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Mon 1 Nov 10 #1 

31 Oct 2010 14:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6000-4489Quizzing Queencats
Quizzing Queencats2861-5268Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army4891-4350International Desperados
International Desperados6865-7813Garland by Gumm
Garland by Gumm6097-7002Stargazers United
Stargazers United6568-7150Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four6079-5881Coalition of the Swilling
Coalition of the Swilling5747-7295The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons4919-5069Khyber Belt Cruisers
Khyber Belt Cruisers5601-5957Ancient Mariners
Ancient Mariners8685-7491Kevvies Angels
01 Nov 2010 02:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6957-7904Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Quizzing Queencats3403-4518International Desperados
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6055-4794Garland by Gumm
International Desperados6966-6810Stargazers United
Garland by Gumm7945-8687Fantastic Four
Stargazers United6660-6562Coalition of the Swilling
Fantastic Four7864-6207The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
Coalition of the Swilling8479-6783Khyber Belt Cruisers
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons4194-5371Ancient Mariners
Khyber Belt Cruisers4163-4922Kevvies Angels
Ancient Mariners6424-4152Quizzing Queencats
01 Nov 2010 14:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels5245-6403International Desperados
Quizzing Queencats4500-5588Garland by Gumm
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6896-7056Stargazers United
International Desperados6078-6446Fantastic Four
Garland by Gumm6655-7533Coalition of the Swilling
Stargazers United7788-6524The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
Fantastic Four4990-3061Khyber Belt Cruisers
Coalition of the Swilling6864-8070Ancient Mariners
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons7410-5697Kevvies Angels
Khyber Belt Cruisers7761-6977Quizzing Queencats
Ancient Mariners7832-6798Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
02 Nov 2010 02:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels7404-4009Garland by Gumm
Quizzing Queencats3556-5348Stargazers United
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6456-6697Fantastic Four
International Desperados7714-6459Coalition of the Swilling
Garland by Gumm6500-6587The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
Stargazers United5449-4314Khyber Belt Cruisers
Fantastic Four8742-8799Ancient Mariners
Coalition of the Swilling5848-5469Kevvies Angels
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons5727-3871Quizzing Queencats
Khyber Belt Cruisers4430-6895Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Ancient Mariners7483-6679International Desperados
02 Nov 2010 14:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels5523-5712Stargazers United
Quizzing Queencats4146-7488Fantastic Four
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army7012-6577Coalition of the Swilling
International Desperados7464-6668The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
Garland by Gumm5751-5751Khyber Belt Cruisers
Stargazers United6154-5286Ancient Mariners
Fantastic Four7822-7728Kevvies Angels
Coalition of the Swilling6886-6695Quizzing Queencats
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons5577-6376Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Khyber Belt Cruisers7215-8500International Desperados
Ancient Mariners8225-4272Garland by Gumm
03 Nov 2010 02:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels7589-7756Fantastic Four
Quizzing Queencats5823-5892Coalition of the Swilling
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army7408-6601The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
International Desperados5645-5969Khyber Belt Cruisers
Garland by Gumm6489-7390Ancient Mariners
Stargazers United7262-5237Kevvies Angels
Fantastic Four6012-5366Quizzing Queencats
Coalition of the Swilling5958-6931Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons5665-5386International Desperados
Khyber Belt Cruisers5743-5131Garland by Gumm
Ancient Mariners7485-7282Stargazers United
03 Nov 2010 14:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6198-5588Coalition of the Swilling
Quizzing Queencats4452-6086The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army7970-6335Khyber Belt Cruisers
International Desperados8037-8271Ancient Mariners
Garland by Gumm5211-5567Kevvies Angels
Stargazers United6928-4599Quizzing Queencats
Fantastic Four8248-7097Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Coalition of the Swilling4308-4676International Desperados
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons5917-6454Garland by Gumm
Khyber Belt Cruisers7210-7481Stargazers United
Ancient Mariners8595-7848Fantastic Four
04 Nov 2010 02:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels5270-4986The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
Quizzing Queencats5244-5506Khyber Belt Cruisers
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6615-6077Ancient Mariners
International Desperados7273-7519Kevvies Angels
Garland by Gumm7860-6679Quizzing Queencats
Stargazers United7945-7550Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Fantastic Four6717-8586International Desperados
Coalition of the Swilling7553-7099Garland by Gumm
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons6014-5988Stargazers United
Khyber Belt Cruisers5013-7243Fantastic Four
Ancient Mariners8936-8251Coalition of the Swilling
04 Nov 2010 14:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6867-5660Khyber Belt Cruisers
Quizzing Queencats4175-6396Ancient Mariners
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army3469-3821Kevvies Angels
International Desperados6892-4119Quizzing Queencats
Garland by Gumm4532-6541Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Stargazers United7577-7359International Desperados
Fantastic Four7534-7472Garland by Gumm
Coalition of the Swilling7039-7291Stargazers United
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons8282-6606Fantastic Four
Khyber Belt Cruisers3353-6673Coalition of the Swilling
Ancient Mariners7352-7322The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
05 Nov 2010 02:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6814-7877Ancient Mariners
Quizzing Queencats5338-5348Kevvies Angels
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army7702-4764Quizzing Queencats
International Desperados6451-7537Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Garland by Gumm7000-7390International Desperados
Stargazers United8720-7809Garland by Gumm
Fantastic Four7664-7627Stargazers United
Coalition of the Swilling6304-6223Fantastic Four
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons5262-4330Coalition of the Swilling
Khyber Belt Cruisers5681-7366The Happy Inebriated Surgeons
Ancient Mariners6806-4975Khyber Belt Cruisers

Ancient Mariners2018021856236
Stargazers United2015051180830
Fantastic Four201505901630
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army2014061550828
International Desperados2010010611720
The Happy Inebriated Surgeons2010010393520
Kevvies Angels2010010-19920
Coalition of the Swilling208012-149216
Khyber Belt Cruisers205114-1967211
Garland by Gumm204115-131629
Quizzing Queencats200020-304210

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Wed 3 Nov 10 #2 
The Grumpinator

almost halfway and Fantastic Four doing fantastically, Stunning work by Stargazers, they've got the hang of it the b******s. Good work guys. Mariners likely to come on strong so expect a tight finish. The Army and Desperadoes underachieving but time left. Angels regrouping and will finish well, rocket pods fitted to wings now. Surprised to see Garland down there but no doubt Queencats will keep them off bottom !!! Surgeons and Cruisers finding their feet but the Coalition should get their act together !!!

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Thu 4 Nov 10 #3 

Fact you, kev!

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Thu 4 Nov 10 #4 

And that was one of their good moments.


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Sat 6 Nov 10 #5 

Can't change what happens now, but thanks to everyone who we played, im away shortly, im starting to see double, enjoy your weekend

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Sat 6 Nov 10 #6 

Scores have been updated.

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Sat 6 Nov 10 #7 

Glad we play for fun, win or not...love playing with my TEAM! "Garland by Gumm.... you rock, regardless of where we place.....

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Sat 6 Nov 10 #8 
USS Palladin

Well done Mariners!

Well played everybody.

To the FF, well played and as always it was fun! Thanks!

Till the next kevvie!

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Sat 6 Nov 10 #9 

Sorry for being dim but why havent the Khybers had the same amount of games as everyone else... I thought they appeared automatically... did one of us need to do something?

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Sat 6 Nov 10 #10 

Khybers had 4 outstanding games when the score were last updated, see above for the ones with p-p instead of a score. 2 of those are now completed, 2 are awaiting a final player to finish.

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Sat 6 Nov 10 #11 

We came, we swilled, we swilled some more.

Great tournament, all. Congrats to The Ancient Mariners and to the Coalition of the Swilling who most certainly did not have the greatest scores, but had the greatest name . . . and a fantastic time, too, I might add.

Thank you Wabz, Sag, and Caro

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Sat 6 Nov 10 #12 

Thank you to all the organisers for another fantastic tournament! Although, at one point I did think we'd stumbled into the Java Jive for a moment!!!

Congratulations to The Mariners on a splendid victory. Only two losses in a tournament makes for a brilliant performance!

Massive thanks to Amalia, Doc and Stu for being the best team mates ever - go Army!!!!

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #13 

Congratulations to the Ancient Mariners!

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #14 

Congratulations to the Mariners. Well done to the Stargazers for 2nd, that was certainly close.

A pleasure playing with my Fantastic team mates. :-)

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #15 

Well played Kitties - glad to be part of our team. Congrats to the winners

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #16 

COngrats to the Mariners and to the fantastic organizers!!! BRAVO!!!! To my surgeon team mates...it has been a pleasure!!!

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #17 
The Grumpinator

Well done everyone !! Not a nailbiting finish, tremendous stuff from the Mariners, but a great week for the Stargazers. Top effort to turn the team round. Fantastics up there brawling as usual, a real team even if their dress sense leaves a little to be desired. Tubeway Army didn't hit their stride, probably overencumbered by ammunition, travel light next time chaps !! Desperadoes misfired, too much talk and not effort effort, you gotta walk the walk next time !!!
Drunken Doctors thrown together at last minute but had a good tournament so we may see them again I feel. Coalition did too much swilling I think but I'm sure that with a little more discipline next time............ Another last minute team, the Khybers perhaps didn't perform to expectations but by the look of all those kilts in the air they enjoyed themselves, not sure what happened to Garland. A strong team on paper, I suspect too much singing and dancing !!!
Which brings us to the Kitties. One of the Great teams, possibly the friendliest around, maybe they need to develop a killer instinct instead of just enjoying themselves. A bit more Tiger next time ??
As for the Angels, possibly they need a new leader, underachieving points to problems at the top. The foot soldiers performed well but obviously lacked direction. I shall have a word with the top man and see what he's up to !!

Yet again a top effort by the backroom staff. Take a bow Javalyne, without whom none of this would be possible.

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #18 
Gokie Gary

He calls them as he sees them. Well done. Thanks for all the organizing efforts. It was a fun journey, albeit a disappointing result for me. Congrats to those pesky Mariners though.

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #19 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

The army did about as well as we generally do - we just had a lucky month last month where somehow 4 losses and 18 wins was enough to pull off 1st place.

A couple of close losses this time around put us a bit lower whilst a fantastic effort by the Mariners saw them sail to a well-earned victory.

We're pretty happy with 4th!

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #20 

Well done Gazers. Congratulations Mariners....you deserve it.....a solid win.

Thanks to my Fellow Four. Great as always. Let's keep pluggin'. Our time will come again.

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #21 
Allan R. Matthes

In all 20 previous Kevvies I can't remember being drawn by another team. The Khyber Belt Cruisers did this rare feat with Garland by Gumm. Thanks Athene, Lucy and Maureen for another fun tournament. Congratulations to the winners and Quizzing Cats keep playing and having fun after all it is only a game.

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #22 

You're not in Kanzas now Dorothy. :-)

Thanks to Java for organising this and Kev for running round shouting. Or, considering his age maybe that is hobbling around shouting.

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #23 
The Grumpinator

You won't be saying that when I'm chasing you with a big stick !!!!!!

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #24 

Lots of fun with my Swilling buddies. I think we may have swilled a bit too much but it was all good stuff. Nice teammies: caro, sag and that old drunken wench, Egg.

Thanks, javalyne, for all your efforts to create a flawless tournament. Did anyone think that this should be called the JAVALYNE instead of the KEVVIE??? Just kidding. Good going, Mariners. Don't forget to recycle those damned birds!

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #25 

Hey! That's "Madam" old drunken wench to you, snake-eyes.

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #26 
The Grumpinator

calling it the Javalyne has been mentioned before, if you want me to bow out just say so

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Sun 7 Nov 10 #27 

The Kevvie is what is and what it should stay. It would not be the same without Kev hobbling around in the background rounding up the troops and shouting insults.

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Mon 8 Nov 10 #28 
The Grumpinator

Anybody with nothing else to do this week with no competitions try this link :


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Mon 8 Nov 10 #29 

oh dear another Kevvie has come and gone. Well done 2 all who played, and to the organisers and background staff.

The International Desperados have been outshot outfought and on occasions outthought but we remain proud defiant and hopefully we will return in the New Year ready to fight THE KEVVIE with others. Well played fellow Desperados.

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Mon 8 Nov 10 #30 

The old albatross is getting a bit whiffy. We'll stick it in the pot and go out and shoot another!

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Wed 17 Nov 10 #31 

I was only kidding about calling anything but the Kevvie! Jeez, can you guys take a joke! It was born the Kevvie and will die the Kevvie! Long loive the Kevvie!!!!!!!!!

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