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Mon 28 Feb 11 #1 

27 Feb 2011 15:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels4815-5216International Desperados
International Desperados6801-5418Quizzing Queencats
Quizzing Queencats6188-8133Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four6916-5521Technicians of Factoria
Technicians of Factoria7645-7711Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army7089-5674The Wisdom of Confucius
The Wisdom of Confucius6913-7181Last But Not Least
Last But Not Least7371-7045The Brainstormers
The Brainstormers4518-7257Ancient Mariners
Ancient Mariners6961-3654Least But Not Last
Least But Not Last4179-4736The Spasmodic Professors
The Spasmodic Professors5242-4890Kevvies Angels
28 Feb 2011 03:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels7568-5222Quizzing Queencats
International Desperados6918-8893Fantastic Four
Quizzing Queencats5715-6447Technicians of Factoria
Fantastic Four7044-6600Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Technicians of Factoria6341-5676The Wisdom of Confucius
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army5811-7663Last But Not Least
The Wisdom of Confucius6367-5482The Brainstormers
Last But Not Least5894-7757Ancient Mariners
The Brainstormers6038-6004Least But Not Last
Ancient Mariners6974-6537The Spasmodic Professors
Least But Not Last5309-7030Kevvies Angels
The Spasmodic Professors4821-6065International Desperados
28 Feb 2011 15:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6547-6996Fantastic Four
International Desperados7437-6787Technicians of Factoria
Quizzing Queencats6110-6679Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Fantastic Four7152-6135The Wisdom of Confucius
Technicians of Factoria7146-6362Last But Not Least
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6888-6238The Brainstormers
The Wisdom of Confucius5913-7593Ancient Mariners
Last But Not Least7321-5075Least But Not Last
The Brainstormers6242-5970The Spasmodic Professors
Ancient Mariners6855-5360Kevvies Angels
Least But Not Last4178-6073International Desperados
The Spasmodic Professors7088-6459Quizzing Queencats
01 Mar 2011 03:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels5120-6188Technicians of Factoria
International Desperados8283-8212Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Quizzing Queencats5864-6570The Wisdom of Confucius
Fantastic Four8180-6310Last But Not Least
Technicians of Factoria5558-4501The Brainstormers
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army5396-6475Ancient Mariners
The Wisdom of Confucius6205-4821Least But Not Last
Last But Not Least8195-6382The Spasmodic Professors
The Brainstormers7555-5825Kevvies Angels
Ancient Mariners6031-5544International Desperados
Least But Not Last4328-4786Quizzing Queencats
The Spasmodic Professors5026-7607Fantastic Four
01 Mar 2011 15:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels7256-6977Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
International Desperados7196-6161The Wisdom of Confucius
Quizzing Queencats6589-7152Last But Not Least
Fantastic Four7367-7141The Brainstormers
Technicians of Factoria5808-6164Ancient Mariners
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6343-5047Least But Not Last
The Wisdom of Confucius5526-5308The Spasmodic Professors
Last But Not Least5676-6141Kevvies Angels
The Brainstormers6351-8050International Desperados
Ancient Mariners7319-4617Quizzing Queencats
Least But Not Last5133-6431Fantastic Four
The Spasmodic Professors5585-6071Technicians of Factoria
02 Mar 2011 03:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels7861-7615The Wisdom of Confucius
International Desperados8638-8761Last But Not Least
Quizzing Queencats7305-7138The Brainstormers
Fantastic Four5800-6919Ancient Mariners
Technicians of Factoria4607-4430Least But Not Last
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army9218-7816The Spasmodic Professors
The Wisdom of Confucius7021-7313Kevvies Angels
Last But Not Least6015-7320International Desperados
The Brainstormers5296-4561Quizzing Queencats
Ancient Mariners6264-5981Fantastic Four
Least But Not Last4867-6232Technicians of Factoria
The Spasmodic Professors5618-7923Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
02 Mar 2011 15:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6422-5524Last But Not Least
International Desperados8300-5601The Brainstormers
Quizzing Queencats6247-8442Ancient Mariners
Fantastic Four8508-5661Least But Not Last
Technicians of Factoria6390-4283The Spasmodic Professors
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6097-6494Kevvies Angels
The Wisdom of Confucius4603-7253International Desperados
Last But Not Least7290-7120Quizzing Queencats
The Brainstormers6233-7049Fantastic Four
Ancient Mariners7595-6487Technicians of Factoria
Least But Not Last4999-8636Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
The Spasmodic Professors6671-6394The Wisdom of Confucius
03 Mar 2011 03:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels5911-5373The Brainstormers
International Desperados7463-7473Ancient Mariners
Quizzing Queencats4945-3836Least But Not Last
Fantastic Four8076-6929The Spasmodic Professors
Technicians of Factoria5321-5454Kevvies Angels
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6991-7836International Desperados
The Wisdom of Confucius7620-5762Quizzing Queencats
Last But Not Least6256-7004Fantastic Four
The Brainstormers5809-6078Technicians of Factoria
Ancient Mariners7460-6831Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Least But Not Last3687-4352The Wisdom of Confucius
The Spasmodic Professors4980-5970Last But Not Least
03 Mar 2011 15:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6248-7594Ancient Mariners
International Desperados5820-4858Least But Not Last
Quizzing Queencats4629-5480The Spasmodic Professors
Fantastic Four7293-8280Kevvies Angels
Technicians of Factoria7957-9206International Desperados
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army8580-6888Quizzing Queencats
The Wisdom of Confucius6719-7645Fantastic Four
Last But Not Least5534-5050Technicians of Factoria
The Brainstormers5161-5945Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Ancient Mariners7157-6152The Wisdom of Confucius
Least But Not Last4421-6294Last But Not Least
The Spasmodic Professors5244-6229The Brainstormers
04 Mar 2011 03:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels6909-5075Least But Not Last
International Desperados6932-4827The Spasmodic Professors
Quizzing Queencats4867-5355Kevvies Angels
Fantastic Four7615-7682International Desperados
Technicians of Factoria7750-6314Quizzing Queencats
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army4949-4651Fantastic Four
The Wisdom of Confucius5738-6563Technicians of Factoria
Last But Not Least8872-8363Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
The Brainstormers5888-5501The Wisdom of Confucius
Ancient Mariners6707-6747Last But Not Least
Least But Not Last6111-6688The Brainstormers
The Spasmodic Professors2595-7095Ancient Mariners
04 Mar 2011 15:00 GMT
Kevvies Angels7284-6704The Spasmodic Professors
International Desperados5362-5230Kevvies Angels
Quizzing Queencats6042-6611International Desperados
Fantastic Four8104-7340Quizzing Queencats
Technicians of Factoria4338-6661Fantastic Four
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army6116-4196Technicians of Factoria
The Wisdom of Confucius5414-6379Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army
Last But Not Least5632-5076The Wisdom of Confucius
The Brainstormers6270-6100Last But Not Least
Ancient Mariners8732-7807The Brainstormers
Least But Not Last6319-7129Ancient Mariners
The Spasmodic Professors4510-4783Least But Not Last

Ancient Mariners2221013003542
International Desperados2218041836636
Fantastic Four2217052001734
Kevvies Angels221408423128
Last But Not Least221408371028
Dr. Stump and the Pneumatic Tube Army2213091089426
Technicians of Factoria2212010128724
The Brainstormers228014-889016
The Wisdom of Confucius226016-849312
The Spasmodic Professors225017-2077910
Quizzing Queencats223019-205996
Least But Not Last221021-297792


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Fri 4 Mar 11 #2 

Halfway report sees 4 starting to show signs of wear after a great start, Mariners in need of a sustained torpedo attack and Desperado's clinging to coat tails whilst reloading. Mid table crowded as usual, could be all sorts of changes. Last living up to name and by no means Least, Technicians should pass them if they hold their nerve. Angels having stopped squabbling over the cakes (mine, all mine !!) at last getting formation flying sorted. Dr Stump inexplicably down at the bottom end, more discipline !!!
Wisdom proving it is useless without intelligence, Brains still in a turbulent storm slugging it out with their Professors. Queencats enjoying themselves far too much to bother about winning anything. Least are last but a new team ably captained by Sag guiding newbies thru the whole awful Kevvie experience.

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Fri 4 Mar 11 #3 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

Can we change the rules and order the table by Points Difference, please?

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Fri 4 Mar 11 #4 

You'll need to talk to the person who designed the program. ;-)

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #5 

I heard a rumor that the toughest teams were going to be split up next time. Is that true?

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #6 

I think you are the one that started that rumour

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #7 

The Mariners have not lost one? Not even just one?

Gawd - I hate them Mariners!

Teams split? I hope it's them Mariners.

Us Fantastic Four? Nope We are joined at the hip. The four will always consist of Reed (Skip/USS Palladin), Sue (JMK), Johnny (RUI), and The Thing (jmaxg). That's just how it's gonna be.

At this stage, I don't think we could imagine ourselves with anyone else.

I personally think it will never happen. One of us will have to die first.

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #8 

I can state without any fear of contradiction that NO teams will ever be split up except by their own members. Any snake in the grass trying to make political capital from such assertions will be harshly dealt with.

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #9 

It was a stupid suggestion in any case - I fully support your stance KEV.

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #10 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

Hear hear.

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #11 

The International Desperados have fired their last bullets in this KEVVIE we stood our ground took a few with us - but now we must retire to our haciendas to recover and get ready for the next time when we saddle up for The KEVVIE.

Ta 2 organisers and backroom staff. U were immense (well not quite).

Well played Bowler, GG and Scmwns - till the next time.

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #12 
Gokie Gary

Great (mostly) clean fun. Thanks again for the staging and vigorous competition. Fellow D's, once again an honor to ride with you.

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #13 

I am a snake but I didn't start the rumor. It makes no difference to me in any case.

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Sat 5 Mar 11 #14 

So, my viewpoint is.... we finished in positive numbers... we rock, we finish in negative numbers... we just have to ease up on the cocktails :)

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #15 

Oh my...the Lasts beat the Mariners by 40 points to hand them their first loss? Whooooooo hooooooooo!

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #16 
USS Palladin

Ah...well done Mariners.

Great team, deserving win!

Well played to all, as per the usual, the Kevvie was great fun.

To my team, as long as there is spandex and rock the Four will be together.

Always a pleasure to play with my fellow super heroes!!

Kev and Java...well run as usual

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #17 

Zowee! The crazy Cats rock! That is a true victory! I am raising my glass to them tonight first! And then to my trusty teamies because we will finish above .500, and then to the Mariners and, of course to Kev and JAVALYNE, the Factatrix!

Congratulations, Mariners! Can't tell with certainty who is second and third but well done to Desperadoes and Fantastic Four!

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #18 

Well done Mariners!
Thankyou Kev and Javalyne for another round of fun.
So glad teams do not have to be split and thanks to the Army
Stu, Doc and JJ.

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #19 

Well played, fellow Desperados, and a good win, Mariners. There is an albatross in your future. Thanks to the Four for the neck and neck competition that still leaves me wondering where we placed and thanks to Java and Kev for enabling another fine contest.

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #20 

Final scores have been posted.

Congratulations to the Ancient Mariners!

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #21 

Well done Brainstormers! I think it was an excellent first showing!
Well done Mariners & all the other teams!!
Thanks to all the J & K, we look forward to the next Kevvie!

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #22 

Congratulations to the Mariners, excellent effort. Well done Desperadoes, was close but you won the final shootout.

Thanks again to my great team mates, a pleasure donning the lycra with you as always.

Thanks Java for your hard work and Kev for whatever it is you do.

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #23 

May only be a figurehead but you've got to agree I'm a great figurehead !!!!!!!!!!

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #24 

Congrats to the Mariners and WTG teammates for a top 5 finish!!! It is pleasure taking the field of battle with you and we must do it again!

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #25 

oh and thanks to kev and the crew for a well run tourney!

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #26 

Whoopie! We pulled out a victory on the last day. Our only win. With a newly gained confidence we'll be back again to improve next time.

Thanks for giving us a shot.

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Sun 6 Mar 11 #27 

Thanks to Java and Kev for another excellently run tourney.

Congratulations to Last but not Least for shooting our main mast down, and commiserations to the Desperadoes for going oh so close! Ten points wasn't it?

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Mon 7 Mar 11 #28 

A great Kevvie. Thanks for running it. And thanks to my teammates. Good people I didn't do many favours for.

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Mon 7 Mar 11 #29 

Figgy, it was a pleasure to be on a team with you. You did fine!

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Mon 7 Mar 11 #30 
Duncan Disorderly

Some great results team. Let's do it again next time.

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Mon 7 Mar 11 #31 
Leo McKern

thank you Tallyho,Duncan and Quiz for once again carrying me to glory... Thank you javalyne Kev and the team for putting in the effort...It is appreciated

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Tue 8 Mar 11 #32 

Great showing folks !! That was a good tournament yet again showing we may fight but we fight clean !!
Congrats again to the Mighty Mariners, beaten only by Last but not Least, becoming a bogey team for them !! Desperado's using special ammunition to overcome the Fantastic Four at the death, great showing by both teams as usual. Angels did me proud after a shaky start and a few beatings. Despite Leo in team Last/Least did well to finish in top 5. Dr Stump failed to come up to expectations, mine at least, I think a few demotions may be in order. Technicians last team to finish with a plus points diff. Could be one to watch once they sort themselves. Brainstormers, a new team of part time players, performed excellently, look out for them next time !! Confucious became confused I think but it was a pleasure to play such a sporting team. Sadly the Professors never really got started but such nice people we'll let them off. Queencats yet gain proving to be lunatics to a girl !! I love nutcases !! Least but not Last unfortunately were last but I hope enjoyed their first Kevvie experience, a team of new players led by the redoubtable Saguinora, no question that they will get better, lookout Queencats !!!

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Thu 10 Mar 11 #33 

Congratulations to the Mariners on a splendid victory!!

Sorry the Army failed to come up to your expectations, Kev - I've a feeling that I may be more than a little to blame for that one! Still, what doesn't kill you makes you answer questions right the next time..... or something like that......

The rest of the Stumpy Army have been fabulous again and it's always a pleasure to drag their scores to the bottom of a Brainoff! Thanks for being a super figurehead, Kev and thanks to Java for all your hard work staging a great tournament!

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