javalyne, someone give the woman a coffee, and belated happy birthday and thanks to kev for sorting this one out yet again.

Cheers to my teamates, jackson, BBI & Gwendoline.

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Mon 9 Nov 09 #31 

Happy Birthday Kev (fellow scorpio - I knew there was a reason I liked you. Congrats to all those in the top half of the ladder!

Thanks Java and my teammates... we did our best :-)

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Mon 9 Nov 09 #32 
The Grumpinator

Liked me ?? LIKED ME !!! O where have I gone wrong !!!

Mnay thanks to all for the birthday wishes, another year older and deeper in debt.

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Mon 9 Nov 09 #33 

Thanks to the organizers, as usual, and congrats to Eggley Nemtob.
Happy Birthday, Kev, can we cut you open and count the rings?

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Tue 10 Nov 09 #34 


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Wed 11 Nov 09 #35 

Thanks to my team...you all rock..it was a fun time and a nice distraction for me during midterms....

Hope everyone who played enjoyed it and see you all next time!

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